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Found 90 results

  1. shadowolfprince

    creative mode

    i think you should add and creative/sandbox mode to the game for people who dont like surival games but love to play this game but want it in creative or in sandbox and i love space games but for me it takes way too long
  2. Okay when we start off a new save the information about resources and planets should be locked, yes everything should be locked maybe except resin and compound since they are the most basic and important resource and they should be the only knowledge that the Astroneer should have when landing on Sylva. The astroneer slowly starts to discover resources one by one when he extracts them through his/her terrain tool. As he/she starts to discover ,the discovered items will be unlocked in their in game wiki and they can view it any time. Even about the planets the Astroneers should not have any info about the wind nor the sunlight, they should test it using wind vanes and solar panels, the same goes with the info on the gases available in the atmosphere, it can be know when they build an atmospheric condenser only.IN this similar way the astroneer starts unlocking one by one and keep gaining knowledge and when he finally unlocks everything he should receive an achievement "The all knower" or something like that, what do you guys think about this idea? Any suggestions?
  3. Vale_Panzer

    Medium Storage improvement

    Following Idea, what if you can lock a medium storage on a plattform, so if you missclick Shift+Click on the plattform nothing would happen. The lock buttons could be the same for rotating but you have to hold it. Sry for bad english, I'm trying my best.
  4. Vale_Panzer

    Terrain Tool Mods

    Hey there Astroneers, I was wondering if it would be a good idea if there would be a Terrain Tool mod addet to make perfect 90 Degree walls to the floor or the roof. I could just stand on a wall trying to get it like that and that really freaks me out. Would be great if it gets addet
  5. Vale_Panzer

    Gameplay idea Map System

    I feel like it would be a cool idea if you have a minimap or something BUT not at the very beginning. It would be cool if you can build a sattelite what you can send in the galaxy and then spins around the planet it was sent from and with that a module for the Astro-Suit to get the actual minimap that is connectet to the sattelite. And with that, if you got your minimap, you would be able to see the map in realtime to the actual location.
  6. BluetoDark

    More Shortcuts

    It would be really nice to have some shortcuts for connecting power and similar stuff much like we used to press T for placing a tether. If anyone got suggestions pls comment them so the devs can see.
  7. Summary: Mouse cursor not showing properly Description: when in planet select or even on the planet normally i have black dots for a mouse cursor, attempted re-installing, verified local game files, and restarted both game and computer. Issue occurred when starting for the first time. its impossible to select other planets or locations to fly to. Image has circle around what is currently my mouse cursor. unable to get a good screen shot of planet select as the cursor is nearly impossible to find to start with. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7740X CPU @ 4.30Ghz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 RAM: 16GB Drive: WD Black 4 Tb
  8. Hi SES! This is probably just a small mistake but the symbol at the core of Glacio does not match correctly and exactly with Diamond, for players new to the game this may be hard to understand as the symbols are quite easily mixed up, but they might go and make nanocarbon alloys instead of diamond and then be dissappointed that they did all of that for nothing. Just thought I would make you aware. Thanks!
  9. Love the game. Crossplay is smooth. But for the love of space the storm are just too much. And night comes too fast. Slow day the day cycle speed and the storms please. Thank you for the great game.
  10. Hi, I have plant a seed on the gray area around my Habitat which i cannot dig up my seed sprouted and i have now a killer in my home base and cannot get rid of it. Steps to reproduce: Find a Seed Place it on the undiggable area at your home zone Try getting rid of it Expected behaviour: Seeds should not sprout on areas that are not "soft enough" for the dig tool.
  11. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Dolby Atmos support.

