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  1. Hello I am interested in spending quite some times building a good, well informed wiki. I create this topic in hope contributors can somewhat coordinate themselves and ask each other opinions when needed. Right now there is many pages and many names are quite confusing to me. - why is the small solar panel called just a "Solar" ? See question below - related question : how to call items that have the same name but that have a small and big version (solar panel, battery, generator). The most practical naming scheme to me is to call the small ones (that you craft in the backpack) "backpack items" (like "backpack battery" in opposition to just ("the battery")) and have the others called the "normal" ones without prefix. - same thing for the storage, I think the storage for the vehicle should just be called "vehicle storage" while the other one is just "storage" - there is a page for Objects which seems to be a special names for the items you craft in the backpack. I don't know if there is a reason in english for this difference of word, but I think this page should go, since there is already a recap page for the Items (which are "the things you craft that are not buildings or vehicles"). - Tools page : i don't think the storage rack and the deform tool should both be considered "tools" and exist on the same page - Facilities and Equipment : both empty page, are these official names for something ? They are several more. Keep in mind that I don't want to undermine anyone's work. I saw that most page seems to be created by the user Z3ther which is also a Gamepedia staff member. I just want to have a good quality wiki as the game will grow more rich and "complicated". BTW link to wiki :
  2. Hello, my name is PopNone and i will be updating this topic for better ways to improve the performance of Astroneer. 1. This will change your cpu priority. This works with windows 10. I am not sure if this is the same as other Windows OS. Ctrl+Alt+Del Task Manager Details (Game must be running already) Set Priority High 2. We will be changing the config settings for the game. (This will not work for everyone) Go to start type ‘run’. If you have Windows 10 go to Cortana then you can type ‘run’. Open run In the text box type %appdata% It will take you to the Roaming folder, go back to the Appdata folder go into Local Go into the Astro folder, go into the Saved folder, go into Config folder, go into WindowsNoEditor folder Open GameUserSettings.ini Edit the sg settings to the value 1 Do not change the sg.ResolutionQuality Make sure you SAVE 3. Coming soon.
  3. Some time ago i tried to setup a dedicated server for me to play on my friends and i have no public IP that i can open ports on, so no luck in doing that. After some tinkering with IPs and networks i found a way of setting one up without the need to mess with router ports or to have your own public IP. It's pretty long and janky and english isn't my first language, but bear with me because it really works(been using this to play with my friends the past few months). What you need: ZeroTierOne installed on your machine and on everyone that will want to connect to your server. ZeroTierOne is like hamachi, but highly customizable, we will need it to create a virtual network between you and your friends that want to connect to your server. Create an account and download it here . Astroneer Server: download SteamCMD and the astroneer server, i won't go through the steps of setting up the server here, there's some really great guides to do that out there. AstroLauncher(optional): greatly helps with managing your server, you can choose to use it or not on your server. PublicIP: it can be any ip, it just needs to be accessed from the internet, preferrably of your own or your ISPs as i don't know if it's quite legal to use another persons IP. Don't worry, this ip won't be used for connection, it's just so the server won't close down, because it needs to be validated with any public IP. Generally the ip from here will do . I will be using the totally random ip "" as an example in this guide. How it works:The official Astroneer server has to use a public IP to validate your server(for crossplay i was told), so you can't really use a local or virtual network to connect to your server, if you do the server just closes when you run it. What we can do is use a public IP on the server so it passes that validation, and assign that same IP locally on a network on your computer(ZeroTier in this case, so your friends can connect to it as well), so the server is hosted locally instead of publicly because it is simply closer than where the public network the IP you choose is. First, go to and log into your account(upper right corner "My") with your newly created account or with Google.Now click "Networks" on the toolbar on the top, create a network on the upper left corner button. You will now see a network with a random name and id listed on the right, access it. You will find all your network's configuration options there. First make sure that the network is marked as "Private" on the top of the page. If it's marked as "public" anyone can enter your network, trust me, you do not want that.When it's marked as private you have to allow every access to that network at the members section: Don't mess with that, for now go to the managed routes section, you should find something like this: Delete the default route using that little blue bin icon on the upper left corner. You should have the public ip you want to use now, but we'll need to change it a bit before that(keep the old one noted as well, we'll need the original too). 