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Found 71 results

  1. LeNUTRIE Metanolo

    Impacting ecosystem

    Hi, I'm new! I've played for a while past days, and I would try to inspire you. Have you ever played Spore? I loved that game, and I think the "terraforming" feature of planets could be intresting. I mean the "import fauna and flora to stabilize the planet's ecosystem" thingie. You've set the game like a gold rush, and that's fine. But what if we have concequences on the ecosystem? What if we have tools that allow us to directly affect the ecosystem? What if certain equipment generate pollution or waste? Pretty much actual topic, I would say ;). That's just a thought. P.S.: Good job, even almost without any content the game is fun to play already! Keep it up, cheers!
  2. alec Lorenz

    The old times were better

    Much has changed as a result of the 5.0 update and I think that's not positive. I thought it was better before 5.0 because you did not press X / Y, but tapped everything individually to interact, which was sometimes annoying, but much better than just X and Y. Also, the platforms and exploration were a lot better and not to collect the points and connect cables ... this is absolutely shit and annoying
  3. 101101110111

    multiplayer option

    an idea that just popped into my head that could make things interesting: an option when joining multiplayer to land at the first player's base, or have it put you in your own randomly selected landing zone. while i know most players will probably choose the former, i also know my own friends would most likely choose the latter. we do the same in minecraft; split up from the main spawn and then build towards each other, eventually meeting up. due to the nature of astroneer's tethers/power mechanic, that's not really an option until much later when habitats are researched (which takes away from the vibe described below). just imagine, you're an astroneer who's crash-landed and believe you're on your own surviving in this world. then you're going out further and further to find resources and spot an oddly familiar looking habitat that you know isn't yours... i guess the main technical hurdle would be making research, and therefore research stations, be linked to each individual player instead of the world itself? (i haven't played multiplayer on this update, but i understand researched items are shared among all players in world?). that is, each player would need to build their own research station, and only the player who built it would be able to use it. OR, anybody could put things in it and fire it up, but only the player who had built it would harvest the bytes. there might need to be some sort of "owned by" text in the display when you examine the research station
  4. For the sake of how this game should have introduced itself when it was born, to the gamers. It needs a better clarity on identity. Right now all I see is multiple answers to technical gameplay aspects solution but not the conceptual answers that needs to be addressed. It really needs to address the scope of the game and the purpose for player's continued survival in these alien worlds asap. As one of the greatest pitfalls of sandbox games is the looming lack of a goal(which creates boredom). What makes Astroneer a distinguishable game? Why should we keep playing this game after we figure out all the mechanics and base building on all the planets? The ultimate goal? The sooner we know, the better will it be a ease of mind for players. Is there a meaning behind being a "Astroneer" other than base building on planets? Its disturbing to hear from the developers about asking the players for what kind of story they'd like to play in. The disturbing part was, asking a question without giving a sense of choice. "Would you like a sandbox game like the ending of SPORE?" "Would you like a big plot with sandbox elements like Fallout 4?" The demographic for diehard gamers that are fine with creating their own goals is small. Games like KSP, Universe Simulator, Garry's mod(the plain sandbox mode), and Space engineers. What I am suggesting is a product that knows it's identity. Is it a sandbox simulator that is an adventure for the unknown with a grand finale? Or is it just another KSP with no career mode? What inspire you guys? What would be the name sake "Astroneer" other than just building? Gif: Made By Monkey Vision a.k.a Soomi
  5. I am usually the guy to give advice to new players, although I have been away for a while. The new update features look fantastic. But... (doh) I am stuck at the starting line. I started a new world, fabricated a small generator and a small fabricator. Planted the fab, plugged it in to the hab, added resin, got the hologram platform, but cannot get it to fabricate. Yes, I added power (though from the cabling graphic, I guess it is not necessary) through the generator. Tried E, Q, etc but could only open my backpack or deploy the deform tool. Could not select the hologram, and each time I selected the fab, it popped and I had to re-set it. Where's the "on switch"? -TSG
  6. Menecroth

    Storms as an Option?

