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Found 1 result

  1. D.J.A.B.B.I.C.F.C.

    Well, this is unexpected..

    So while wandering around in caves I found this As you see it is another astroneer, but up close it is this Yup, a dead one, but hey he had dynamite?? (First time seeing it). First test of dynamite 1 (result: 2) Second test of dynamite 1 (result: 2) So if you happen to find one of these, make sure to stick them deep underground in order to have effect, otherwise it will just flatten out the top part of the ground around it. PS - not sure if it kills. Also interested to know, how and where can I find the next update of the game if it is periodic (every week, or every 2 weeks [something like Unturned]) @Wyvyrias expecting answer, since it seems you're the most educated about this stuff lol PS-2 - share ur thoughts about the dynamite, is it usefull, is it not, also will GeoThermals be added to the steam version? (Would be cool if there was a way to enable them for singleplayer)