1 - Add /24 to the end of it. 2 - Substitute that last portion of it with a 0.For example, if you had the ip "", now you should have "". Write it down on the "Destination" box on the bottom left corner and click submit. It should appear wher the one that you deleted was. Go a little down and you'll find the IPv4 auto assign section. Check the auto-assign from range box and click on advanced, you should find this: Delete the pool in the middle using the blue bin icon. More IP tinkering coming. Get your noted down public ip again and: 1 - Change the last portion of it to 1. Eg.: "" to "" Put that it in the "Range Start" box. Get your original ip again and: 1 - Change the last part to 254. Eg.: "" to "". And put that in the "Range End" box. Click submit and it should appear in the list. Bear with me, we're nearly there.Leave your network's page open for now. Go to your ZeroTier app that is installed on your machine, it should be on the taskbar, if not, launch it. Right click it and you should have this list of options: Go to join network, a text box will appear asking for the network id, copy it from your networks web page and paste it there(be sure to check all three checkboxes there as well). Click join and your machine should appear at the members section on your webpage showed before, if it doesn't reload the page, be sure to click yes to windows network prompt as well. Your machine should appear like this on the list. Check the "Auth?" box to allow it to access the network. I recommend you to set a name for it if you want too. Reload the page and you should see an automatically set IP for your machine in the range you set earlier like this: You need to only make one last change here. Delete that IP using the blue bin icon and use the little text box to add the ip you were using before here, "" in my case. Now you are the owner of that IP inside your ZeroTier network. You can manually add your friends too using the "Manually Add Member" text box a little below, tell them to make sure to press "Yes" at a Windows prompt if it appears. Ask them for their "NodeID" that can be found by right clicking at the ZeroTier app: And we are done with ZeroTier, just standard server configuration left. Configure your server normally using any guide you like, but MAKE SURE to configure the server to use the ip you noted down through here and assigned to yourself at ZeroTier("" in my case). Also make sure to have fun for me
  4. Hi All, I'm really glad to be back playing this awesome game. When I tried to use the terrain tool it would not allow me to raise or smooth out terrain. Just showed me a red "X". Do I need to upgrade the tool now? Thanks
  5. I recently started playing Astroneer with two of my friends and I quickly fell in love with the game. What bothered me is that one of my friends had our save game file and we could only play together when he was hosting the game. Sharing the file manually is obviously too much work and effort, so I came up with this workaround that allows us to play solo or together whenever we like on our most recent save game. NOTE: I've only tested on Windows 8 and 10 where the game is installed via Steam. How it works Just to avoid misunderstandings - we're not going to make a dedicated server but in my eyes, this is almost equally good. We're setting up a "master folder" with Google Drive that contains the save games that you and your friends automatically download to the Astroneer save game folder by using mklink in Windows. As soon as you (or a friend) create a new save game or update an already existing one the other friends will have the update in less than a minute. Installation guide Download Google Drive and install it using a Google account. This is for the person that decides to have the master folder. One of you create a folder called "SaveGames" (case-sensitive) on your Google Drive. Share the folder by right-clicking the folder, click "Share" (make sure "Anyone with the link can edit" is chosen), click "Copy link" and send this to your friends. This is for the people who are syncing the master folder. Open the link from your friend who created the master folder. Right-click the folder on the Google Drive website and choose "Add to My Drive". This folder should now appear on your computer where you installed Google Drive. Navigate to your Astroneer save game folder (in my case "C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved"). If you can't see the "AppData" folder, watch this video). Rename the "SaveGames" folder to "SaveGamesBackup" in order to restore the save games in case something messes up. Keep this folder opened and open a new explorer window and navigate to the master save game folder on Google Drive on your computer (in my case "F:\SaveGames" where F: is where I installed Google Drive). Here you should see the "SaveGames" folder but in the Astroneer installation folder you shouldn't, only the backup folder. Time for the magic! Press the Windows key on your keyboard, type "cmd", right-click it and choose "Run as administrator" (important!). If you can't find it, watch this video. Enter the following command: mklink /D "<paste the path to your local Astroneer save games folder and add \SaveGames at the end>" "<paste the path to your master folder on Google Drive>" Make sure you get the quotation marks and paths correct. The first path will lead to a folder that doesn't exist - yet. In my case I ended up this: mklink /D "C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames" "F:\SaveGames" This should result in a message saying "Junction created for..." that tells you everything worked. In case you don't get this message, make sure you set up the folders in the correct way, that the paths are correct and that you don't mix up \ with / and vice versa. That's it! Add your save games from the backup folder you renamed to either the Google Drive folder or the Astroneer folder. It doesn't matter since they are cloned. If a change happens in one of the folders the other one picks up the change instantly. Another bonus is the version history that Google Drive gives you, in case you'd like to restore an older save game for some reason. Test it! Load any save game and make a change to the terrain somewhere (like digging a circle somewhere), save, wait about a minute, tell a friend to load that very save (which should also have an updated timestamp by now) and see if they can see what you did. If they do, it all works! This is when it won't work If two or more decide to launch a game the most recent save and continuously update the file with their own separate versions. This will result in the file being updated with the save game that was saved most recently, meaning one person's progress will be lost. Make sure that your friends aren't already playing using the save game you had the intention of hosting. Only one person can host a synced save game. Make sure you have a working internet connection before playing. If you don't, you could potentially load a save game that isn't the most recent. Once you save it, the latest on Google Drive will be overwritten with the outdated file you uploaded and progress could be lost. Worth mentioning I've tested this method a few times and it worked as intended. Other cloud sync services could be used as well (like Dropbox or Mega) if desired. I don't take responsibility for any progress lost but I'm happy to help you guys as much as I can Good luck!
