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Found 6 results

  1. When you press Q to Examine the Small Fab with or without Resin placed in, the box that pops up to tell you that you can build a Medium Platform... The box doesn't full render the Boards (script i bet) See Pic below
  2. Lightdeck

    Tiny Cursor Steam 7.0

    The Picture says it all. I checked all of the settings for graphics, im running the game on windows 10 at 1920*1080. Aaaaaand other then the tiny cursor, i did notice a lot more visual anomalies when it comes to multiplayer, nothing too serious other than my bud gently falling and popping up out of the floor.?
  3. So, from the start, I've really enjoyed Astroneer, even though at times progress has been slow and boring at times, I've stuck with it. This fear crossed my mind from the start. Originally, I assumed that since the game was focusing on being there for you wherever you play, that the focus of GUI and general game-play would be balanced across PC and Xbox One. In the past two updates, I've become increasingly disappointed that this has not been the case. Let's be honest, controller gameplay wasn't perfect from the jump, but it was to get better. To an extent, it has. But I feel that this has led to PC getting prioritized in development. This idea is solidified in the fact that the devs keep making GUI designs that are based around tiny text, perfectly well seen on a PC display, but impossible to see on a TV from a distance. This has led me to have very little interest in playing the game, since I don't want to leave the couch to go sit 5 inches from the TV. I really think this is a great game, and I do enjoy it. But poor GUI design has been the downfall for me. I hope it improves.
  4. ProfScientistMD

    Suit AI

    First off, as this is my first post I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this game. I've never felt the need to join a forum and get involved with a gaming community before this so kudos on a great game System Era. That said I have suggestion for the GUI. While the red around the screen to show damage works, it is a bit basic. That being said, I don't think a health bar is necessary. My idea would be to keep the red but add an AI to the spacesuits that would give you pertinent information without breaking the immersion of the world. So something like lines of text appearing in the top right corner to inform the player of status updates. For example when you take any physical damage a message would pop up saying something like: "Suit Rupture Detected!..." "Source: Impact..." "Initiating repairs...." "Repairs complete" for collisions with debris and impalement from plants OR "Suit Integrity Compromised!" "Source: Acidic Damage..." "Enacting Countermeasures..." "Suit Integrity Stabilized" For acid gas attacks from plants As a bonus this would shed some light on how your Astroneer regens health. Also It could be used as a advanced warning mechanism too. Other neat messages could be: "Weather Anomaly Approaching!" for storms "Oxygen Running Low" for... well oxygen running low... you get the idea. Finally keeping with the lighthearted tone of them game I think it could cute for the messages to have a little personality. Welcoming messages , random encouragement, and maybe tips or space facts. Down the line maybe through in some voice acting, who knows. Just an idea, thanks for reading!
  5. First.It's a good start, has a lot of potential, keep it up guys! I've tested the game with Steam Controller. Switching to controller should hide mouse-"point"-cursor. Now it's always on the screen. When you switch to selection, selection circle "cursor" when quit selection, remains on ground texture. Navigating menus with controller is impossible. Main menu element selectable, but cannot select sub-menus, buttons, switchboxes, textboxes, sliders, etc. On start screen, on astronaut selector, you can select with DPad only. It should left joy (and pad too, if it must for you devs ) When you pick up an object for researching, it's ok that object is feel like if it was heavy, and character moves will be much slower. This is ok. But movement with picked items is awful. It should be like character "towing" the object, when you start walking (what is most awful that turning is disabled when having an object) your character should walking forward, and camera should getting behind astronaut (like right now, it's ok) BUT then after a short while, picked researchable object should follow astronaut character, if you don't move the object. (mouse or right joy on controller) So object should "follow" the path astronaut walked on with a short distance. (if you not move the object). When object doesn't attached anything on, just "dropped at ground", when start walking again, object should get behind astronaut and comes up the "towing" behavior as described. Hope you understand. So in sum up: character movements should not change when you pick up an object (except weight modifier), and object should follow astronaut in the air at about "head's height".
  6. I have no idea how to play multiplayer because I don't see any option in the game statring "menu" (Where you rotate around a planet in life cabins) nor in the other game menu while you play. In the game I had a hard time figuring out what the things do that I have made. No description text or tutorial or anything. A little more information would be nice!