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  1. Hello my friends! First of all I want to tell you that I see in this game a huge potential. This forced me to spend some of my time to write few of my ideas. I would like to see in the comments what you think about them. English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any mistakes. @SES_Adam I think that you should to take a look at this. List of ideas Crystal Currency Astroneer not expose yourself for no reason. He explores the planet for economic purposes. For the game should be added currency (for example crystals able to mine) for which you would buy schemes. Planet difficulty scale and schemes The planets should have the scale of difficulty. We started on a planet with easy access to basic materials. Along with the progress, we would get better schemes (bought for crystal currency) which would increase the chances of survival on more difficult planets where you can find unique materials. The current system of research would be only to obtain rare materials from alien plants fruits. Weapons: • Energy gun Modification to the terrain tool amending it into a weapon powered by energy. • Energy cannon with seat Energy weapon supplied by energy or power generators, it can be mounted on a vehicle, so the person sitting on the rear of the vehicle can use that weapon. • Sentry gun Sentry gun with two operating modes. -friendly mode, protecing from only aliens -hostile mode, protecing from aliens, players (Excluding friends) Controversy related to weapons/pvp in the game: There should be place for peaceful players and for these one who want some action. We need at least option to have combat. If someone don't want to fight then he don't need to. I think that weapons should be added, but game should not be combat-focused. Simple PVE/PVE • Huge earthworms, aliens similiar to spiders, reptiles, tentacles etc. but they should not be common because life itself in space is rare. • Dark Zones: PVP on some planets where you can find more rare materials. Something like high risk high reward, with a story background that people began to fight among themselfs because they were blinded by wealth, fortune etc. Radar, weather meter Showing incoming storms, meteorite impacts, solar flares, temperatures, wind speed, enemies and raw materials (if drone spotted them). Map I would like to see map similiar to that one in The Division. • Table with hologram (Holo-table) on base which can display collected data from drone or satellite. • Drone that could scan some area from above and send data to holo-table or display it to player. • Satellite that could take a pictures of planet and send data to holo-table. Satellite / Drone OP Controversy: As I said, there should be currency in game so on the start player would not have the money to buy top-tier schemes. For example the satellite would be one of the more expensive things in the game, so player would get it later - on more difficult planets, where the satellites don't make game easier in meaningful way. Drone with different operating modes. Some examples: • standby mode - drone with mounted energy weapon, protecting area from space pirates, alien creatures etc. • tracking mode - would follow and assist the player, for example he could move light objects and follow player to base. • search mode - could scan some area from above and send data to holo table or player. • manual mode - remote controlled drone with camera view If weapon is attached • neutral mode, protecing only if we are attacked (by player or alien) • friendly mode, protecing only from the upcoming aliens • hostile mode, attacking aliens, players (Excluding friends) So for example: -Drone with tracking + friendly mode and mouted weapon will follow player and shot only to hostile aliens. -Drone with tracking mode and attached battery, will follow and charge player. etc. Enviromental hazards Some examples of enviromental hazards and how to deal with them: • quicksands on sandy planets (move on the hoverboard instead of walking) • meteorite impacts on planets with a thin atmosphere (we need radar that would warn us against them / force field on base required a lot of energy) • extremely high or low temperatures (special suits for the specific weather conditions) • high radiation (force field on Astroneer) • lava • acid rain (force field, hide underground) • different types of storms (warning messages on radar) • earthquakes (seismometer that sending warning messages to radar) • solar flares (force field) Exoskeleton (better, faster, stronger) Some objects like a fruits from alien plants and crates are large and heavy, to raise them without the lift character should be wearing exoskeleton. Jet pack and vehicle booster Add the module with jet engines that can be attached to a backpack at the