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Found 4 results

  1. Now that we have big resource containers for minerals, a "Medium Gas Tank" and a "Large Gas Tank" will make for great additions.
  2. As the title suggests I would like to suggest that we be allowed to use gas from the atmospheric condenser to trade for soil. Main reason being is that it is entirely possible to destroy soil in the game and never have it return. Since players are unlikely to make soil cansiters to keep saving soil and are likely to burn through soil without a second thought, this leads to "Soil Entropy" meaning that it is possible to completely erase all the soil of a planet and have it be gone forever without starting a new save. Therefore I would like to suggest that we be allowed to use the atmospheric condenser and the trade platform to trade gas for soil so that soil entropy is less of an issue for those of us with "mega projects" now realistically is someone going to erase all the soil of a particular planet? No. But the ability to get lost soil back I think would be a subtle feature. Additionaly: this soil should not be allowed to be used in the soil centrifuge for game play balance purposes.
  3. I have an idea for an item similar to the filter but is like a tether where you can pass through the areas of poisonous gas but it requires power of some sort or something similar.
  4. Hi there! Not sure if any/all of these have been covered elsewhere, but here we go anyway: Driving: For the most part, the rovers are great! However, having the direction the rover travels in connected to the direction I'm looking in almost makes it so I have to steer twice, in a sense. I'd like to see an option for disconnecting rover heading from where I'm looking. I want WASD to direct from the reference point of the rover itself, not where I'm looking. Storage: There's an option to print a Storage unit. This unit is tiny and mostly useless, considering I can simply dig a small hole next to my base and have it hold several times the amount of resources. I recommend creating something much spacier (perhaps a chest of some sort that visually shrinks your resource stacks; whatever the case, it definitely needs a lot more than 8 slots). Excavation Tool: Works very well for the most part, however: I'd like to see [left control] become more useful. Right now it doesn't seem to have a clear purpose. It's almost a smoothing tool, but it's far too crude. I'd like to see it made into a genuine terrain-restoring/slope mode, where terrain can be smoothed to a like-new or near like-new finish, or for creating a gentle slope without all the catches that make it difficult to climb. This would help tons around my base, where I've messed the terrain up a tad, making it weird for new setups to be placed. Evil underground gas plant monsters: I'm in a space suit, aren't I? How is it that outside gases are able to infiltrate? (Is that what those "Filters" are for? I haven't made one yet.) Not to mention that death came swift and without any chance to run away. I know to steer clear now, but I didn't at first. All that out of the way, I've very much enjoyed Astroneer thus far! It's a great game already and I know it can only go up from here.