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Found 2 results

  1. I'm sure the rovers that went to the moon had a Hand break - can we please have on for the rovers even if we have to research an item to get which could form part of the new modulation , also i believe the rovers were all wheel drive but when u attach a 2nd rover its seems like your dragging this trailer and it acts dumb and only used as storage and a backup power source . not sure about the last one but a hand break on the rovers would help heaps . next update cant wait ! G
  2. Bug: If you are to die while holding an item in your hand, it will come with you back to your spawn point. Attached is a video of this bug. Reproduction: Die while holding an item. Specs? (if you need them): i7-4710HQ 24 GBs of RAM Nvidia GTX 970m 2017-01-13 10-21-22.mp4