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  1. I feel as if the rtg in the habitat at the start of the game lacks a little colour and looks very white as if it has no texture even though it does this is my first post hope I have posted in the right area thx
  2. Steam Version 1.0.7 Every time my friend died in a game hosted by me, he would spawn in the habitat, but when he exited his astroneer would get stuck in the habitat. Rather than teleporting a few feet away from the habitat door, he would drop below the habitat and infinitely run. While stuck he could not re-enter the habitat, or interact with anything outside the habitat. After several minutes of trying, an attempt to enter the habitat becomes successful and he can exit safely. To prevent him from being stuck again I raised the terrain up around the door so exiting cause the astroneer to float to the top instead of teleporting out.
  3. Tractor bug: I've run into this multiple times. I get out of the tractor and when I get back in, I can't get any movement out of it but there is power drain. Only way I have found to fix it is to repeatedly disconnect and connect it to items i.e. small generator. Habitat bug: Upon exiting the Habitat I maintained the camera view of the Habitat regardless of movement of the player model. Opening the backpack works, but items can't be selected. Player model can jump and roam the area. Love this game, just hope these bugs among with others get squashed. PC Specifications: CPU: AMD FX-6300 GPU: GTX 1050 Ti RAM: 16GB DDR3 ASTRONEER 2019.02.18 - ASTRONEER 2019.02.18 -
  4. Basically a storm hit and just as I was about to load into the habitat, the system recorded a death. Once I came back down, I exited the lander and could not retrieve my gear off the body still inside the habitat. The next time I entered the habitat and tried to exit, you see an image of the character falls through the floor as the door opens, then you just see the inside of the character but cannot leave the habitat. Steps taken to try and correct the bug: exited to main menu - fail exited to desktop - fail started a new game, created a new save point - fail So at this point this effort to test out all the current objects is a wash
  5. I love the habitat in Astroneer, and i want one... So I've work for extract the STL files from the game, repair it and then print wit a FFF printer... That's the result: Then I've colored it with a white paint.. In this day i will try to color it like the habitat in the game If Dev give me the "ok", i can share the STL...
  6. While doing some resource management , I moved a spiky plant seed (my friend brought it back and we didn't know what it did at the time) onto the ground in my habitat area and forgot about it.After a bit I saw that the plant was starting to grow , so I tried to mine it out but I couldn't because it was growing on the indestructible ground.The only way that you can destroy it is by using dynamite.
  7. Windows/Xbox Live Game Ver. I was entering the habitat as a storm was closing in. Just as the door closed a box came in and killed me. Now I cannot access my corpse to retrieve my goods. Sad thing is, I just traveled on the puddle jumper to Barren to get mats, which are now on my dead corpse. *sigh* @System Era, this is something that really needs to be fixed. Terrible place to die and lose your items.
  8. I have a quastion regarding the habitat you can build in the printer: Are you planning to upgrade the habitat so that it grows bigger and flatten the terrain like the one you get when you first land on Terran? Because I'd like to have these two features on secondary bases as well. Cheers, Hasenearl
  9. I would like to be able to access the upgrade menu while inside the habitat. Sounds legit enough. I could be making important decisions while hiding from the storm, need to check my notes etc... Just hold (default hotkey) Q while inside and the thing opens and functions as normal, view and/or upgrade stuff
  10. The title says it all... Would be nice to simply trot up the ramp and into the habitat without hotkeying entry. For exit, honestly I would like to simply walk back out, which would work the same way, hold a button to exit, but just a directional hotkey... walk in walk out Maybe even just walking against the doorway for a second to enter...and again to exit The door remains closed while inside, safe as before
  11. Summary: - Fabricator, get out of the habitat! Description: i was with my small fabricator in hand, when in a camera movement it dissapeared, one day after it, i found this: even my carather is confused lol and please, ignore the foreign language in my game Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number:
  12. my habitat has got a small fabricator stuck in it and I can't remove it at all
  13. Habitat, do not decompress more over vehicles or platforms, this is due to update 0.6.8 or is it a bug? I can only launch Habitat now when it's on the ground, so I can not make a movable base.
