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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, On the Steam version of the new beta, while playing in a multiplayer session, not as the host, the terrain gun in not accessible from the backpack menu by pressing E. I instead have to click on the gun to access its inventory. If the gun's inventory is open for access and the backpack menu is closed (Q), the gun stays floating in the middle of the screen. Not 100% sure what causes this bug or when it starts happening. Might be entering a seat or shuttle or flying to another planet.
  2. this will be my first post so bare with me . hostiles would effect the game Dramaticly More then Arids ' pinballs or the cactus that sometimes end up underground like a landmine . But the first real issue is a gun . Something to shoot at a hostile entity that could give chase to you. Like turning your collected soil from the terrain tool into Matter for a terrain mod that allows you to shoot it like a gun . then after this we can work on Unique mobs for each planet that will chase you but not the default planet you start off on . and then at this point add Foundations , doors
  3. info: pc, windows 10, 3440x1440 monitor. bug trigger: unknown still, i'll try and keep and eye out for what exactly causes this, if anything, and i'll reply to this thread with more info if i find it. the terraform gun sometimes sits downwards below the player and clips through the floor when put away (if the astronaut is standing on the ground and not on a wheel as in the attached image), and it stays like this when not in use until the game is restarted. gun still appears normal when active and in use; this only happens when it's put away. i've attached an image to show the problem more
  4. So with you terrain gun, I'd love to see another option along side the raise, lower, smooth, a tool that sets the height of the ground so that you can create nice flat surfaces and you can use the arrow pad up and down to set height, also clicking r3 for example would change it from circle to square (your cross hair per say) and another one would be diameter size change on you're "cross hair"
  5. I want to suggest you guys, to develop some alien creatures and guns to fight them, or make something more interesting that includes alien creatures. Because it's so lonely when you play by yourself, and no challenge that i get rather than sandstorm. Btw for all of you who get so winnie about sandstorm, you should go play some games that doesn't get in your nerves.
  6. Should add a blaster that when shot the bullet explodes and creates a big creator, maybe uses dynamite as ammo