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Found 13 results

  1. As a beginner I found it hard to figure out where to find some resources in Astroneer. So I spent my 6 days playing this sandbox game collecting infos and gathering them in an excel Spreadsheet. Credits to Gamepedia for a lot of what's in there. I post thereafter a link to the Excel file I patiently build those last few days. This way you can edit it and add/remove whatever you want. You'll also find in the .7z attached a .psd with all the png+transparency icons I used. In the excel file : columns with numbers correspond to my own stocks. Every time I leave a Planet, I take a minute to count my stocks and I write down how much I have of each resource. This way whenever I come back I know precisely what to bring in the shuttle. It also helps to see which places offer the most of each resource to gather. So get rid of those numbers and write your own. Ultra useful. You can see a preview of this excel file at the web link below. Took me some time to do that as I was playing. Hope you'll find it useful Cheers. Astroneer Resources Guide Preview : Astroneer Resources Guide (Excel Spreadheet) + icons P.S : I'll very probably modify and improve a few things in the future. Those links will be updated when necessary.
  2. Hi All, I'm really glad to be back playing this awesome game. When I tried to use the terrain tool it would not allow me to raise or smooth out terrain. Just showed me a red "X". Do I need to upgrade the tool now? Thanks
  3. Version: 0.10.2 The help screens and tutorial planet that are in the game currently get you off to a good start, but there are several things that aren't covered. Resources, specifically, what resources can you expect to find on your starting planet, and which ones you have to go elsewhere to find. I spent several hours looking through the caves on Terran expecting to find hematite (iron) and not finding any before finally looking it up on the wiki and finding out that it isn't found on Terran. As a side note, this is pretty silly considering the two most obvious examples of Terran planets in our own solar system (Earth and Mars) are covered in iron. It would be nice if the game provided the player with an idea of what resources they can expect to find. This might be something in the original help pages, or it could be something that is unlockable in the research panel. There is no help for the player on deciding what should be taken on their first trip off-planet, or which planet might be a good first trip. This feels like a big step that could be lethal quickly unless you make the right choices. The game could either provide this in the help pages once you build the vehicle bay, or it could be unlockable in the research panel.
  4. Hello The following thread will explain all you need to know about your saved worlds on your computer... You will learn how to: Delete saves, Transfer saves to another computer, Upload saves to the forums, and Download and play saves from the forums... Before we can continue to do any of the above you will first need to locate your %localappdata% directory... How to find your %localappdata% directory How to find your saved worlds How to Delete your saved worlds How to Upload your saved worlds to the forums How to Download and play worlds from the forums How to Transfer saves to another computer If anyone has any troubles with any of these steps please let me know and I will help you solve the problem Enjoy!
  5. Lithium

    How to Get Shuttle

    Hi guys, been reading a few comment and posts about people having trouble researching shuttle, as the dev is currently improving researches, I'll be helping you find how you can unlock shuttle as soon as you can. Please leave a like and subscribe if you like this guide How to get Shuttles Schematics Step 1: Get a bunch of Tethers for cave diving Step 2: Look for hostile meanie plants that gives you bad boo boo gas or boom boom smoke Step 3: Dig em' up and see if it gives you one of these two research items Step 4: Research Them, you might not get shuttle in first try, but you will get one eventually! I promise Step 5: Build your shuttle you've just unlocked in the vehicle bay with some coppers
  6. Hello, my name is PopNone and i will be updating this topic for better ways to improve the performance of Astroneer. 1. This will change your cpu priority. This works with windows 10. I am not sure if this is the same as other Windows OS. Ctrl+Alt+Del Task Manager Details (Game must be running already) Set Priority High 2. We will be changing the config settings for the game. (This will not work for everyone) Go to start type ‘run’. If you have Windows 10 go to Cortana then you can type ‘run’. Open run In the text box type %appdata% It will take you to the Roaming folder, go back to the Appdata folder go into Local Go into the Astro folder, go into the Saved folder, go into Config folder, go into WindowsNoEditor folder Open GameUserSettings.ini Edit the sg settings to the value 1 Do not change the sg.ResolutionQuality Make sure you SAVE 3. Coming soon.
  7. You landed on Terran and you have nothing but a habitat, a collector used with E and your wits. What do you need to do? To begin, find yourself some Resin. Its nodes look like this and this. Resin is used to expand your base. Try getting 3 Resin to begin with, since that allows you to create your first module! I'll go over the modules in a later part. Not so fast, though. Your oxygen will last you about 30 seconds when you're not tethered, so try to stay close to your habitat. What I suggest doing now, is getting a couple stacks of power, which come in patches and spires. NOTE: Spires regenerate, patches do not. This power will be used to gather your next task's resource: Compound. Compound, like power, has patches and spires (image needed). This compound basically crafts the basic stuff, but the first thing you need to make with it is at least 2 sets of tethers. They tether to your habitat to replenish your oxygen, and if applicable, power. Go out and get at least 4-6 stacks of Compound (which is 1 or 2 nodes of them. I'll use the word nodes for both patches and spires). Did you get them? Good, because now we can start Building modules and researching! What is a module? It's a functional extension to your base. You need 1 Resin to extend your base's reach, and 2 to turn it into a module. The first one you want to build is the Research module, since researching is a vital part of progression and it only costs 2 Compound. If you went into a cave or checked on a strange looking plant or crashed spaceship (with your tethers, hopefully), you might have come across an Artifact. Artifacts vary between shape, depending on where you found it. They can be Cuboids, Spheres (which are found underneath or hanging on the branches of plants) or Spaceship Parts. Researching these things yields an schematic, meaning that you learned how to craft one of them. I'll go over crafting later. However: You can only research a kind of Artifact once, so if you research that specific spaceship part twice, you get a relatively rare resource. As for the other modules, you have the Smelter, which smelts Malachite into Copper and Laterite into Aluminum, the Printer, which crafts bigger versions of most of the items you craft within your inventory along with some vehicle parts, the Trade Platform, which you can use to get a specific resource by trading other resources, the Fuel Condenser, which is a source of Hydrazine (with another being these crystals) and the Vehicle bay, which makes Rovers and Shuttles, but also Trucks and Spaceships if you have the tech researched. I'll go over vehicles later. These modules are crafted with Compound, Aluminum and Copper, find 4 of each to craft them all. They all require Power to operate, which brings us to Power Sources! Power sources include: The raw Power stack, which fills the module faster than most modules, but drains fast, the Solar Panels, which only generate power in sunlight. (Small panel generates 1 bar per 8 seconds, of which you can put 2 on your backpack. Large panel generates 1 bar per 2 seconds), the Wind Vane, which only works in windy weather (8 s/b small, 4 s/b large), the Generators (small uses organic and generates 1 bar per 4 seconds, while the large one uses coal, which is found inside research modules and very deep underground on Terran, and on the surface in most other planets, and generates 1 bar per 2 seconds). The Power Cells work like Power Stacks, but are made of Compound). It's inconsistent right now, but modules can generate power for eachother depending on how they're connected. Crafting! You can either use your Backpack's 3D printer or the module printer to craft items. Most recipes require Compound, Aluminum or Copper while others require Lithium or Titanium. These two resources are rare, and the only ways to get them are by researching Artifacts that were already researched, on spaceship wrecks, or in nodes found in planets other than Terran and Barren. As you can see, the patches are on grey ground, which requires a vehicle drill to mine. I'll go over this later.
  8. Cov


