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Found 4 results

  1. 154 Xbox One S Terrian, rocks, and small plants are loading alot slower then normal (especially when driving the truck and even when walking) the more I progress with the new changes, causing issues with the truck. Like rocks loading in directly under the truck that were not there before, causing my game to studder and frezze for a few seconds, or causing the truck to flip out, roll over, or fly up into the air. Main issue: I was out driving my truck with a tethered trailer with 2 large storage units printed on it. Far from my base looking for wreckage, I had 2 of the white and blue chest that dont open when reseaeched on either side, plus one that is black and red that kinda looks like a knights helmet. As I was driving to the next wreckage, the terrian loaded in after I was over it and got stuck on a rock causing my truck to go crazy, spin around, merged into the side of my trialer, kicked me out and it kept driving on its own ( which was pretty funny). Finally I caught up to it and drove it into the wreckage to keep it from driving off again, and so I could undo the tether to try and fix it, but the second I un hooked the tether the game crashed taking me back to the Xbox dashboard.
  2. Disappearing Research chest. I had found one of the metal research chest at the bottom of a deep cave dead end. Took it back to research placed it on the research platform that had a full charge, when i placed it the icon to start research never showed up. So i thought it wasnt on properly, so when I went to grab it to see it vanished. Game Crash on exit: I saved my game in my base pod, was done playing for the day. When i opened the start menu to quit and when it quit and the screen just before the satellite load screen popped up the game crashed. Thats a first for me. Odd Bugs: It was night time reaserch platform was dead, so went to get power nuggets to recharge the platform and when i got back it was fully charged. This has happened twice on that platform, and a few times my backpack started to recharge and showed the yellow lines in the tether. All i have are solar panels and it was night time. Another bug is with the truck. I had one as a trialer with two big storage units printed on to it. I was out collecting chests, I was full and heading back to base but the trailer actted as if it was stuck on something, but nothing was there to be stuck on. It flipped over a few times on its own as well. I had 2 of the Orange triangle chest on one side, took one off and put it on the back of my truck and the truck was fine. Not sure if its with just that chest and haven't noticed it with any other yet. Xbox One S 154
  3. [Xbox One S] So I have been having this game crash and it always happens when I go to put a research pod on to the vehicle, which it can be a pain sometimes placing it into one of the ports. But just about every time it tries to attach to where the vehicles tether together the game makes a funny sound goes black and I'm back at my Xbox home screen. Also in the the last 2 days when starting up the game it will either not load and go back to my home screen or when I get to the screen to select my save, when I push any button nothing happens and I have to reload the game. I have been experiencing some moderate to severe lagging as well, some times the game freezes for 5 seconds at a time and some times it will take several seconds for the terrain to load. I wanted to build a big base which I did and I'm thinking having too many base objects created and having too many teathers out could be causing this on the Xbox, just a thought.
  4. Hello! I'm having a problem loading the saved game on Xbox One to play in the Windows 10 version. The game shows the game saved in the initial menu, but when I click on it to continue the game, it closes. It was working normally, but from yesterday to today gave this problem.