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Found 9 results

  1. Summary: - Steam - Fuel-less Re-landing on RESETS DESOLO Description: The Short Version: Going back to Sylva after first trip to Desolo, I didn't have enough fuel, so I had to re-land my shuttle. I touch back down on Desolo, and EVERYTHING I'd done there was gone — Desolo had reset! The Long Version: My first ever playthrough, and I go to Desolo for wolframite. I leave with a small shuttle, oxygenator, and solid-fuel thruster. I decide to land by the gateway cube and make my Desolo HQ there. I land, poke around, have trouble finding a natural cave en
  2. Summary: Game save files vanished Description: Tried joining a multiplayer session and it gave me an error message saying "cannot find session" before the game crashed. I restarted the game and all my save files disappeared. I even tried to navigate through the local files under %appdata%, only to find it empty. I had the cloud save enabled and it seems to have disappeared from there too. I hope there's some way to recover those save files because I spent hours on those. Sorry for double posting, but I didn't realize there was a streamlined format for bug reporting and I can't seem
  3. Suggestion to System Era: Don't you think its time to have some options in the game? I would like for you to put in a yes/no option for: Save when entering Habitat: Yes/No Save when entering Rovers: Yes/No Save when entering Shuttles: Yes/No Save when launching to Space: Yes/No Save when exiting to Main Menu: Yes/No Please put in a "Save Game" to the menu so we can manually save if we wish. And lastly, please put in a "Reload Last Save" to the menu so if something happens, we can reload from the last save. I feel its perfectly acceptable to have them def
  4. The game doesn’t save to the current profile. I start and play the game with one profile and it saves it to another.
  5. Summary: – Widows – Game Save Progress lost followed by save position Stuck Description: This is a repeat for us. Had to restart Jan20 after last update ‘fixed’ game save issues. Playing save position #1 daily without issue. Several multiplayer sessions as well as single player and progress was kept until last night. Played Single player for several hours without incident. Ended back at home with full vehicles after venturing out exploring along a sight line of about 10 beacons. Unloaded several research items from rovers and put one in research
  6. After the 0.5.1 XB1 patch my save disappeared. I started a new game that day (let's call it Day 1). I probably spent at lest 6-hrs playing. Day 2 I log on and my save is missing again. So I start another game and play on and off all day. It has no issues saving and loading. Probably 4-hrs played in game. Then I get stuck somewhere in the wall. So I quit my Day 2 save from the menu (while in a Medium Rover). Part way through it crashed and returned me to the XB1 home screen. I relaunch the game and load my save (didn't read timestamp). When it loads I'm not where I left off. It's my Day 1
  7. Hello, loving the game so far it's awesome! ok so here is how everything went down - Logged onto PC windows 10 copy (i5 4670k, GTX770, 16gb ram, 500gb samsung SSD) - Launched game and waited for it to load - Tried loading into game save 1 - Game crashed - Relaunched the game and tried loading game save 1 again and it crashed. - Relaunched the game and loaded game save 2 the game crashed - Relaunched the game and loaded into game save 3 the game loaded fine - Closed the game and relaunched tried launching the first game save, it crashed - Shut down
  8. So after playing many hours last night and visiting 3 planets, making full bases. I fell asleep and when I awoken and logged in today, my gamesave has been wiped and will not show. So before the dumb questions start yes I definitely saved cuz I was in vehicles a lot farming materials and even when the death storm hit I made sure to use my habitat every time, I have pictures on the Xbox one for proof of progress and even have one of me saving. I have shut down all my apps and even restarted the game plus Xbox one, and still no save. Anyone else having this problem? Can get back to me on here an
  9. Pretty much as the title states. I finally made it to a moon orbiting the planet I'm on. Landed, wandered around, got back into the lunar lander to save and quit. Decided to take a break for a couple hours. Start up the game, select the save and the game just sits there. Loading circle spinning for eternity.