    Hello I have got Dolby Atmos on my pc which makes things unreal, like unreal engine?? Does unreal engine do Dolby Atmos??? No? Are you guys able to do Dolby Atmos support? That would be amazing experience!
  12. With the last official update to the pre-alpha slated to come out tomorrow, and a new moon being added with T2 before they crank out 1.0, I wanted to share this, not knowing if any of the info would change. I also have not seen anyone look at this yet, so if someone has, I'd love to double check my numbers against theirs. TL;DR, I found the orbital periods (Sidereal Periods) of each planet currently in the game, their resulting Synodic Periods with each other planet, and discovered System Era likes Lucky Numbers (using the Sieve of Josephus Flavius), within error. This post does not go into great detail about what sidereal or synodic periods are, or lucky numbers. The methods used and results are given. Personality Type-D people looking for pragmatic information can use the table shown here. This table outlines when a given planet will align synodicly with any other planet in opposition, same side of the star. This excludes Barren, which was only calculated with Terran. Yes, the table below shows you'd have to wait longer than 25 minutes to launch from Terran to Tundra from the same point. Given the planets are slightly closer that the edge of Terran's launch-range, the actual time needed to wait before being able to reach Tundra is slightly less. This is why experienced players recommend planet-hopping if you have a Hydra-zine Thruster capable shuttle. Terran is represented as H, for Home-Planet. Tundra to Radiated is highlighted in Red, as it is impossible to travel directly between the two bodies given the distance. Before divulging my methods, the answer to the WHY? question is that I have always been fascinated with how we can tell for certain how planets move, and wanted to try for it myself. I was also inspired by the loading screen, given the very nice round number they chose. It is clear the loading screen was designed very intentionally with this concept in mind. Loading Screen. If you watch the loading screen long enough, you see that the each planet from the star completes five, three, and one orbital cycle from the first planet outward respectfully, before realigning. Those figures happen to have a very short total synodic period. Alignment 1, T=0 is six seconds into the recording. Alignment 2, Dropping frame-rate caused capture issues. Also note, that satellites, like Barren, have a synodic period based on the planet they orbit. Additionally the next image illustrates that just because two bodies align synodically, it does not have to be from the point they were last aligned. Synodically aligned, not at origin. So to find the in-game sidereal periods of each planet, I began with Radiated. It is obvious it has the fastest orbit around the star, thus I could record significantly less. One difficulty in using Radiated is that most of the error in time stepping comes from not having a camera-lock feature in launch mode (I don't want one either) and another is the increasing distance to other planets increases reliance on video resolution. To begin, I calculated the sidereal period of Radiated. Then I timed the synodic period with every other planet. Using the equation below, you can find the missing sidereal period of the other planet in question. Then I verified my calculations by observing the sidereal period for both Terran and Arid. I quit after that because I was disheartened about likely losing my saves with tomorrow's update. Screenshots with time stamps showing what was used in the image are given below. Equation Used. Note, absolute value in the denominator. The results shown in the table here have striking similarity, within rounding, to Lucky Numbers found using the sieve above, after the 7th-number filter. Coupled with the deliberate choice in the loading screen, I hypothesize this is very intentional. This also adds huge favor of System Era in my book! Results. Note Barren's Synodic Period is in relation to Terran (H). Finding the Least Common Multiple for all sidereal periods of the planets, excluding Barren, the total synodic period ranges anywhere from 61 to over 1,000 years. These numbers vary largely when even one sidereal period is altered by a fraction of a percent. As such, it is currently inconclusive just how long one will have to wait to get the "perfect" screenshot with all planets in superior opposition to Radiated with respect to the star. It is also inconclusive what my current error is as the official sidereal periods are not posted anywhere. Seeing as I was able to use a game to teach myself basic concepts in astrophysics, I support leaving these numbers unpublished as well. If anyone has done this and would like to compare, let me know! For more math fun, because the orbits are periodical, they can be represented by a sine wave. Therefore each planet has a frequency. Because there are multiple frequencies, the resulting sinusoidal wave will change shape, exactly like adding musical frequencies that can develop beats. By adding each planets wave, you can find the overall solar system's wave function in regards to the orbit. Yes, I know I have way too much time on my hands. Sorry for the long post, thanks for the read! First Sidereal Stamp, T=0, Radiated. Second Sidereal Stamp. Verifying Terran Calculated Sidereal. Posted on Reddit by me as TeemoWorship.
  13. I have been using the Cross play with an xbox one and my Windows laptop. I have found that reducing the quality on my laptop helps the game run smoother (due to laptop limitations). The xbox one version also has a great deal of gameplay lag even when running the game from a connected SSD. Is there any way that options within the settings on the xbox one version of the game could be introduced to ruduce gameplay quality and help lose some of the lag?
  14. Gillberd Törötukka

    Distance indicator

    Here has been lot of request of map or somekind position system. So far what i need most is just distance meter to planet core. Beacons and compass has been enought so far at surface of planet, but when go under to caves, it would help a lot if i could now the distance to planet core. Good place to meter is at compass, when you move mouse over player avatar and it opens compass, the distance number could shown at ground like directions.
  15. Dootdoot201

