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Found 3 results

  1. Basic Idea and Reasoning The basic idea is to introduce a new "Control Station" module which allows the crafting of special augments which are used to modify how different aspects of the game work. When not using any such control augment, the game behaves in a standard way and you are playing the "real game" if you want to call it like that. By installing control augments, players can control in what way they want to deviate from that default behavior. The reason for using a new module is to make its special, dedicated functionality more obvious to the player. The intention is to hav
  2. A thread in the Bug Reports & Crashes section of the forum spawned (pun intended ) a discussion about how to support different ways of playing the game: It turned out that a feature similar to Minecraft's sleep bed would allow the desired gameplay with less punishment for dieing, and without sacrificing the current style of gameplay. I thought about possible realizations that fit into the theme of Astroneer, and here are some ideas: A special kind of beacon that sets the current spawn point when put down and activated. Activation could work similar to the way dynamite is acti
  3. Yes please, these are all really good ideas and i just want to add to them. More resources, and could even possibly be Planet specific. (I really like the idea of many more planets, but to have more planets we need more resources and reason to go to them other than the cosmetic venture) Please Please Please structures for building walls and base/fort. (Which would be very handy if added with mobs) Since we have to have oxygen all the time it wouldn't hurt to also have to eat or drink water. Which could add to more base nodes. i.e Water purification and cooking/packing station for