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Found 8 results

  1. hi everyone im looking for some answer on what to do im on glacio and dug to the core I powered the gates on the surface but the core is locked and all my stuff is pretty much stuck down there along with my self idk what to do hopefully someone has some info thanks
  2. I've been playing on Astroneer on and off with a friend in the US (I'm UK based) and we're having issues with Glacio. So far we've managed to unlock all nodes on the other planets up to Glacio, and have a base on Atrox but not worked on the gateways as yet. File size is 22.9mb and wandering if this is causing some issues, graphics drivers are up to date. I've read some issues maybe caused by file size being too big, but I'm not sure. Doing some tidying up and the game will just crash out completely with no prior warning. Any ideas?
  3. Windows 10, PC, Steam, Keyboard and mouse. I've activated 4 of the gateways on Glacio, and they did the usual animation and I can see the odd stone and travel to other nodes. However, on activating 4 nodes, 2 stay dim, even though I can interact with the odd stone and travel to activated nodes, but then cant travel back because it thinks that node is dim. Again, I can travel FROM the dim node, so the gateway is active. 3 other side notes: - On the broken gateways, I can still see the vertical blue line traveling up from the gateway as if it's INactive, but I can see the odd stone as f it was active. - When I reload the save, if I approach a broken gateway, as I approach it looks as it it is NOT active, and I can see the pillars and the power sockets, but when I get close enough, it changes to the active gateway with the odd stone. - One of the gateways that is broken, it looks as if there are 2 gateways stacked on top of each other? The architecture of the structure looks strange, unlike the others. Can I reload planets? I've almost got the achievement, I don't really want to start again if there is a risk of this happening again. Thanks
  4. Unable to power the last gate on Glacio due to all of them being doubled up. The last one is just at that right depth inside the other that it prevents the connection from the truck to power it. What can be done to fix it?
  5. Geyser Power Generator. I've seen them on Desoro, Glacio and to a lesser degree Atrox. It would be a module that would have to be installed on top of a geyser or fume elimination point, then you would have to run the power to where ever your station is. In the case for Desoro and Glacio, the actual pressure from it would allow for the power, while Atrox you would actually harness the fumes passing through the surface. This is just another alternative power source, especially in the case of Atrox where it's extremely limited from the get go. If we ever seen running water in the game, it could then be converted to utilize that as energy as well.
  6. I was mining to the centre of Glacio to activate the core and I had 2 diamonds on me and a tier 3 drill mod when I suddenly phased into the walls and saw behind the textures for a brief moment before being put in a tiny cave with no exit. I quit the game before I suffocated but when I logged back on the game loaded me into the tiny cave and I suffocated and it saved again upon respawning me. Is there any way to get my items back? I really want to finish the game but having to get 3 diamonds again makes me just want to quit.
  7. Description: I went to the Gateway Chamber of Glacio and it was blocked with a forcefield that usually appears when it is given the appropriate resource. Am I missing something? Do other people have this problem? Platform: XBOX ONE Attatchments:
  8. Hi SES! This is probably just a small mistake but the symbol at the core of Glacio does not match correctly and exactly with Diamond, for players new to the game this may be hard to understand as the symbols are quite easily mixed up, but they might go and make nanocarbon alloys instead of diamond and then be dissappointed that they did all of that for nothing. Just thought I would make you aware. Thanks!