    Hello, everyone! I'd first like to say that I just bought the game on Xbox and it's absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how addictive it is! One thing I'd like to suggest though is that perhaps the storms could be an option which could be turned on or off. For me, they don't really add anything to the game and I find them to just be an interruption. However, I had read on a forum somewhere that some people like them and would even like them to be more severe; perhaps even causing damage. Having said that, I'd like if there were an option to simply turn them on or off but there could also be options for how frequent and how severe the storms are. Just thought I'd put in my two cents. Love the game! -Menecroth
  7. Hello world! I have been coming up with ideas constantly since the start of me playing the game, and I have read the roadmap and most suggested features, though I have not taken the time to read through all the forum to make sure these ideas are original yet, and some I know others have suggested, but I say it's okay if multiple people suggest the same thing. So below, I will be listing out things I have thought of as "this should be a thing", and I may update this later as more thoughts come along. The priority is determined by my feelings of how often something recurs that makes me think of the given solution. High Priority Ideas: There needs to be a way to remove trees after they're de-rooted! I find it inconvenient that they do not disappear like rocks do after they are disconnected from the soil, yet physically block you. Perhaps they could be harvested in some way and be turned into Organics? That'd give a whole new purpose for trees. There needs to be a coupler / hub that is placeable to connect two habitat bases together. Since tethers don't serve this purpose, it can be a bit of a hassle sometimes to have to make a rover just to connect the two ends of the hoses between bases - it seems like there should be something to bind them together for shared energy. That'd also be a way to encourage teamwork from separate bases with roles being bound together for energy. There needs to be a way to remove the extensions from a habitat after you've placed Resin in them. Dynamite doesn't destroy them, though dynamite destroys buildings, and there is no button to change either in any way. A simple realign or remove button would be very handy. Medium Priority Ideas: Please allow Unknown samples to be attached to the storages again! I'm not sure why this was removed, though I do love the new appearance of the storages, perhaps there was some difficulty scale reason this was changed or clipping issues. If this is the case, then I could live with just having to put it on new rovers without slots, but I do miss being able to make a little adventure rover to put my samples on in a more tidy space. I'd like to see some Astroneer suit augments or inventory variety! I think there may be something like this coming but I don't recall it being specifically mentioned to include suit changes itself, though I did see there will be more personalization for it some day. My idea was specialized backpacks to be kept on and made with a station, either a double-inventory space one outright (that slows your walking and running speed slightly) or specialized packs like a Miner's and Builder's backpack that could store more items, though only items that fit in that specialty. (i.e. Miner's backpack stores only much more ore / processed metal than the default one, Builder's can carry much more things like tethers, worklights, beacons, small generators, augments, etc.) It'd also be fun if exosuits were a thing, like for example, faster running or ones that can carry the oxygen tanks in themselves, though that may be a tall order and I understand that isn't necessary per se. Being able to use the printer to make Shielded Tethers would be quite fun! Perhaps two compound instead of one, and can handle two or three hits from storm blocks instead of just one. So the most vital ones near a base are safer, then the regular tethers can be used underground where storms don't risk your lifeline. I'd love if we could turn Augments on and off with a switch rather than have to manually take them off each time or use them until we run out of power to start using the default ability. This would be helpful as less inventory-moving-around would be needed to achieve the result we want, as we could swimply turn off the one we don't want to use and turn on the one we do. The shielded switch style on the research consoles would fit this nicely! Or maybe just a UI "On / Off" button displayed above each connected augment. This should also be neat to see in the future once more augmentations are released. A medium / large oxygen tank may be interesting as well if it was able to be carried on the sides or top and bottom of the backpack in a slot specifically designated for it, 4 titanium instead of 2, maybe with or without a movement penalty, though not necessary, it would definitely encourage longer trips away from tethers and be kinda retro (in a cool way) and show which players are avid explorers. I think dangerous plants (such as spiky ones and types that emit poisonous gas) should make a hissing sound or some sort of audible warning before they attack. Yes, the brown and green ones that shoot homing gas do make looped sounds sometimes, it's not enough to know for new players to avoid it, so it would save frustration to know that all plants that hiss for example are ones to stay away from. Also I'm not quite sure if it makes sense that gas would penetrate your suit unless it's some kind of acidic gas. Maybe suit health should be a thing rather than an instant death, so it gives you a danger that will start to quickly lower your physical health when your suit is damaged badly, but one you can decide on how to handle it or give in. Dunno how this health would be healed, maybe a station for it or tethers using energy to mend itself or something to that effect. I find it strange you can't place Medium Solar Panels onto storages when it's placed on a building. I understand that it could clip but the small ones do anyway when placed fully together, so it seems logical to me that you could place them there. Also it should be placeable on land habitats too, as they both are two slots and it seems like it would make sense to be able to do so. I look forward to Large panels and batteries some day, so a whole power grid will be even