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  1. First time posting here, loving the game enough that I signed up to post and to discuss this. I think that if a mini map were to be implemented, it would be pretty sick, but should be implemented as a research-able module that attaches to your arm instead later down the line (doesn't waste backpack space). That way there would be an additional sense of game/ tech progression, where you start out using the primitive methods of path finding (line of beacons/ looking at stars/ compass), slowly upgrade towards better path finding methods aka cartography and then start pushing towards GPS technolog
  2. When that whole NASA thing came out, we had a method of locating the satellites. How in the world the Devs have not utilized this for either home base relocation or body relocation or something else is beyond me. I don't know how much time I've wasted just trying to relocate my base or dead body. Use the same device that tracks the signal to at least give you an idea of which direction to go. The whole beacon in the sky thing is painfully limited.
  3. Hi. This is a quite complex idea for some new technologies in the game and the way they can work and improve the experience. I understand that what I have written is enough for a whole new update, but why not? Satellites I believe satellites should have slots for sensors and for other devices, so they could be customised for our needs. They need to be powered by solar energy and have a built-in battery. Now, a perfectly working satellite with enough power would update sensor information every 5 minutes. But the further from the sun, this time would obviously be longer.
  4. I've played Astroneer from prealpha stages. In fact, its the one game that I've come back to for the last 4 years. I've purchased the game for numerous friends and several copies for myself and kids. I'm 37 and live in Arkansas. I have one good friend from college who lives in Alaska. Astroneer is what keeps us close even after not seeing each other physically for 6 years. I'd like to thank @SES_Adam @SES_joe and the rest of the team for creating such a great experience. After watching the documentary just before 1.0 shipped, I know the investment you, your family, and friends have put
  5. Satellite GPS How would this work? You would need access to the largest rocket(Titanium alloy one). First you would need to research the satellite and a satellite bay. The satellite bay would be made in a large printer and the satellite in a medium printer. You would place the satellite bay into the rocket, it would take up the whole storage. (The satellite bay would have a little crane arm inside) Before you were to place the satellite into the bay you would have an option to two storage spots on it. (Two single ports) But before we get into the fun part I want to explain how t
  6. One simple suggestion. Please add a map. So very easy to get lost....
  7. I like Astroneer's minimalist UI, and I have a suggestion for increasing beacon usefulness without adding to the existing UI paradigm. When you place a beacon, you assign it a name or number (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc). This is done by tabbing through with the use command (E or ALT-click on ground, etc.). When you've cycled through to the identifier you want, stop: That becomes the beacon's unique identifier. You could still use colors, or color combinations, but that might limit the number of beacons... which could be OK, if that's desired limitation. To use the beacons, you would
  8. ok this is what happens, bugs everywhere with vehicles that fall underground, so we need a respawn vehicle station, maybe to maximize performance too. Maybe options for the vehicle station: 1- List all the vehicles you have in the real world. 2- select, choose vehicle from the list of vehicles, option to eliminate, reappear, dismantle, recycle. 3- Information on the current location of each vehicle: start the emergency light to rescue it by means of a minimap or gps, then they would have to do gps? LOL
  9. it would be nice to be able to craft a network of satellites to be sent in orbit around the planet to be able to see the GPS coordinates
  10. I know people have been asking for a map a lot, but I think that this idea would fit really well. First, you would have to print out a GPS (maybe with a mini printer added later, or just through your backpack). The GPS would be able to track x number of objects, such as research objects, rovers, players, or places on a map. Unlike beacons, the GPS would be opened up and show a short range map with dots representing the things you've tagged. When the objects are too far away, it shows an arrow pointing in their direction. The second tier of a GPS would be a stationary map that sits at your
  11. So, finding your way... I've often wished for the ability to spot markers at a greater distance when you inevitably get lost. A basic GPS system would be helpful, although its function should be as realistic as possible. The network could be made of satellites or (assuming they make it into the game) modules on space stations. I would propose that; - Any one satellite/space station has limited range, and only works if you, it, and the thing you're trying to find are all within that range (i.e. triangulation). The satellite's orbit would also affect this, rendering some useless from c
  12. Sorry for my english. I suggest to create some GPS system. We will be able build rockets and satellites and launch it in to the space. The more satellites, the higher coordinate accuracy. Also create cartographic satellite to create map of planet and navigate system.
