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Found 2 results

  1. I was activating a gateway chamber on Calidor when it glitched and was stuck in an activation state. when i reloaded the game it is now cannot be activated and when i try it dosen't even start activating and just sits there doing nothing except playing the sound when you do power the chamber. i dont know how to fix this, please help.i am playing on windows 10 edition pc.
  2. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam - Unable to activate Desolo Gateway Chambers Version: 1.0.4 Platform: Steam (Windows 10) Severity: Major, unable to progress Description: I am unable to activate either of the Desolo Gateway chambers. After activating the Core of the starting Planet, I dug down to the core of Desolo, but after reaching it I realized I still needed to activate at least one surface Gateway Chamber, so I went back up and supplied power to one of the chambers. It went through the normal animation with the center pillar gradually retracting into the ground, but after it was fully down and the Chamber was supposed to unlock, instead nothing happened. The activation sound continued looping until a ran out of power and the three surrounding pillars with the Power connections never retracted. (see screenshot 1) I was then stuck. Supplying more power to the Chamber had no effect, and removing all connected power did not revert it to the unpowered state. Went around the Moon, tried the Chamber on the other side, exact same thing happened. After a Game restart, the central Pillar comes back up when connecting power and shows the purple lines, but even after enough power is supplied, the animation doesn't start, and no amount of extra power will make it. (see screenshot 2) I am now stuck with two broken Gateways and no way to get into the core, which (presumably) means no way to complete the "story".