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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings! I had a somewhat interesting idea yesterday while trying to mine on Desolo. What if we could have a tether system, like a vacuum/power line between the rover and the mining gun? My idea : The item would be equipped on the mining gun and it would amplify the connexion range with the rover. It could be a physical link that would send the item directly to the rover instead of having to hot-swap every mineral collected from the backpack to a storage.
  2. #1: the crane looks nice, but does not come very handy. since is limitations on range. what do you think? #2: what are your experiences on gathering the rare materials? from the base i expanded to a 2nd base and from there i tried to find more, but now i have even more of the general materials. #3: gathering the researchable items, hard sisyphus work, one at a time and then size, what is your opinion on that fact? #4: the truck behaves sometimes like a rodeo horse, but you cannot jump sometimes over small rocks, also the storm shakes the truck like nuts, either the vehicle weig
  3. I was hosting a game on Steam. Game version is My friend joined the world through Steam matchmaking but had problems with lag (probably due to limited bandwidth at my location or the high ping between us) and he crashed or de-synced several times. At one point when he crashed he was gathering compound from one of the renewable stacks. Even after he had shut down his game client, restarted it, and rejoined, every time I passed that location his terrain gun was visible in the world and still making gathering noises. I think, but I'm not sure, that it was also preventing th
  4. Hello fellow Astroneers! So I've been playing Astroneer non stop for the past week or so, and it got met totally hooked. I also watched the December 22nd livestream where the dev's discussed ideas and plans they have for the future of the game, among which alien life. That got me thinking. I remebered watching a documentary about alien life a long time ago, where cosmologists, physicists and biologists used known knowledge of life here on earth to speculate, and project how life might evolve on other planets. One scene that stuck with me in particular, was about the biggest poss
  5. Hi! The bug occurred after having mined compound for a while using a drill bit on a crane, mounted to a truck. I have no idea how to reproduce the bug, as I only saw it after it had appeared. Anyway, this is the bug: I now have one incomplete unit of compound stuck in the backpack. It cannot be selected or highlighted, in the same way that incomplete units cannot be selected when mining with a drill bit (or even on the back end of the terrain tool). The result is that this unit somehow ended up in the crafring input slot on the backpack, and i cannot remove it. As a result, noth
  6. As a client, when the host gathers resources they quite often are still visible to you. Sometimes you can find large holes that have been dug out but there is a full deposit of a resource floating around in the empty space. Other times as a host, I've pointed out materials to be gathered like 'do you see this malachite here?' and my friends do not see it when they're standing right next to me, but they can see me gather it into my gun. This of course is problematic when you think you have enough oxygen deposits around you to survive, but they're not actually there