  14. So, I bought the game only last night, and have been loving it so far! My issue was, as I was alt-tabbed and idling near my base (using Steam, mouse+keyboard), I heard a storm coming and some rocks hitting me. I managed to tab back in and enter the habitat, but when I checked back after the storm had passed, I realized I was relaunching a new spaceman, meaning that I had somehow died. The gear on my backpack was scattered in odd ways around the habitat: small windmill and solar panels I picked up off the ground, but the oxygen tank, tethers, fabricator, work light, and boost mod were oddly embedded in the habitat's texture as pictured below. I'm not really sure I can reobtain these items like a normal death, which really stings for that tank! Tank and Tethers clipping through wall Work light and small fabricator (?) attached to each other? Boost mod floating behind the seat
  15. I accidentally made a second habitat but when I tabbed into it to save my game, I now can't get out of it and my world is redundant. Plz help
  16. Getting in and out of the rover or anything that requires E doesn't work unless i do it 100 times or wait like 15 seconds and sometimes not even than this is the steam version. anything requiring Q works fine. this is a brand new saved file.
  17. Summary: Steam - Indescribable bug when I enter the main habitat Description: When I enter the habitat with the "E" key, I can see all my surroundings, underground caverns below the main base, and I can see part of the base, as you can see in the screenshots attached. Strangely I see a buried work light, when I go out pressing and holding the "E" key again and I walk around the habitat, it is not in sight. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Unknown (I do not know where this information is) Specifications: OS: Windows 10 (64 bits) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 RAM: 4048 Mb Drive: WDC WD5000AAKK-001CA0 500GB OpenGL version: 4.6
  18. Hello. I was told by the astroneer wiki that the Habitat is supposed to provide power, but when i used one to start a new base it refused to provide any power to anything until i had connected a power resource unit to the circuit somewhere, then it worked fine, not using the power resource. Is this a bug or am I a noob?
  19. 1) (RESEARCH) I have been playing for a while and I love the unlocking of research but once its done i get a bit board, and it always happens before i leave the first world. - Maybe some research could be specific to the different worlds, like using ores or plants available on different planets. 2) (ARROWS) The other idea is for getting out of deep underground. - Place-able arrow would help find the surface as the tethers can be hard to follow when they go everywhere underground.. 3) (GRAPPLE) A grapple hook would be fun! - Grappling over canyons would be quick when exploring rather than having to build a bridge and dying because of lack of air. 4) (TELLEPORT) saves a lot of wasted time traveling - Maybe a telleporter would be good between basses. Uses excessive energy a takes a while to recharge. so its not abused... 5) (TRANSMITTER/ RECEIVER) - An item that helps you find your base when in vehicle. 6) (HABITAT) - The electric turbine should rotate slowly so it looks better. 7) (RECYCLER) - A way of recycling items and building we no longer need. Maybe the printer could do it. 8) (ALIEN RUINS) - Would be fun to find, maybe even has research that could be rare 9) (ADDING COMPLEXITY) - Recipes should be more complex requiring multiple types of resources 9.2) (more ores) helps complexity 10) (VEHICLES) - (rovers) rover trains are so slow. The idea of a movable base is not so fun when it takes ages to move. - (Speeder) Maybe a hover vehicle like in star wars (speeder) for fast exploration. - (Glider) Jump of a mountain and glide a distance away using attachment That's all i can think of for now! Cheers
  20. Hello all! First time and first discussion here. I would like to ask everyone what are their thoughts of this topic. I found this game to be one of the best Space games I have played in a while. It is a combination of both accurate and comical. I do want to ask and hope this becomes a reality the possibility of having to not only sustain oneself through oxygen with tethers but the need to eat, sleep and drink clean water. More additions to the habitat will be obvious but it will create a new goal to this game other than the typical; tether, mine, explore, etc. I hope some find this a good idea as well and look forward to your feedback. Thank you!
  21. I was running to the habitat to escape a storm, but got hit just as I entered the habitat. My body died inside the habitat with my backpack inside as well. Upon respawn, the items are visible inside the habitat, but are not recoverable. PC: version 0.6.5 (on Exotic) (Screenshot attached)
  22. It will be nice having the habitat dropping some crane from the outside, making the terrain around it flat like it is, and this way making it smoother, without this bumping up piece when entering the game.
  23. basically put the game has been running perfectly up until I created a large shuttle and placed down another habitat now the game refuses to save beyond this point and always throws me back to this point ,(MULTIPLAYER WORLD) its a bit of a pain in the arse Kind Regards Pieter
  24. Any time I enter my starting habitat, my camera immediately pans under the habitat and clips into the ground. I can not zoom and rotate the camera in a way that brings me back above the surface. Camera is stuck at a fixed spot that allows me to rotate see under ground tunnels PC version,, new save started at current version.
  25. I wasn't sure it was possible. But it apparently is. They made it worse than the issues before. Its almost unsuable now. Can't even use a shuttle after the patch.