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Found 20 results

  1. Look what happens if you leave Astroneer up and wait six hours. It's sort of a memory leak kinda thing. It starts out looking perfect, and then gradually goes out of true over time. The least amount of time where I've noticed this was six hours. I'll start checking how bad this gets over time. Each graphical piece works perfectly and smoothly. To fix it, log out and then back in. I've been completely closing the game.
  2. Quite often in multiplayer my companion (I am the host) will see me having a large resource stuck to the side of my body. When I pull out my terrain tool the resource becomes truly massive as pictured here. This happens even when I don't have any resources on the tool.
  3. I have a 3 monitor configured as 1 setup - giving me a Resolution of 5760x1080. While not dazzling resolution, it IS handy to have peripheral vision. The problem is, Astroneer doesn't like it much. When I run the game in full screen mode - I get everything as if through a magnifying glass, and miss a lot of details - notably top and bottom of screen. The only way to get around this, is to, with some difficulty, as the windowed variation doesn't appear to let itself scale in a user-friendly fashion, to get the game roughly into 1920x1080 in a window - not optimal, but it means I have the full picture - meaning I can see my legs again and other things not displayed when in full resolution. The only way I can manage to get the screen size reduced, is to load a game, hit ESC, then ALT-Spacebar to get the window menu, choose size, and then the window lets itself be adjusted per mouse, in a fashion. When I get it down to the size of one screen, I can then click on the 'Maximise' icon top right of the window, to get it to fill up my 1920x1080 screen. Ugly. There's no way to set it to full screen 1920x1080 in the options, well, none that I've found. And if I run at full res, 5760x1080, I miss too much of what's going on. Is there a way to fix this? To cater for a multi-display set-up? Top image 5760x1080, Bottom image 192x1080 (approx.)
  4. What happened to these graphical features making it into the game? I’m talking about how the ice looks in the ground as you mine it, how it’s embedded and looks shinier and has a different color than the surrounding soil. I thought these looked awesome and you should add them back once the game is fully stable And bug-free
  5. Hi !! I'm on Xbox One X with the last version of Astroneer, and the graphics performances are very poor !!!! The game is lagging, the fps is obviously under 25fps !! IT's clearly a regression as I noticed a fluid graphic displaying few versions ago !!
  6. Noticed both glass and carbon have stacked connectors, I haven't seen it on any other items but I haven't done too many things in game.
  7. I've got multiple devices at home, my primary gaming desktop runs the game great and I can stream it via Steam to other tablets and laptops. I have a new laptop, core i7-8650U with 16gb of ram. It unfortunately has integrated graphics, Intel HD 620, and the game is slow rendering wise even with all settings on low. Are INI file customizations still a thing? Are there additional tweaking options coming?
  8. The current colors and textures i find to not be very appealing. the resin looks like mac and cheese. i don't know why but i was a little grossed out. I liked the color pallet and textures a little bit ago the almost matte look and i lover the purple resin. My suggestion would be to have an options menu for a scheme of colors and textures. Edit: found out this may be a bug but still i think a colors and textures menu would be awesome.
  9. Summary: Shadows look like they are made up of little dots. Description: The quality of shadows is very poor especially on white surfaces, it looks like they are made up of small dots rather than an actual shadow. I have all settings on ultra and the game is set to my monitor's native resolution. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel 5960x @4.5ghz GPU: Nvidia 1080TI RAM: 32GB DDR4 Drive: 6TB Hybrid Monitor: Dell UP3017 2560x1600 @60Hz
  10. I Play Astroneer on my laptop and it's within the system specs limit as described on Steam. For some reason, my game is still very framey/laggy, but playable (i am using the dedicated AMD graphics instead of onboard Intel stuff). Specifically, On Exotic, the game lags so much that it's unplayable and i'm practically stuck there forever. What I feel (very very strongly), is that you need to give us an IMPROVED & DETAILED GRAPHICS SETTINGS option in the Game Settings menu such that we are able to tune each and every aspect of the Graphics Settings (just like every other game out there). This would be very much appreciated and I'm damn sure there are countless players who could benefit from this. P.S.: Without this feature, I would be finally regretting my purchase of astroneer ???
