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Found 3 results

  1. [ITF]iDarkFilter

    -={Community Event Giveaway}=-

    WELCOME I Decided to do a Giveaway Since I have been Addicted to this Game, 1 Copy 1 Winner, Please Do NOT enter the Giveaway if YOU already OWN the game, AS IT IS AGAINS'T The RULES AND TERMS of the Website! If you are trying to join it and Win it for a Friend Encourage them to Enter And Register Them Self!
  2. Sumatra


    HI everyone, My name is Brian and I have this feeling of being generous to you all. Why? first of all we're all able to enjoy such a fun and good game! And why again? well as you know it's christmas so what better way to start holidays season by winning one of the best soundtrck ever. Why the soundtrack? This game makes me travel so far in my mind and this audio (soundtrack) is probably the best i've ever heard in a game, it fits so much the game and the content. So that's why. How to enter you'll ask? Easy, just post a message on why you like the game so much or why you would love getting the game! On Dec 22nd, i'll pick a winner in the messages sent on this topic. Enjoy and best of luck to y'all! only one participation by player (if you comment more than once it'll automaticly pick your time only once so no worries for it) Brian AKA Sumatra
  3. zvixual

    Zivvy's Birthday stream

    On my birthday we will be doing a minor stream & charity event for Foster-care children in need of clothes, food & toys. The event starts at 8:00 PM EST (-5:00) Along with a Corsair K60 Keyboard & Logitech G430 Headset giveaway! (Probably will give a i5-6500 processor out too) Make sure you tune into ! We will be playing CS:GO, Dead Island, Gigantic and most importantly we will be promoting Astroneers! Folding@Home Team ID: 232155