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Found 7 results

  1. ICE_ICE_FAIRY (cirno)

    graphical glitch/bug.

    i dont really know how to describe it other than being like a painting. it's difficult to look at,but not to play. i dont even know if it's a problem on my end or if i just cant find someone else dealing with this.
  2. [Summary] Game runs but won't draw new frames [Description] I've had a problem where the game runs, but doesn't draw new frames unless I change focus to a different window. I'll launch the game, then I'll be looking at a single frame on the loading screen until I hit the Windows key or alt+tab, etc., at which point it draws a new frame of whatever is actually happening in-game, and then sits on *that* one until I repeat the process. Astroneer is still producing audio, and if I'm lucky with my blind clicking I can navigate menus, so the game seems to be running, it just refuses to show me. [Platform] Windows 10/Steam [Specifications] OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD FX-6350 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7900 RAM: 16GB
  3. I've noticed that I can move through the menium generator like it's not "physically" there - if I try the same on any of the charging devices (solar/wind etc.), I can't move through them
  4. Summary: - Steam - Graphical Vehicle bug, vehicle still functional Description: Upon first logging into my world tonight after playing earlier, the wheels of my rover appear to have the "moving dust" affect applied even though it is stationary. After entering the vehicle, it works fine, and once I moved a bit, the graphic bug disappeared. This is purely graphical and does not appear to affect gameplay. Attached video. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 5_10_2018 7_26_04 PM.mp4 Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4GHz GPU: Radeon RX 480 RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Hz
  5. catalogue is bugged out for some reason.
  6. My PC isn't that bad, but the FPS is terriple. It's almost impossible to play. And you can only turn on Vsync, change resolution and change view distance. And it looks like even these options are not changed when you try to. And I think it need more color. It's too white, you know?
  7. Steam Version - Minor graphics bug where the tether to your astroneer with rapidly switch between a rover and a base object.