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Found 2 results

  1. fluffyarmadillo

    Laser Cutter Mod

    Idea for harvesting debris which is too big to shred. Have a Laser Cutter Mod, Similar to the drill head, expect this cuts up debris it is pointed at. The other cost is creating containers for the scrap which is a 2x2x2 box with fits in a slots used for something like the solar panel on the rover. As you use the laser the box fills up similar to the way the soil canisters do and then when one is full, you can bring it to the shredder and scrap it for the scrap, this also destroys the container, so you would need to make another for collecting more scrap.
  2. Bluegreenash

    Multiplayer issues

    When collecting resources, like resin or compound, if you'd backpack is full the resource units plop onto the floor (expected) however I found that only the host is able to pick them up. I was not able to (as I was not the host) also the trading station is often unusable to non-hosts....the trading shuttle is often on the pad, just inaccessible / invisible. You can even climb on top of it but you can't add or remove resources from it. also I've found that I am unable to drive the truck as a non-host, and when I enter the seat I will appear underneath the truck in the seated position(clipping the truck and the floor). This will cause the truck to flip out if my body intersects with a surface rock.