  6. As a beginner I found it hard to figure out where to find some resources in Astroneer. So I spent my 6 days playing this sandbox game collecting infos and gathering them in an excel Spreadsheet. Credits to Gamepedia for a lot of what's in there. I post thereafter a link to the Excel file I patiently build those last few days. This way you can edit it and add/remove whatever you want. You'll also find in the .7z attached a .psd with all the png+transparency icons I used. In the excel file : columns with numbers correspond to my own stocks. Every time I leave a Planet, I take a minute to count my stocks and I write down how much I have of each resource. This way whenever I come back I know precisely what to bring in the shuttle. It also helps to see which places offer the most of each resource to gather. So get rid of those numbers and write your own. Ultra useful. You can see a preview of this excel file at the web link below. Took me some time to do that as I was playing. Hope you'll find it useful Cheers. Astroneer Resources Guide Preview : Astroneer Resources Guide (Excel Spreadheet) + icons P.S : I'll very probably modify and improve a few things in the future. Those links will be updated when necessary.
  7. Version: 0.10.2 The help screens and tutorial planet that are in the game currently get you off to a good start, but there are several things that aren't covered. Resources, specifically, what resources can you expect to find on your starting planet, and which ones you have to go elsewhere to find. I spent several hours looking through the caves on Terran expecting to find hematite (iron) and not finding any before finally looking it up on the wiki and finding out that it isn't found on Terran. As a side note, this is pretty silly considering the two most obvious examples of Terran planets in our own solar system (Earth and Mars) are covered in iron. It would be nice if the game provided the player with an idea of what resources they can expect to find. This might be something in the original help pages, or it could be something that is unlockable in the research panel. There is no help for the player on deciding what should be taken on their first trip off-planet, or which planet might be a good first trip. This feels like a big step that could be lethal quickly unless you make the right choices. The game could either provide this in the help pages once you build the vehicle bay, or it could be unlockable in the research panel.
  8. Hello The following thread will explain all you need to know about your saved worlds on your computer... You will learn how to: Delete saves, Transfer saves to another computer, Upload saves to the forums, and Download and play saves from the forums... Before we can continue to do any of the above you will first need to locate your %localappdata% directory... How to find your %localappdata% directory How to find your saved worlds How to Delete your saved worlds How to Upload your saved worlds to the forums How to Download and play worlds from the forums How to Transfer saves to another computer If anyone has any troubles with any of these steps please let me know and I will help you solve the problem Enjoy!
  9. Hi guys, been reading a few comment and posts about people having trouble researching shuttle, as the dev is currently improving researches, I'll be helping you find how you can unlock shuttle as soon as you can. Please leave a like and subscribe if you like this guide How to get Shuttles Schematics Step 1: Get a bunch of Tethers for cave diving Step 2: Look for hostile meanie plants that gives you bad boo boo gas or boom boom smoke Step 3: Dig em' up and see if it gives you one of these two research items Step 4: Research Them, you might not get shuttle in first try, but you will get one eventually! I promise Step 5: Build your shuttle you've just unlocked in the vehicle bay with some coppers