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Found 5 results

  1. I feel as if the rtg in the habitat at the start of the game lacks a little colour and looks very white as if it has no texture even though it does this is my first post hope I have posted in the right area thx
  2. Steam Version 1.0.7 Every time my friend died in a game hosted by me, he would spawn in the habitat, but when he exited his astroneer would get stuck in the habitat. Rather than teleporting a few feet away from the habitat door, he would drop below the habitat and infinitely run. While stuck he could not re-enter the habitat, or interact with anything outside the habitat. After several minutes of trying, an attempt to enter the habitat becomes successful and he can exit safely. To prevent him from being stuck again I raised the terrain up around the door so exiting cause the astroneer to float to the top instead of teleporting out.
  3. Tractor bug: I've run into this multiple times. I get out of the tractor and when I get back in, I can't get any movement out of it but there is power drain. Only way I have found to fix it is to repeatedly disconnect and connect it to items i.e. small generator. Habitat bug: Upon exiting the Habitat I maintained the camera view of the Habitat regardless of movement of the player model. Opening the backpack works, but items can't be selected. Player model can jump and roam the area. Love this game, just hope these bugs among with others get squashed. PC Specifications: CPU: AMD FX-6300 GPU: GTX 1050 Ti RAM: 16GB DDR3 ASTRONEER 2019.02.18 - ASTRONEER 2019.02.18 -
  4. While doing some resource management , I moved a spiky plant seed (my friend brought it back and we didn't know what it did at the time) onto the ground in my habitat area and forgot about it.After a bit I saw that the plant was starting to grow , so I tried to mine it out but I couldn't because it was growing on the indestructible ground.The only way that you can destroy it is by using dynamite.
  5. Windows/Xbox Live Game Ver. I was entering the habitat as a storm was closing in. Just as the door closed a box came in and killed me. Now I cannot access my corpse to retrieve my goods. Sad thing is, I just traveled on the puddle jumper to Barren to get mats, which are now on my dead corpse. *sigh* @System Era, this is something that really needs to be fixed. Terrible place to die and lose your items.