more appealing and efficient! Misc. Priority Ideas: Though I am aware of more weather being on the roadmap, a tornado would be interesting as it would be most similar to the dust storm and therefore easier to program than something completely different outright (I'd think? Not an experienced programmer so I can't say!), something that has the same feel and destructive power of the dust storm but violently swings the spawned dirt blocks in a circular motion instead of thrown in one direction. I dunno, sounds cool to me! A strut or firm elastic bond (out of Resin probably) able to be placed onto either the tubes between or the corners of rovers connected to each other would be useful as it would be a way to keep further placed rovers that you are connected to from flipping over lazily and forcing you to get out and flip them over, as there are a lot of bumps and rocks that can cause this, and some kind of more firm bond, though making elevated terrain driving more difficult, would make flat terrain driving less tedious. Soil (and in the future, water) samples in canisters should be a viable research method. Though all soil collected is generic when in a canister, one day it might be interesting that if you collected say, green / brown, blue, purple soils (though they would be generic if you used them to terraform), if placed in a research lab, that they would give bytes as they are all differently composed. It would also be fun if other planets and moons' soil samples were worth more as they are other bodies entirely to your spawn planet. Maybe even having some kind of science module to put on rovers or landers to collect atmospheric and gravitational data as you drive or fly around planets, then remove to place into the research chamber would be cool. (This could also lead to autonomous research satellites being a thing in the future! Ones that constantly collect and report data back to the ground for bytes, and also being able to warn for storms as I see that may be on the road map.) Seeds from the pink-spike plant (no idea if it has a name!) and maybe one day, seeds from trees and other flora should be researchable. Perhaps researching items that you don't currently have researched should reduce the cost of researching that item, as you've taken it apart and scanned it, so wouldn't you know how to better make that item? Makes sense to me at least. Not necessary but sounds like it would make sense. Either way, this is about as all I could think of right at the top of my head after some gameplay, might add more later, but not sure! Hope you all like this, feel free to respond. I'd be honored if a dev would read these suggestions as well, though just input from the community is great too. Thanks for reading. <3
  8. As the title mentions, the flattening tool does not make perfectly flat surfaces. I am a big fan of building multi-level bases, but unfortunately, I cannot seem to make my "roof" a flat surface, so I can expand more nodes on top for solar / wind generation. I played this game about 6 months ago, and I had no problem making perfectly flat surfaces, but with the new updates, it doesn't seem like I can still do that. You used to be able to take a perfectly flat starting point, and as long as your cursor remained on the flat resurfaced part of your work area, you could drag your cursor around and form all the terrain so it is perfectly flat with your starting position. It seems to me now that because of the poly appearance of the game, I can no longer create a perfectly flat surface to start on. It is always on some very minuscule angle, but when you're making a very large base (30-40 rover lengths long), one end of my base is slightly higher than the other. It's a minor issue, but it drives me crazy and takes the incentive out of making a nice big beautiful base. Specs: Windows 10 64bit i7-4790K CPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 980ti 8gb DDR3 ram
  9. TL;DR 1. A Build Mode 2. Angles for base expansions 3. connecting base expansions 1. everyone had that one time where you wanted to pick up something from a base expansion or did something else that would cause it to build one of the expansion blueprints. So why not add a Build mode, which could be activated via a key (for example "B") and only in that mode you would be able to expand or build sturctures, this would also meake the little annoying connectors disappear that follow your camera all the time. 2. another thing is getting bases nice and straight, which is about impossible because for some reason the Camera decides where you expand the base. So you have to line up the Camera in a perfect 180°, 90° or 45° angle manually, which mostly doesn't work. so why not make the base Expansion work wehere you point your cursor at and make it snap automatically in angle steps you choose yourself. for example you want to make it snap into 90° Angles all the time, so the first expansion from the pod can be done in any angle but any following will always be in some multiple of the set 90°. This works great together with the Build mode idea. 3. The fact that i cannot connect 2 existing base expansions to make a fancy grid That'll be all for now.
  10. I'm playing Astroneer again now that patch 221 is out and while I applaud the rover stability improvements, the controls need a major overhaul. My suggestion is this: make the rover's controls independent from the camera controls. All the time, I am pressing keys to make the rover go forward (in relation to the occupied cockpit) and the darn thing goes sideways, spins around, or even goes backwards! It is absolutely maddening! But what if you have multiple cockpits attached to your rover (bringing one home that you found in a crash)? Only key the controls to the currently occupied cockpit. What about multiplayer (multiple cockpits occupied)? Add a context menu with a mutually exclusive option to designate it as a driver's seat or passenger's seat. Or maybe be like Kerbal Space Program and have it say "Control from here" which would also designate it as a driver's seat. Once this is done, forward now becomes the direction that the occupied driver's cockpit is facing, completely independent of the camera.
  11. Never thought to share this here but I have been doing a Lets Play of Astroneer for a little while now and wanted to share it with you all! I try to keep it completely family friendly so people can watch with their kids! New videos normally go up at 6 am every few days!
  12. Rick C-137

