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Found 4 results

  1. Xbox 1. Not sure if its supposed to but the tall slender grass stalks on Exotic act as pillers. Neither I or my large rover can move over them. Real annoying while driving. Like I said though not sure if its suppose to.
  2. sorry for my bad english. hope you can understand this topic haha many grass give me a tons of laggy in exotic planet. can't I turn off this grass shaking effect? I don't want to shortering render distance.
  3. After loading an Savagame there was Organic "in the Air". Digged a hole bevore.
  4. After reloading into a save game on Terra all the trees and grass were White/Gray with no other color, however the research pods attached to the trees were rendered in full color. Mouse and Keyboard Steam Early Access I've seen it a few times on different saves it seems to occur, for me, after saving a game with 30 minutes or more playtime.