    Xbox multiplayer

    It would be super cool if 2 players on Xbox could do cooperative game play. And if you choose to ignore this, plz don't!
  16. qazdemm

    Shattered Planet

    I don't know how that happened but i laughed hard. It was a temporary though.
  17. I'm currently playing it on Xbox 1: All items made in the fabricator should be able to be repacked for moving from one place to another. 2: Create a trailer or container in the vehicle Bay for resource (scrap) transportation. 3: Create some kind of portable scanner for finding resources. 4: Create a teleportation device for traveling between bases in different planets. 5: An option for creating a space station with multiple docking bays for multiplayer. 6: Food and water consumption. Options for wells and greenhouses for food. Maybe these things are far-fetched but it would be nice if it is incorporated in this game. I love this game and can't wait for full release. Keep up the good work guys!
  18. In general I like the semi hand holding tutorial that also requires you to free roam and to look at all the ui highlights in order to present you with different aspects of the game. It all comes together prety well but i've go a few remarks in the "learning game mechanics" department: - how does our astroneer suddenly get the recipe for the "can" ? It magicly appears when you have enough resin after you managed to get the research power restored. But there's no iterative process involved as to what causes you to unlock the can. By auto unlocking a can when you dig up resin, players are going to think they're unlocking catalog items by collecting resources, which is kind of a confusing lesson. Then you have the data vault which contains the chair unlock So maybe we should be able to find the can and the chair in the same vault to avoide giving players the wrong impressions about the mechanics ? So that it's lcear that you unlock the can from vaults instead of it magicly unlocking from resin collection.It's also maybe helpful to telegraph the launchpad embedded large platform as "being able to receive small generators". When you are required to build the chair, this will drive that point home for new users. Afterthoughts about the continuum of the tutorial: What I Do find cool is how you have to use your thought processes to overcome the red (undiggable) terrain in the cave to get to the vault. This requires you to explore and that is the main core of the game. But because the tuorial is semi handholding in that you have to do some successive actions, it's not clear before you have done the extracting resin/create can tutorial bit. How does the tutorial fit into the continuum ? You crashland on barren, and it seems to be something that is outside our main starting astroneer universe. Yet when you start a real save, you'll also be lanched in the same pod but for whatever reason you DON't crash. And then you're having the things from the tutorial unlocked. So will the tutorial fit more into the universe ? Will you, - when you return to barren later - see the tutorial environment again ? Because that would mean that barren has to be a "fixed moon" with no random terrain generation. I'm just theory crafting here. Or will there be a dedicated introductionary planet ?
  19. Hello, I am a player of version 7.00 in Alpha on Xbox one. I encountered the bug of vehicles that end up in quicksand lol. I do not know if there was a fix. But by digging a gallery and depositing dynamite on the ceiling, the vehicles above do not fall anymore! (but I suspect you're there for what too) Before fixing the problem in this way, I crafted a dozen rovers that I can not delete .. It would be interesting to find a way to remove them; or by deleting them by a simple touch. Or by creating a larger trading platform. By exchanging rovers, we recover composite, copper and aluminum for example. Between 06/06 and 10/06, I tested the multiplayer version. Unfortunately on the console, it is unplayable! The game lag enormously !!!!!!!! Even today, in the solo version, the game lag much too much, which makes the experience sometimes difficult. Since 12/06/08, on my home planet, my rocket no longer touches the ground lol. On the other hand, when I go to another planet, there is no problem at the landing. A little bug of nothing at all .... To continue on travel and materials, will it be possible to recover different materials on other planets? This would broaden the scope of the trading platform. Still on the exchange platform, but this time in multiplayer, can we trade with the other players of the session? By imagining each player on different planets - and if materials not common to all planets exist - we could exchange them between us. Since the 12/06/08, I discovered that we could pick up the seeds of the "biting" plants. But I do not think that we can do it with other plants of the game. So when can we do it with all the plants but also get some seeds from the trees? It would be ideal to be able to modify the surroundings of its base, to cultivate certain plants, even to create entire floral zones !!! Well, it may be a bit long to read but, having enjoyed this game, I did not want to miss the opportunity to share my experience, my questions and my expectations. Thanks again to you for the work done (and the one to come) BKNBTK
  20. LeNUTRIE Metanolo