    My insite

    The base in the the concept art should become part of the base costing about a couple compound and it is not affected by the sandstorms and plants do not grow inside or on it, plus it should have windows, built like subnautica. The tethering system where it places it at my feet is a pain, also can they be nonphysical entities, the trucks just slide when they have a trailer and they keep getting caught. My next idea is First person, this would be a huge step for a possible VR option. My final idea is the the vehicles need to be in a "real" steering system("W" = forward: "A" = turn left: "D" = turn right). not based on the camera. So i think that that and all-wheel-drive(uses more power, but delivers more power)
  13. Alfredo Jack

    New Astroneer community!

    Hey! I just started my YouTube account. I want to build it off of Astroneer gameplay. I would love a small community to interact with! If anybody is interested I will leave a link. Every video is just me talking about the games I play and enjoying them! Anybody to join my community is 100% welcome and appreciated!
  14. I think it would be great for the game to correctly support widescreen displays (like 21/9 screens) or Surround/Eyefinity. At the moment, when I chose my actual screen resolution (5760x1080) the game adjusts the Height of the screen to fit the image on the full width of the display (see attached screenshot (reduce to 1/3rd)). It really improves the immersion to the game but at the moment makes the game rather unusable. Thanks for this game anyway, it really enjoyable Nickola
  15. TayTayBerryman

    "Set-back" the Player

    We have all had that time when you fall into a pit of lava with full diamond armor or when a crawler downs you and you lose all your perks. (Hope you got those references) Well I have many times and it set me back in the game. But I can honestly say (and maybe this is just because I haven't played enough) that I have never had a major set back in Astroneer. Sure I've died before, but I'm always close by my body and can easily recover my fallen items. I think there needs to be something to really "set back" the player. People have suggested that the storms could damage or destroy your base and other modules as well maybe implementing a "repair" system. I love suggestions like these because once I get all the blue prints researched and my truck and space ship are decked out I am pretty much unstoppable. (Although I am terrified to see what happens when you run out of fuel in orbit...) So maybe make the deaths more brutal? Or add alien plants or animals that could do something to your base that would be devastating. Anyone else have any ideas?
  16. Darrion Pumilia

    Gridding the worlds

    Got a world I put alot of work into a world solo and can't bring friends into it.
  17. First off, i love this game. I read that the team is accepting ideas and bug fixes. I'm not sure of all the bugs reported, but i have a couple bugs/Fixes that could help the game. 1) the items you place in the front and rear of the buggy shouldnt fall off as easily as they do. I mean, i hit a bump and I need to hop out to collect and re-snap the items. Not a game breaker, but still annoying. 2)the generators eat organic resources even when power is full. That seems like a bug. Please take a look. I just bought the game a few days back, and I've seen a ton if videos on YouTube. I'm ignorant when it comes to game development, but you guys are making an awesome game. The possibilities are truly endless. I also play a lot it 7DTD. That game is in Alpha 15, about to drop Alpha16. Youe game runs so much smoother, and has far less bugs than that game does. And you're in PRE ALPHA. Congrats on making a great game, I'm excited to be along for the ride and see where you take us. Thanks for reading
  18. I feel as though the research is a bit too easy. I personally think when researching instead of just unlocking a full item you should get parts of the item at a time and you would need say 2-8 pieces of that researched item depending on what it is to unlock the recipe to craft it. Also I think you should start with pretty much no recipes maybe like solar, wind, printer, forge and that's it. This way it would slow progression and make it take longer to reach another planet and force more exploration and add a bit more difficulty.
  19. Mike Brocaglia

