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Found 2 results

  1. As I experienced it myself and many other from what I see in the forums, the Field Shelter serves very little purpose. Other than a constant but meager 0.5 power generation, a simple buggy or tractor offers the same benefits of transmiting power and generating free oxygen plus a save point, with the downside of not being mobile like a vehicle. Carrying a packed T2x2 platform, the player has a more versatile option for the same space of a T1 slot, power generation is almost always also brought in by the player in the vehicle used for exploring. The only real benefit of it could be when used in caves, deploying several of them when exploring and having both a way to save and recharge oxygen and power, but ONLY when the player is not packing any means of oxygen and power generation wich, again, is not common. The player would have to come back and forth each time to recharge, UNLESS we can pack it again for FREE. If it would have that option (higher power throughtput perhaps), and being a little more expensive (plus area ilumintaion if it doesn't have it already), then it could be considered a very useful item. BTW, this portable shelter even as it is now, made almost obsolete the standard shelter due to size restrictions TLDR: make the shelter be autopackable, more power and have light compensating with a higher cost
  2. I’ve gone down all the way to the core but I can’t find any graphite on vesania, the wiki says it’s a primary resource on that planet but I can’t find it anywhere. pls help