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Found 6 results

  1. Question to SES, Has it been considered to allow clients joining a hosted game, to download that hosts generated seed. So that each client will process their own game data and thus reduce the amount of Host Lag. And reduce the meta data transfer between the clients and the host. Then that seed would be wiped when they quit as they arent the originator of that seed.
  2. Summary: Generation of unmovable/undestroyable rock formations inside of placed base items. Description: After reloading of my save game I was greeted with a totally new rock formation basically trying to eat a small solar panel that I had placed on the ground. Doubly odd is that it isn't %100 percent persistent and seems to be linked to loading the save. One day it just showed up and the next day when I reloaded the save it was gone. Here's two short clips of it. The first one is right when I noticed it and the second one is a day later after reloading my save. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Version 1803 OS build 17134.285 CPU: Intel 6700K GPU: NVIDIA 1060 6GB(Driver Version 411.63) RAM: 16GB Drive: 7200RPM hard drive
  3. I think a windmill artifact/ruin like the currently in game giant solar panel would be a great thing to find on the surface of a planet. Maybe a shelf like artifact/ruin that has a crazy amount of storage when deployed or dragged back to base or used in place. Since bases are now modular and can be carried to new locations alot easier.
  4. In 0.6.1 world generation is sortof broken. Whenever you leave an area in a cave it saves bigger things like big plants, dead astroneers, satelite crashes, etc. But for some reason it doesnt save resource locations. I've discovered that a few times when I marked a big copper vein for example, only to return to nothing (and yes, I'm absolutely certain I was in the right spot). However, next to this issue, it also generates plants again, while also loading them. This causes tons upon tons of plants to stack up, and a cave which was pretty much empty when I found it has been turned into a forest of deadly plants. Besides being very annoying, my computer doesn't like it either, and my FPS drops considerably when I enter that cave. Save file attached. Specs: FX-8350 @ 4.0ghz, 8gb DDR3 Ram @ 1333mhz, HD 6570 2gb Sapphire @ stock. AUTOSAVE_2_2018.02.24-12.26.15.sav
  5. I know there are splits in the opinions of people wether there should be more survival-like elements in the game, but hear me out. What if you begin the game with the tech for a photosynthesis module already unlocked. Building it would grant infinite oxygen to one player for one hour. To refill it, need to supply it with oxygen and power (assuming power could double as hydrogen, or hydrogen to be added as resource in the future somehow) to create water for the plants to thrive in. If more players hook up to the same base network, the photosynthesis module will get drained quicker, so having a number of modules equal to the number of players is recommended. The photosynthesis modules would occasionally produce a piece of organic resource as excess growth, which can also be used by the module instead of power. (I've read that it's possible to process organic matter into hydrogen) The module comes with a light that allows it to produce oxygen at night as well, but drains a little power in the process. A smaller, mobile photosynthesis module can be applied to your rover. Rovers would not supply oxygen unless fitted with one of these. Like the base module, the mobile version also comes with a light that allows it to be of use underground as well. Although it does consume power. A medium battery would last about half an hour. A photosynthesis widget can be applied to your suit and make your oxygen last for a lot longer as long as you're in sunlight. Equipping two would allow you almost infinite oxygen on the surface during daytime, but be wary of the time-of-day if you don't have any oxygen tanks. If the sun goes down when you're out of reach of your base, then you're as good as dead.
  6. i have reinstalled my game turned the settings down and everything but the world only generates anything in my direct area. just started having this problem. everything looks barren until i get directly on top of it then the resources will appear out of nowhere. any ideas or is this just a part of the alpha early release process.