    Impacting ecosystem

    Hi, I'm new! I've played for a while past days, and I would try to inspire you. Have you ever played Spore? I loved that game, and I think the "terraforming" feature of planets could be intresting. I mean the "import fauna and flora to stabilize the planet's ecosystem" thingie. You've set the game like a gold rush, and that's fine. But what if we have concequences on the ecosystem? What if we have tools that allow us to directly affect the ecosystem? What if certain equipment generate pollution or waste? Pretty much actual topic, I would say ;). That's just a thought. P.S.: Good job, even almost without any content the game is fun to play already! Keep it up, cheers!
  21. alec Lorenz

    The old times were better

    Much has changed as a result of the 5.0 update and I think that's not positive. I thought it was better before 5.0 because you did not press X / Y, but tapped everything individually to interact, which was sometimes annoying, but much better than just X and Y. Also, the platforms and exploration were a lot better and not to collect the points and connect cables ... this is absolutely shit and annoying
  22. 101101110111

    multiplayer option

    an idea that just popped into my head that could make things interesting: an option when joining multiplayer to land at the first player's base, or have it put you in your own randomly selected landing zone. while i know most players will probably choose the former, i also know my own friends would most likely choose the latter. we do the same in minecraft; split up from the main spawn and then build towards each other, eventually meeting up. due to the nature of astroneer's tethers/power mechanic, that's not really an option until much later when habitats are researched (which takes away from the vibe described below). just imagine, you're an astroneer who's crash-landed and believe you're on your own surviving in this world. then you're going out further and further to find resources and spot an oddly familiar looking habitat that you know isn't yours... i guess the main technical hurdle would be making research, and therefore research stations, be linked to each individual player instead of the world itself? (i haven't played multiplayer on this update, but i understand researched items are shared among all players in world?). that is, each player would need to build their own research station, and only the player who built it would be able to use it. OR, anybody could put things in it and fire it up, but only the player who had built it would harvest the bytes. there might need to be some sort of "owned by" text in the display when you examine the research station
  23. For the sake of how this game should have introduced itself when it was born, to the gamers. It needs a better clarity on identity. Right now all I see is multiple answers to technical gameplay aspects solution but not the conceptual answers that needs to be addressed. It really needs to address the scope of the game and the purpose for player's continued survival in these alien worlds asap. As one of the greatest pitfalls of sandbox games is the looming lack of a goal(which creates boredom). What makes Astroneer a distinguishable game? Why should we keep playing this game after we figure out all the mechanics and base building on all the planets? The ultimate goal? The sooner we know, the better will it be a ease of mind for players. Is there a meaning behind being a "Astroneer" other than base building on planets? Its disturbing to hear from the developers about asking the players for what kind of story they'd like to play in. The disturbing part was, asking a question without giving a sense of choice. "Would you like a sandbox game like the ending of SPORE?" "Would you like a big plot with sandbox elements like Fallout 4?" The demographic for diehard gamers that are fine with creating their own goals is small. Games like KSP, Universe Simulator, Garry's mod(the plain sandbox mode), and Space engineers. What I am suggesting is a product that knows it's identity. Is it a sandbox simulator that is an adventure for the unknown with a grand finale? Or is it just another KSP with no career mode? What inspire you guys? What would be the name sake "Astroneer" other than just building? Gif: Made By Monkey Vision a.k.a Soomi
  24. Truthseerguy

    Stuck on the starting line

    I am usually the guy to give advice to new players, although I have been away for a while. The new update features look fantastic. But... (doh) I am stuck at the starting line. I started a new world, fabricated a small generator and a small fabricator. Planted the fab, plugged it in to the hab, added resin, got the hologram platform, but cannot get it to fabricate. Yes, I added power (though from the cabling graphic, I guess it is not necessary) through the generator. Tried E, Q, etc but could only open my backpack or deploy the deform tool. Could not select the hologram, and each time I selected the fab, it popped and I had to re-set it. Where's the "on switch"? -TSG
  25. Menecroth

    Storms as an Option?

    Hello, everyone! I'd first like to say that I just bought the game on Xbox and it's absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how addictive it is! One thing I'd like to suggest though is that perhaps the storms could be an option which could be turned on or off. For me, they don't really add anything to the game and I find them to just be an interruption. However, I had read on a forum somewhere that some people like them and would even like them to be more severe; perhaps even causing damage. Having said that, I'd like if there were an option to simply turn them on or off but there could also be options for how frequent and how severe the storms are. Just thought I'd put in my two cents. Love the game! -Menecroth