  13. Hello there, ok it's a repost, but I still feel the needs. 'Cuse nothing it's frustrating like get lost on a planet and screwing up the game. Also, it's a pretty non-sense that astronaut which is supposed to have technology to travel in space without any kind of problems, that they haven't a GPS or any kind of Map system. That's why I ask for any kind of indicator which show where home is. Ideas: It could be a button, when pressed it show the home indicator in overlay. it could be a small minimap placed in a corner. it could be a compass placed on the backpack. Pla
  14. Ok, so there's a lot of threads and debates on the subject of maps and minimaps both for and against, so if this idea's already been brought up then my apologies as I haven't had the chance to go through them all. But I was thinking, how about instead of having a minimap from the beginning, you have the option of making one later on in the game? You could build a small satellite in the vehicle bay that you send to orbit the planet, together with a receiving ground station module in the form of a satellite dish or aerial tower or something to link to said satellite, and lastly a small hand
  15. It's understood that asbsence of a map or a GPS contributes to the concept of the game, where you can get lost all alone on an alien planet.. But you know, after actually getting lost and driving around the extremely bumpy terrain for like three years, I'm beginning to think that it kinda sucks the joy out of the process, you know. So I dig a lot of ideas already articulated here on this forum like Holomap (a nice way to avoid traditional HUD) and GPS satellites. Here's my "model kit" of suggestions concerning GPS and how to nerf it. So, you start out with your customizable beacons. Somew
  16. Hi, Just an idea regarding the MAP feature: You could build GPS satellites, which you can launch into orbit The more satellites you launch into orbit, the more precise data your handheld MAP device will get: 1 GPS: basic 2D overview MAP with limited functionality: only your base and yourself shown 3 GPS: everything you get with 1 GPS, plus beacons and vehicles shown 5 GPS: basic 3D wire frame map with bases, beacons, vehicles, etc. 10 GPS: detailed mini 3D topological map If you complete a 10-node GPS network you could craf
  17. GPS system with holographic map of planet, that displays location of players, habitats, and beacons. Requirements 1: GPS base module 2: Launch GPS satellites into orbit from GPS base module 3: GPS base module drains power when in use 4: GPS Backpack Attachment that is used to activate holographic map of planet and drains power while in use
  18. At the forum we talked a lot about various gadgets (radar, card scanner, sonar, etc.). The format is different from the ideas. I have wound singing idea to get you started to realize these ideas. Let us first make the wrist computer for astronaut. You can do different kinds of visualization for different ideas on the screen of the computer. Like this =)
  19. Love to see some more complex, longer-term / late-game gameplay. I've seen a couple of these suggested in other places, wanted to add my own spin and thoughts... hopefully this thread will get merged in with some others. Implement bigger civil engineering projects that take considerable resources and time to create: You NEED Hyperloops in this game!!! What would Elon Musk think if he saw Astroneer without them?!? C'mon guys... really... ;-) Elevated Hyperloop Transportation System Reuse code for hub/facility/base expansion A
  20. Hows bout a GPS device? I was hunting for loot and got lost... I ended up at the Northern Pole and realizing that the base was on the equator, eventually headed East and yeah found home. Would be nice to have a GPS / Navigation device on my rig (or backpack) that points me back to my Habitat, Beacons, etc.
  21. I would love to see satellites implemented that perform one or more functions whether it be a gps sat to enable mapping or a resource scanner sat. a sub surface scan sat to locate resources underground, a weather sat to warn of incoming dust storms(and hopefully additional weather related stuff in the future). I could see a sat launch pad performing this function and the player selecting which type of sat to send up. also communication sats to allow some interaction functionality between players on planet perhaps. I would definitely love to see sats that also allow interaction or communication
  22. This idea includes new base modules, "vehicles" and items Modules: Launch Module (Used to launch satellites and stations in the planet's orbit) "Vehicles": GPS Satellite (According to Global Positioning System and trigonometry rules, at least 2 satellites are needed to use the GPS Recevier) Orbital Station (Self explanatory) Items: GPS Recevier (Locate you in the planet) CRAFTING: Launch Module (4 Titanium) GPS Satellite GPS Transmitter (Suggestion please) Satellite Frame (4 Titanium or Aluminium) 2x Sol
  23. I love the game but without a GPS or navigation system on the ground gameplay becomes really boring as risking to go on an expedition means that you might not reach home and end up losing you vehicle and all the goods u have. you cannot see the beacons from very far. the game really needs that...maybe a map or a compass that always highlights where your habitats are. Also please make a Quit button or exit on main screen