  11. Hi there, I'm playing on the Steam version of Astroneer and I've noticed that while moving around the planet Terran, the render distance for foliage (and some other small objects) is quite low. I can see it load right in front of me. When driving around in a Buggy/rover, these rocks load in only when I get close. So, sometimes I crash into them, I got stuck on one once. (Maybe I'm just a bad driver.) All graphical settings are set to 'Ultra'. My CPU is never maxxed out, should definitely have enough power left over to render some plants and rocks, right? It doesn't seem right: why should a game that looks this beautiful have stuff abnormally pop in front of your eyes? If this is just some error with my client, please tell me, and explain to me how I can (if I can) fix it. Hopefully this problem (if you would even call it that) will no longer be a thing by the time the game fully releases, or at least have a more natural look to it. Thanks. (Not entirely sure if this post belongs in this category.)
  12. Some navigation markers are appearing in the wrong position. When in orbit or on the surface a planet, sets of nav markers (for rovers, habitats, beacons) for another planet are appearing floating in space instead of connected to the object.
  13. i've been needing some confirmation on smelter effects. regardless of my graphics settings, the smelter has no flame on Tundra. i finally found enough resources to test on other planets, and it's fine there... only missing on Tundra. can anybody confirm this, or is it just my less-than-beastly computer having a particular issue there and i should just live with it?
  14. Description: When walking around mineral patches near the starting base green indicator rings are shown around the patches (even when fully mined, but that's another bug). It would probably be better for performance if this wasn't the case + it doesn't look so nice. Expected behavior: ring to be displayed on the floor only, not casting glows on nearby items, platforms, players, UI, etc. Actual behavior: ring is displayed on the floor but also affects outline of backpack, terrain tool and texts. Platform: Steam Version: 0.6.5 System specification: OS: Windows 10 Pro (legal copy, fully updated) CPU: I5-4690 MEM: 16GB RAM GPU: GTX 1070 (latest drivers) Controls: keyboard + mouse
  15. Hi there, I've come back to Astroneer after some time of not playing it and I'm really enjoying the new features. I like to play this game because the graphics are wonderful and it runs very well on most systems, but I've noticed that Motion Blur has been completely removed: I can't find any settings in the game's files and every combination with the in-game graphical settings will not change it. I've seen some other people play this game, Motion blur is non-existent for them too. Was Motion blur truly removed or am I just missing it somewhere in the files? I'd love to have it back, it gives some great eye-candy. Please reply. Thanks.
  16. Summary: 0.5.1 Graphics are laggy, choppy, and crashed once. Description: Graphics have taken a performance hit in this patch.. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.5.1 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1709 | Build 16299.192 CPU: Intel i7 6700K 4.00GHz GPU: EVGA 1080 FTW 8GB RAM: G. Skill 4x8GB DDR4 2666Hz Drive: Western Digital Black Series SATA 2TB I immediately noticed there is no longer support for 3440 x 1440. 2560x1440 is the highest supported res now. I began playing the new patch in full screen mode at that resolution. As I was playing maybe about 30 minutes, graphics started to slow down, there was lag, and then everything just stopped. I had to end it via task manager. I tried again in windowed mode, and the game wouldn't line up correctly. I shut it off at this point. The next night I tried again, playing in windowed mode from the start, and dropped everything to high instead of a mix of ultra & high. The game ran, but not smoothly, and I didn't crash. The same behavior occurred, laggy graphics after a while. This is the first time I've had any issue with the graphics in the game, and have been playing since last March. All my drivers are updated, and the only thing running aside from the game was Steam & Discord.
  17. add controller implements and controls add more graphic and rendering options for low medium and high its a bit laggy but playable
  18. Something to help with lag that can happen when there is a lot going on in game.
  19. Hello everyone, i have a couple of question: 1)Why can't we set render distance? I have the feel that's shorter than before, if i've the graphic-power, why can't i increase it? I think it's a nice graphic option 2)Why Q open the backpack AND the Catalog? I'd like to open/Close the backpack with Q not to open the catalog everytime
  20. Someone can help me? i change my graphics and my astroneer stary with the grey window, i play on windowed but i never have this problem... help me please!!!!