bottom. Make it possible to add same enginees to vehicles allowing increase their speed. I know that is possible to find rocket thruster, but I think that it should be able to craft. Hunger, thirst, sleepiness, temperature, food, farms etc. • add indicators (emoji style) of hunger, temperature, thirst, sleepiness • add machine to produce Soylent Green which can be prepared from organic materials. Make it basic food in game. • add food and farm modules (greenhouse). Remember it is the future: Plants should be different from those that we know today (we need GMO superfood). • seeds should be earned by trading platform, with their help, you can grow more nutritious foods then Soylent Green. • add water (oceans) and ice, we need also module that purifying water (for example from salt). • add different variants of the astronaut suits resistant to specific climatic conditions. How it should look: Astroneer should survive longer without eating than drinking / sleeping. The first symptoms of thirst / starving / sleepiness would be fatigue, then slow death. Instead of the well-known indicators there should be emoji messages. Second habitat but bigger With wardrobe - where you can customise apperance, sleep, keep some food and water supplies, hide from storm. Hovercraft / hoverboard Add a vehicle which hovers above the surface. Should be light and bit faster than rover, but not specialized in moving heavy objects. Rope and grappling hook Causes new possibilities - climbing and attachment of objects. Could be pretty usefull before the player would get a jetpack. Game reward system Add the space capsule with gift (skin, crystal currency, scheme etc.) possible to get three times per week. It rewards hours spent in the game. Small space capsule (ball) would fall around the base. Player could open it in research machine. Music player Listen own music from Documents/Astroneer/User Music like a in GTA series. Miscellaneous (small ideas, fixes) • Possibility to change the brush size • Add module that creates oxygen, because limitless oxygen is bad idea. • Improve driving and change it to WSAD • Add option in settings to look around without pressing RMB • Add option to accept / refuse player who attempts to join the game • Deleting saves from game menu(not appdata) • Make possible to change language in settings • Alien plants should wrap acid instead of poison gas, it does not make sense because the character has helmet. • Don't add intelligent aliens to game, life itself in space is rare. • Add option for naming or changing icons of Beacons This topic is updated version of previous one:
  2. Hey all! First off, some credit for these ideas go to EzCheezy123 and UtpoicVision. These lovely gentlepeople suggested a grappling hook that can be used for climbing mountains and rappelling, and I'm borrowing these ideas and building on them somewhat. Lemme know what you all think! Feel free to offer suggestions for different/better names and functions and such. Summary: Range Extender (augment) - allows the terrain tool to work at longer ranges Grappling Cable (augment) - turns the terrain tool into Batman's grapple gun / Link's claw shot Cable Anchor (printer) - creates permanent zip-line-ish cables that can attached to using "TAB" and moved along back and forth Range Extender (augment): First off, a simple augment that extends the max range at which the terrain tool can function. Lets say that the range of the terrain tool is 10 arbitrary units. This augment would increase the max range at which the terrain tool can be used by 5 units. With one range extender on the tool, it'd be 15 units. With two, 20 units. You get the idea. Applications: Anything one could possible want to do with the terrain tool, just farther away than is currently possible. Grappling Cable (augment): Imagine an augment that disables the terrain-altering functions of the terrain tool, but instead fires out a cable that affixes itself into the ground and that can be extended and retracted from the terrain tool. To fire the cable, the player clicks on where he/she wants it to stick with the flatten/leveling mode button. To extend/retract the cable, he/she would use the other two mode buttons. To detach the cable and reel it all in, the player would simply click the flatten/leveling mode button again. While the cable is extended, I don't think the grapple augment should be removable. It should be in the main (top) augment slot, otherwise it shouldn't do anything at all. The cursor would change to a crosshair. I'm inclined to suggest that the max range that the cable can be fired be greater than the max range of the terrain tool; this would make it more useful. I'd suggest 15 units as the base cable launching range, with 25 units total length on the cable. Adding additional grappling cable augments would