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Found 11 results

  1. After the latest patch when I join my a game hosted by another player I now see garbled terrain on my screen where they have created tunnels. On the host's side there is no terrain issue, but the game becomes unplayable for me. I can not clear away the terrain errors I see - they just pop back a few seconds after I try to clear them away, and when I try to climb over them I become injured easily and die from fall damage. I've attached images of the different views. Please if you can do anything to fix this I would appreciate it - we have put hours into this shared game and now it is unplayable for me when I join :(
  2. Hello, I encountered a slight frustration in Astroneer when playing with my friend, where I was hosting on Xbox One and he joined via Windows 10 version. The issue is where my friend would leave or I would quit the game (forcing him to leave) and the next time he joined my world, his items were no longer in his inventory but were spilled all over the ground, this happened repeatedly. Additionally, his dig tool would also be on the ground but cannot be picked up (he still had a dig tool in his inventory still though). Thanks!
  3. I joined a friends game last night and when a sandstorm came he jumped into the pod for safety whilst I dug a hole to hide but died from the rocks hitting me. it tried to respawn me in to the world but since we only had the one pod I was placed outside of it. My character model was still in the death pose but I could play normally and even jump. Dying again once the pod was unoccupied fixed the character model and restored normal animations
  4. I was a guest in a game with the host as the only other player, this is the rover behavior 100% of the time.
  5. MaximilianPs

    Multiplayer - can't join

    Hello there, from the 108 we got a problem about joining a match. join by invitation, or via Stem friends list, left click -> Join the game start, load as usual, but instead load the main menù show this picture for half second and then get back to the load screen. The cursor take the default windows form (instead to be a dot)
  6. FreeNapkins

    Multiplayer Bug Reports

    These are all bug reports from a player invited into another player's world (Not the host). I will be referring to myself as the visitor. -Trade platform sometimes not visible -If trade platform is used by visitor, it will disappear -Trade platform sometimes will trade wrong items if it is viewed differently by host. Example: I tried to trade some materials for aluminum. It said aluminum on my screen but compound on the host's screen. After trading, the items came back as compound. -Car will stutter when a passenger (Happens to host and visitor) -Dying causes visitor to fall through floor and sometimes resurface -Winch sometimes creates a hook that won't despawn unless the game is restarted by host. -Visitors will lose all inventory including attachments upon leaving the game. -Vehicles will sometimes flip over or jostle when not being used (visitor only) I will update this more as I play with my friend
  7. The trade platforms ship does not return for guests on the Xbox one however the host can still access it. It will re-spawn however after leaving the area and returning. This is on Xbox One.
  8. After dying by a boulder during a sand storm I re-spawned laying down and continued to be stuck on the ground. When the host died I saw him stuck on the ground too be he saw us both walking normally. This was on Xbox One:
  9. In co-op as a guest, if I click the "conduit" ring when a rover's in range of a base structure, it creates a "ghost conduit." It won't disconnect nor disappear, and is visible to the host. Clicking multiple times creates multiple ghost conduits.
  10. When playing co-op as a guest, if you vacuum up some resource (such as compound), and you complete a stack but your backpack is full — the stack will pop out the back of your gun but it will be non-interactable. You can't pick it up or move it directly, nor put it onto your backpack; it becomes as a rock. I do not yet know whether the host can interact with stacks created this way, but possibly.