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Found 6 results

  1. junurmi

    items glich in ground

    When I using my terrain tool near any item on ground it just sink to the ground. Version:1.0.13 Platform Steam
  2. One of my large rovers and small rovers have both recently been falling through the ground and all in all has lost me 5 titanium, 3 lithium, 4 aluminum and 6 copper. Any ideas?
  3. Setting up a base on the home planet in multiplayer has been working perfectly, but once we travel to another planet things start to go wrong: - numerous graphical glitches including missing terrain or 'invisible' objects and items - non-host players unable to lay tethers or use the tethers of another player, this is also true of resources mined by the other players. Although the host player can lay tethers, pick up and attach resources to another players backpack - unable to see any resources found or structures built by the host player - differently generated terrain from that of the host player (as if we are playing two completely separate games). We can still see one anothers characters and the ship we arrived on, yet the landscape and available resources are different This has been most true of the planet named Tundra - Sparklemane PC version, keyboard and mouse, LAN game
  4. Hello, I just updated the new update released today and when i got to my base on the moon (barren) there was the new random space ship spawn consuming part of my base. I don't know how to fix this. the crafter was completely consumed but because of the hole in the space ship, i can still access it, though, it is a major annoyance. I am using a PC with mouse and keyboard.

    Spaceship wont fly

    I just cant click that button