increase the cable length by 10 units (45 units with 3 grapple cable augments installed), allowing the astroneer to rappel from much higher. Adding range extender augments would increase the max firing range by the usual 5 units (max 25 with one grappling cable augment and two range extended augments). This shouldn't be some kind of fire-across-the-map device, but it should be able to have a decent amount of extra cable for those awesome rappelling moments. (I gave it 25 units of cable as a base amount to allow 1 cable aug 2 range aug setups to be effective. If we decide that's too much, we can go with 20 units cable, and just have there be no benefit to using two range augs with a cable aug. I'd rather not do this, but, hey, balance is balance.) After the cable is fired out, while the astroneer isn't standing on solid ground (suspended in space by the cable), he/she should be able to swing around. If the astroneer is standing on solid ground, he/she would just walk forwards/backwards while facing in the same direction as the cable as the cable was retracted/extended. Applications: Climbing mountains, descending into / ascending out of caves / holes, having loads of fun swinging around as Space Spiderman or Space Cable Anchor (printable): Now, picture a permanently placable cable that can be used to directly move between two points. An astroneer would have to print two of them for them to be effective. The astroneer would go to one location (for example, the top of a mountain or the bottom of a pit) and place the device, pressing the button to anchor it into the terrain. Then, you go to a second location (for example, the bottom of a mountain or the top of a pit) and do the same thing, pressing the button to anchor it. The difference is that if they're close enough together (think of how tethers need to be within a certain distance to connect) a sturdy, taut cable will be shot out between them. The astroneer can now hit "TAB" to attach him/herself to the cable, and can move along its length using the normal movement controls, detaching at any time. Additional anchors could be printed and added to the line (just like how tethers work), meaning that with enough anchors in the right spots an astroneer could travel some pretty good distances. While an astroneer is attached to the cable, I'd suggest that the backpack / terrain tool be fully usable. I'm imagining a harness or something built into the spacesuit that attaches to the cable and slides along it without requiring hands. This would make carrying research up out of caves possible while traveling on one of these cables. This sets it apart from the grappling cable augment in a very significant way, as that shouldn't be able to be used while carrying a research pod since the terrain tool is out and being used. I'd suggest that the max range on the cable anchors be the same as tethers. This is for two reasons: one, this means that if the player places a tether next to each anchor, the astroneer can slide along the cable and still be tethered, getting precious O2 so he/she doesn't die. Secondly, the coding might be easier (go coders, you're awesome! Woo!). I don't like the idea of making cable anchors fit together in your backpack like tethers, with a bunch of them taking up 1 slot. If each took up it's own slot, then you couldn't carry a ton of them around with you at all times, and that would help with balancing. Also, I think using titanium to print them out of your backpack sounds okay. Alternatively, each could be printed from the medium printer and have to be carried around and placed like a medium solar panel. That seems to me like it would be a lot of work for a tether-length cable, but maybe that'd be a good balance. Testing would have to be done. Either way, it'd be printed and not be able to stack on each other like tethers. Applications: Permanent routes up mountains or down into caves/holes, potentially used while carrying research chests and similarly sized things.
  3. I would love it if I had a grappling tool, even if it didn't reach as far as the terrain tool it would still be pretty cool to access certain areas without having to build or dig a ramp to get there. I read on another thread that it should be a beam. for some reason I think it would look cooler if it was like a hook gun on crossbow that just shot a wire and a hook and dug itself on the wall.
  4. Grappling Hooks are a must in this game for cave exploration. I would love it if the storms that home in every once in a while would blow all your stuff away if its just sitting on the ground. One more idea that popped into my mind is that it would be nice is that you can only learn new tech from the spacecraft salvages and not form every seed you find out there. I think this would make new technology much more appreciated.
