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Found 1 result

  1. So this thread is in so many places so I hope it is merged soon because there are WAY too many to reply to all of them. I have noticed as well as many other that you can fall through the ground. I have found it can be forced if you are in a hole and dig over yourself enough. Doing this caused my game to crash and force close.... nothing saved which was sad but that is okay! I did it for science!!! I fell through the abyss for approximately 60 seconds before the game crashed. The glitch can also happen randomly when digging or changing the terrain (more so when building up the terrain directly underneath the character). But personally, I notice this bug the most when I respawn. I respawn on my habitat, and my character is rendered underneath the habitat. The habitat seems to just force you under the ground until you can respawn next to the habitat instead. When this glitch occurs, the first place that I died will not be marked with the 'X' beacon to go retrieve items from the backpack. The items will be present in the shape of the backpack with no backpack there. The items can still be received except for the gun it will just hangout and float there. Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY Respawn Fall MP4.mp4 Forced Fall MP4.mp4