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Found 2 results

  1. I just got this game on XBOX One and it's awesome. I couldn't stop exploring for 12hrs non-stop, from 9pm-9am. I didn't realise how involving this game would be - it even took me away from finishing The Last Guardian (PS4) and this isn't even a finished game. The low £15 price tag was great too. I would like to be able to delete a game save though cos it keeps updating from the cloud. Also the camera is glitchy and it killed me a lot when exploring caves. Otherwise the graphics, sound and gameplay are awesome. Definitely a lot better than No Man's Sky - but also very different. I'm looking forward to a story mode and hopefully some wildlife. Also, maybe some space battles one day. Definitely need a grappling hook or other climbing gear. I've dreamt of a game like this in what seems like forever - and now it's finally here - thank you System Era.
  2. Secret Squirrel

    Challenge yourself!

    Hey all! A friend and I have been playtesting this bad boy since release. And loving every second of it we have done all that is currently available (tech tree, planet exploration etc). So in that we have been looking for ways to increase the difficulty, and we came up with the following: Challenge: No renewable Energies on Base, Rovers, Trucks. Only wind and generator on person. Only Solar on Shuttle/Spaceship. No trade platform at all Batteries are allowed (we are thinking about limiting the amount allowed though) With these small adjustments that we implement on ourselves. We have created a good challenge and doing the above forces us to be very mindful of our energy consumption. It makes you rush a shuttle so you can mine coal on the moon and bring it back to your base. Obviously myself and friends will keep playing regardless of what content is available in this iteration. Because new 'experimental' branch builds are always being released, they need testing. Thoughts? What would you do to challenge yourself? Cheers!