  5. First off, great work on Astroneer so far. I would especially like to salute your netcode. I think in one of your blogposts earlier you were talking about how you limited the scope of MP servers/matchmaking for the alpha to keep it within reach and that decision has REALLY paid off. I connected from Australia to a friend's PC on the East Coast of the US. There was an unavoidable amount of lag and some quintessintial alpha behavior (animation bugs on respawn, a few CTDs) but good lord it worked pretty much fine for a five-hour session. We never hit a showstopper where someone couldn't rejoin after they CTD'd or the game de-synced and we couldn't find each other or anything like that. As a result of that stability: I love the game, my friends who I convinced to buy it love the game, and we are all going to rave about it to other friends and no doubt some of them will buy it too. My only moments of frustration in the game have been while caving. the TL;DR of it: it would be great to have better options for vertical traversal and for marking a trail with breadcrumbs (as opposed to implementing a minimap or more detailed compass). Also, a somewhat unrelated suggestion about lighting and movement. I'm sure lots of other players have had the experience where you spot a resource you need in the distance and you decide to run for it, gather it, and dash back to your tethers before oxygen runs out. Far too late, we find out that there's a hole or chasm on the way that leads to a deep drop. You either die when you hit the ground, or you live but have no way to get back up to where you were before you suffocate. Even if you run around gathering oxygen to keep yourself alive, you're more likely to wind up extremely lost than to get back up to the previous level. Sometimes I've stubbornly lost several lives in a row trying to retrieve my gear or find out where that resource was. Right now the only workable solutions for vertical movement are trying to make a pillar/ramp with the terrain tool, or tunneling into the wall a ways and then trying to switchback/corkscrew an ascending tunnel to reach the previous level. Neither is very intuitive and both risk another fall from height (if when tunneling you break into yet another chasm and fall there). I have four suggestions for this situation: 1 - a jetpack. Up to you whether it's immediately craftable or has to be researched/found from derelicts. Maybe have it take up two slots in order to properly account for its utility/value. Or perhaps it could be attached to the wing slots on the backpack, since the solar panel and windvane aren't much use for generating power underground, and there's already a system for feeding fuel into an item there a la fueling the generator with a stack of organics. It would also be a good 2nd use for hydrazine and give a reason to seek it out in caves even after a fuel condenser has been built at the base. 2 - a grappling hook. It would be great to be able to grapple to the ceiling and pull yourself back up to the previous height, or at least reach a height greater than the range of your terrain tool so that making platforms to get back up isn't such a pain. It would also be an absolute joy to have a grappling hook that enables skilled players to move quickly and vertically like some Quake mods or good old Bionic Commando. 3 - different shapes for the terrain tool. If you could change it from a circle to an open crescent or angle, it would be easier to create lipped ramps and walkways which would reduce the danger of falling as you shape terrain to cross a chasm or return to your original height. 4 - some way to 'breadcrumb' your path. Tethers are tedious to place if you want to move at speed and they create a performance hit if you have placed too many. Beacons are too expensive in terms of materials to dot them all over, and aren't especially useful for pathfinding in caves with the relatively narrow fields of view one has. The most practical solution is to draw an arrow in the floor with the terrain tool at every intersection to pointing the way home, but that really detracts from the natural beauty of the environments you've created. What about a homing dot, similar in size and stackability to a tether, that when queried with a mouse click points to the nearest powered tether? I'm thinking of something with a button-ish look. You walk up to it, press the button in the center, then the rim lights up and blinks in the direction pointing back to your tether network? Alternately, if the pathfinding would be too expensive or be too hard to make work with edge cases (a tether directly above you if the cave has looped back on itself), some ability to set an arrow direction when you first place the breadcrumb. If you wanted to make them true breadcrumb tools rather than just a "show me the way home" object that lost players throw down, query, and just pick back up, you could make them placeable but not retrievable. Or perhaps limit the pathing range so that you have to leave a trail of them in order for them to provide any useful info. You might even make it so that activating one causes the next one in the chain to strobe until the player walks up and interacts with it. It then points the way homeward (or at least tether-ward) and causes the NEXT one in the path home to start strobing. 5. Finally, while it's generic to all caving and not just the 'find your way back from a fall' situation, it would be nice to be able to cast more light than the player's headlamp provides. I often find myself carrying items off-center as I run, since I don't want the carried item to block my view of where I'm going. But because the character's head is slaved to the cursor, I don't have light showing on the place where I'm headed! Perhaps we could have a craftable light that can be placed on the backpack 'wing' slots and either shine narrowly ahead (but ALWAYS straight ahead) or cast a moderately-sized globe in all directions.