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Found 11 results

  1. Summary: EXO initiative request returns all progress back to zero upon restarting the game Description: After sending off everything on the EXO initiative for the BOO update, nothing gets credited to the Astroneer, nothing new appears in the menu to change your skin/items/helmet etc and no option to build the special pumpkin shelter. Then, when returning to the game the next day, all progress is reset back to zero wasting hours of progress Platform: PS4 Version / Build Number: Version 1.23 for PS4
  2. Just a little bug/glitch. It isn't anything major and some people may want to use it but basically you can expand a landing pad and then contract it to have anything float!
  3. I'm playing in multiplayer where I have joined onto my husband's server. I have run into issues where when I clear terrain with the tool it ends up repopulating randomly over and over again and is making my game unplayable. These bugged terrain pixels don't show up on his side and my game is interacting with them as if they were still inside the game. It's created issues where I can't walk places because the pixels keep popping up and I can't build in certain areas because the game thinks those pixels still exist and are obstructing the equipment. I really enjoy playing this game but since this seems to only be happening on my end I'm not sure where to start with this. We are both playing on PC in the same house so it's not an internet issue. I don't notice this problem on single player on my own server. Here's some pics of the bugged out terrain pixels. Help!!! I'm not sure what other info you need. This doesn't actually make my game crash.
  4. 1. Lag when tethers are placed if there are a lot in one continuous line. Disconnecting that line fixes it. 2. Sliding down a steep ramp to the core causes non host members to stop seeing the world, then go through it and shoot up to the nearest cave dying. To fix they have to dig the entire way down with the tool to reload. 3. one person rover seat sometimes glitches so that your camera is in the rover but you are not. Cant get out of it. 4. non host crashing on rocket takeoff if they are controlling it. 5. tether sometimes not going back into other tether groups in backpack. 6. don't know if its a bug but, if the item doesn't click to a port on a machine it will fall though it and you have to pick up and move the machine to get the it. 7. Sometimes joining the game resets your character look and you have to quit and rejoin to get your other character look back to normal. 8. mini solar panel on backpack glitches out and floats in the air above you. The other player will see his like that but not yours. 9. If the ground under a platform is flat and you use the flatten tool under the platform it sometimes launches it into the air. PS. Love the game
  5. I couldn't find a thread specifically about Xbox One multiplayer issues, so I'm writing here for cleanliness. Date: 09/02/2019 Platform: Xbox One Game: Astroneer v1.0.3 Summary: Frame rate and terrain issues on both host and client ends if multiplayer session. Description: Players 1 and 2 were already in a session, with P1 hosting. Player 3 (myself) joined later as a client. Upon loading I noted that the frame rate was quite jarring, with some control lagging. P1 mentioned that they were having considerable issues with frame rate too, so bad that it was affecting their eyes. We all also noticed that terrain collision was off, particularly with tethers positioning above the apparent terrain. After P1 gave up and left the session, I decided to try the solo mode. To my pleasant surprise the game ran perfectly smoothly and was very enjoyable. Additional info: I am aware of the v1.0.4 release on Steam, and hope that upon release to Xbox One (pending Microsoft approval I'm sure) this issue will be mitigated at least. I'm also aware that the current client/host layout means that host performance is expected to suffer slightly as it is performing more calculations for the service. However this then somehow also leaks into client performance. The resolution to this issues seems to lie within that domain. Thank you, The QuantumLlama
  6. Playing through the game a few times with Friends we encountered many bugs, ranging from visual to annoying to game breaking. Some may be exclusive to multiplayer. Visual: When entering a one seated shuttle seat, your character sits beside it instead of inside the seat. Disconnected long tether lines still glowing but not working. When rejoining a friend, you sometimes are in an invisible character select, pressing the ok button starts the departing off spacestation animation and you land using a landing pod. When landing in a pod, you do not land on the landing area but inside of the exo habitat. Sometimes when rejoining the host, old mineral deposits are visible despite being mined out, mining them doesn't reward you. Annoying: When landing a shuttle in multiplayer and others select the same landing spot, the two shuttles are inside of each other, all sizes. When connecting cables on controller and finishing you enter a glitched cursor state where you can only select cables and items, you cant lift platforms, fixed by picking something up. The rope enemy pulling you through the ceiling of the cave. When medium storages land upside down, the storage part is below the ground, selecting an item while its still underground makes it disappear. Sometimes shuttles go invisible when you rejoin the host, only they can see it, parts detached from it are visible, once detached they are gone again and you cant interact. (Only tested with small) Game Breaking: Falling down long ways using a rover makes it freeze mid-air. Also happens with buggy. After playing for a while rips in the floor appear, if you clip through using a vehicle you get stuck at the core and when leaving get shot up out of the planet. When dying on radiated you respawn on radiated, when I died on tundra you (except host) respawn on terran. Host left radiated (me too) and when I rejoined I was back in Terran with him. When he was in Tundra and I rejoined (Was on Terran before) I still was on Terran All of these were experienced in multiplayer but im fairly sure that some also occur in singleplayer. Also.... building a shuttle in the terrain test makes you unable to return.
  7. Summary: - Steam - exit form rover seat then stack in structure Description: 1st discover structure with rover seat it's seam okay to ride but exing form rover make me more 2nd discover structure with rover seat place at medium rover vehicle not respond i'm not just seating... vehicle is not moving... Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803| Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel i7 6700k GPU: Gtx1080ti RAM: Gskill 4*8g Drive
  8. The title pretty much explains it all. I was skidding down a mountain and I died because the mountain was so steep and I went too fast but when I died, instead of tilting itself up or being affected by gravity and falling down the hill, it glitched inside the hill. If possible, I will do a follow up with a video of me replicating this glitch.
  9. (sorry for the black video displayers, i dont know how to remove them) I was trying to make tethers and when i placed 1 compound in my now full backpack (thanks to the compound) i tried to switch the crafting recipe that appears below your backpack but when i clicked on the arrows it automatically got me out of the backpack hub and back to the third person normal view, then i realized that the "cursor" was bugged and wouldn't let me pick up any item or interact with anything whatsoever. I tried to fix the bug by entering the shelter/base house but i didn't fix anything, im going to restart the game and if the bug isn't fixed with that i'll update this post or create a new one. Here are some details: 1. Im playing on pc with a keyboard and mouse 2. I have the steam version 3. I dont exactly know how to recreate this bug but all i know is that i had my backpack full when it occurred. I can only interact with mediums fabricators but i can't put items on them. Here's some video footage: ASTRONEER (Adelanto de juego) 04_07_2018 10_50_21.mp4 ASTRONEER (Adelanto de juego) 03_07_2018 12_44_50 (2).mp4 ASTRONEER Cursor bug.mp4
  10. So I was casually stream some Astroneer, then suddenly I drove backwards in a small rover and clipped through the world, after getting out, I had quickly floated to the surface, though gone flying and died when I hit the ground. Here is a twitch clip.
  11. I don't know if its just me but my friend joined my game, and we started to get some lag and framerate loss here and there, but then once the sandstorm passed over us it got more laggy but we could plow through it, but then after it roamed the planet and came back around our framerate was so low we could barely get to the menu to quit the game and save, the framerate was not coming back at all. idk if its having another player with you, or the fact that you have a roaming sandstorm growing steadily that is causing different parts of the planet to render, but that's causing a mass problem with playing and enjoying the game.