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Found 5 results

  1. So me and my friend are playing our multiplayer game and we have just went to the neighbouring planet but when we touched down is where everything went wrong. My friend can build bases, mine resources and destroy dangerous flora. meanwhile I can't mine specific block (arid planet and i cant mine the laterite and resources from starting planet ), cant see specific flora and when i build the base is invisable. this has happened on every planet so far except the starting one and it kinda ruins our fun so please help Our game is on Steam and I use Mouse and Keyboard. I ju
  2. Firstly, LOVE this game. So much so, that i have made quite the complicated world(s) and consequently the game has almost become unplayable. Feels like I'm trying to play on a PC from the 90's...with the gameplay just jumping and glitching all over the place...if i start a new game, it's fine...just the world i've built up quit a bit is giving me fits. Any idea when an update will come along for me to be able to pick it up again without the jumpy screen threatening to make me seize? Heard from one of my other astroneer pals that this happens to everyone, so we'd probably all like to know
  3. this is the video where it shows the glitch- It's just that Just wanted to alert the community...
  4. Is it just me, or is clicking a button to move the camera seem just a little unnecessary? why not just make it like every other game and have just moving the mouse like normal control the camera? For example make the camera like work just like H1Z1; I know the two games are nothing alike, but their camera controls/ crosshair controls coincide as one, and I think that's how this game should be. if you want to look around without changing the direction the player is facing then by all means leave the right click camera turning just for that, but having to click the right mouse button while movin
  5. I enclosed my habitat in a rock wall to protect from storms and such but when I created a shuttle, it got flipped over and is glitching into my printer. Please fix it as the printer is basically unusable right now.