    Hello, so I landed on a planet and left the capsule. There isn't a tutorial or a manual, so I run around, explore the environment - apparently I need to collect stuff, how is the procedure? Most of the time I get suffocated before I can return to the capsule. Sometimes I get trapped in a pit and need to get out which takes valuable time, that's annoying. Does the oxygen supply need to be that limited? And do the expressions "Joy (1), Happy (2), Wave (3) and What? (4) serve any purpose or are they just for fun? I really like the little character but the squeeky noises makes it somehow ridiculous and unrealistic (more like for 5 or 6 year old players). I found the body of another atroneer somewhere - what are we supposed to do with him? Some more detailed explanation about the "Backpack" would be helpful too. Thanks
  9. With so many people joining the game, I thought it'll be very helpful to make some guides for you guys ! I just made a Guide on Everything you need to know about power! And a few more ! There many more coming! If there's anything you guys need help with, Tweet me to @CrydenGaming !
  10. FlyingRoss

    Complete Beginners Guide

    A guide I made to hopefully answer all those questions new players have! Leave comments on any tips or suggestions you have as well
  11. Hello I am interested in spending quite some times building a good, well informed wiki. I create this topic in hope contributors can somewhat coordinate themselves and ask each other opinions when needed. Right now there is many pages and many names are quite confusing to me. - why is the small solar panel called just a "Solar" ? See question below - related question : how to call items that have the same name but that have a small and big version (solar panel, battery, generator). The most practical naming scheme to me is to call the small ones (that you craft in the backpack) "backpack items" (like "backpack battery" in opposition to just ("the battery")) and have the others called the "normal" ones without prefix. - same thing for the storage, I think the storage for the vehicle should just be called "vehicle storage" while the other one is just "storage" - there is a page for Objects which seems to be a special names for the items you craft in the backpack. I don't know if there is a reason in english for this difference of word, but I think this page should go, since there is already a recap page for the Items (which are "the things you craft that are not buildings or vehicles"). - Tools page : i don't think the storage rack and the deform tool should both be considered "tools" and exist on the same page - Facilities and Equipment : both empty page, are these official names for something ? They are several more. Keep in mind that I don't want to undermine anyone's work. I saw that most page seems to be created by the user Z3ther which is also a Gamepedia staff member. I just want to have a good quality wiki as the game will grow more rich and "complicated". BTW link to wiki :
  12. Hello fellow Astroneers, Not sure this is the right place to post but thought I would share a video on my thoughts about the state of FPS on the Xbox One. It may be useful to some of you, so far it is working for me. Check out the video here
  13. 1) Clearer Instructions. When I first encountered the game, I was very confused when nothing popped up to guide me. After they tell me to press WASD to move, then what? Whenever the player makes a new move, it would be much better if there was a short guide to it to make the player feel more comfortable in the game. 2) More binded keys. I felt that keys were lacking. Using only WASD, E, Alt, Ctrl, etc, while nothing on the right side of the keyboard was a bit disappointing. One example: Maybe bind a map window on the key 'M' for the sake of convenience and dynamics of the game. 3) Information on technical terms: I was a bit lost what some terminologies meant. Therefore, I wasn't sure what the object was before I crafted one and playing with it. It would be very nice if you would add a short explanation of each. It will be more convenient.