    Research pods

    If this has been fixed in patch "131", please excuse me as I am yet to create a world in the patch, but it seems that all of the research I open only gives out resources. I found a cave with 30+ research pods (I'm not kidding, 30+) right near each other, I made a "research train" (a bunch of rovers connected to a truck) and brought them back. One by one, they all game me copper, compound, etc. no new items... I've been playing the save for a while and am pretty low on progress. Any ideas?
  20. NLSWheeler96

    Gameplay mechanics idea

    First I'd like to ask if you'd put in a look sensitivity option. So people who are use to high sensitivity when looking around won't be bothered by the slow sensitivity currently in game. Second I think assigning the LB and RB buttons on the Xbox controller to allow for turing your view while using the terrain tool and while carrying objects would be very helpful. I find it very annoying and disorienting having to move the tool or object all the way to the left or right just to turn my view slightly. Love the game, hope you keep working on it to make it even more amazing.
  21. Betathebox

    Truck Control

    I feel it would be more fun to drive around if the truck and rover acted like a real car. I am always fighting the game to turn and maneuver both. If the controls were set up more like up arrow always goes forward, or whichever side has the seat, no matter which way the camera faced. Also if by connecting a second body to to the main mode of transport it acted like a trailer instead of a separate entity, as in when you stop it stops, when you go it goes the pipe leading from one to the other is a hitch not a rope.
  22. 1: JET PACK!!! Late game item hard to make uses hydrazine to fuel it, it would help for travel and getting down or up a cliff. 2: Better Base!!! A base that you can go inside and eat, drink and sleep in (more on that in next point) 3: Sleeping!!! Solar panels only work in the day and wind turbines are rubbish so a feature that would let the player sleep away the night would help make crafting more efficient and game play more fun with no need to afk. 4: Sleeping can be used to farm electricity in a bad way so a sleep meter would be good it will SLOWLY decrease as you run around ad build stuff If you do add these feature thanks, but if you don't i will still love the game
  23. Theta 1C Orionis

    Vehicle Bay Collisions

    I've had problems with landing spacecraft when my base has multiple closely-spaced vehicle bays. From orbit, I have a hard time selecting my preferred vehicle bay for landing, and when I select an occupied vehicle bay, my shuttle or spacecraft ends up occupying the same space as the vehicle that occupied that bay (both vehicles are superimposed together.) One possible solution might be to disallow landing in occupied vehicle bays -- or at least make this an option. I saw this on the XBox a few weeks ago before Patch 125. (I took a while to create a account to submit bug reports.)
  24. I've experienced a minor but annoying gameplay bug: I built a second Research Module, and when I researched a new artifact type at the second Research Module I got a schematic (Storage) that I already had. This is with Patch 125 on Windows 10 purchased through XBox. More backstory: I've used a lot of resin to extend my base all the way into a cave with a mostly-linear chain of small platforms, and I built the second Research Module in the cave for convenience. When I research artifact types that I've researched before, I correctly get a random resource.
  25. HI, congratulations on creating such a refreshing game. I really enjoyed it and i am not even close to the finish. I will jump straight to the point. As it is a space exploration game i guess it is happening in a time where technology is advanced to that point, so... 1. It will be cool to research and craft Drones. Drones can use power like batteries and can be used to tag resources on the ground and scan it. We can even use drones to drop dynamite on those green poison cloud spitting spores/things. Drones can give early warning for storms. 2. Using resources from the backpack (BP) should be made optional. There should be an option to switch it on/off. i hate it when i am using power from my backpack. or and separate option for each resource. EG: i can use oxygen from BP but not the power. 3. Large laser that will be mounted on the front of the truck/rover and can drill holes in the world. make it to use more power so we can use it when we really need to and not for driving normally. It is not a highway after all. 4. Game has beautiful flora but it is missing fauna. It would be nice to add some animals or other life forms. It would be nice to have more thrills EG: hostile animals trying to eat us etc. And an option to defend ourselves. I think that this would fit nicely in the story mode later, if you add one. Like Riddick meeting that alien dog in the last movie Keep up the good work. This game has great potential. It would be shame ti waste it. Good luck. p.s. I am sure i'll add more suggestions as i continue playing.