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Found 11 results

  1. AnatolHasis

    Fixing platform in ground

    So I was doing some storage in my base with the extra large platform B and it goes like this. Then I find out that you can easily fill the hole it make by puting ground on the top of the platform first, like this. So if you put ground in any platform without mooving the ground on the feet of the platform that fix it completly. (not prevented to be grab by the player by the way.) I submit that here because I think it's an actual good mechanic that could be greatly exploited. Here a few ideas about how: Platform feet could be adjustable so you can easily place the patform where you want to fix it. Then you can take the useless feet off. Some platform could have an extention to be more easily fixed in ground like a door with a small border meant to go in a wall. So is that mechanic intended ? What do you think about it, good or bad ? Are we going to exploit it ? Thx for reading
  2. Gamerboy17780


    It would be cool to have conveyor belts that take resources to a smelter the being crafted in to gear or put in to storage. Or automatic mines oh and add more game mechanics like hunger sleep water proper clothing bathing every thing that a humans need oh and little robots that you can program to do any thing
  3. The day/night cycles seem really fast. One of the first things my friend asked when he joined me in the game was "can you slow the days down?" It would be great if there was a way to slow down the game clock (maybe a multiplier?) to make days and nights last longer.
  4. My idea is that the research should branch off, Like imagine you can't get the fuel condenser when you haven't even unlocked a shuttle. You won't be getting a wide aug for your tool when you cant even make a 8x2 storage. If this would've been implemented in 153 and the whole printer and Vehicle modules debacle wouldn't have happened.They could've just made the 3d printer in a very small pool of items that can be unlocked with your first research ball. This would allow for a more organic feel for advancing through the game and make it that your aren't entirely playing a roulette game just so you don't have to waste a bunch of resin just to place items down. I also don't think this would be to difficult to implement, you guys already uprooted the research system and made it the backbone that it is to advancing. It's just not fun playing a game where the only thing stopping you wanting to explore or play it is because a dumb ball said you get oxygen filters and not a basic item like the 8x2 storage. This is how I think item research should be
  5. eastern_BANDIT

    Storm Suggestion

    Instead of storms being a nuisance, have the storms carry rare materials. It gives something to do while the storm is brewing (high risk high reward type thing). Perhaps make it that you need specialized equipment to get the material but not something too costly that people would just weather the storm.
  6. A tool for space research may be used as for travel planning, as for seeking of resources on other planets. It might be used to find planets with players and for space stations in deep space if there will be stations in outer space. This tool might be used at the satellites or space stations to make maps on the planets and scan them with X-ray, to find resources in it or even Wreckage with interesting artifacts. some planets might have endless storms, or be too close to its stars(like in Riddick chronicles), and before anyone will get there they need to make a general research on it. After one player has made a basic research he may invite his friends to see this planet and help him with colonization, or Mining. An example of such telescope you may see in film "Prometheus" and "Alien", and also in an artwork of H.R.Giger.
  7. To encourage multiplayer, up to 4-5 players, allow different professions at launch that would match what a futuristic space colonization experience would have. for instance: 1.) Doctor: Provides resurrect ability and eventually, if there are bio-enhancement labs or upgrades, the Doctor executing upgrades there will be at 50% material cost. Immune to poisons. 2.) Scientist: When utilizing the research lab, reduced by 50% of resources required to research. 3.) Engineer: When utilizing the printer or vehicle bay, reduced by 25% resources required. if there is an engineering lab eventually, for Astroneer gear upgrades, the engineer executing the selected upgrade on an Astroneer, would have those costs decreased by 25%. 4.) Botanist: When planting seed, grow-to-harvest time decreased by 50%. 5.) Pioneer: Run and vehicle speed increased by 25%, Oxygen and energy consumed at reduced rate of 25% 6.) Entrepreneur: When utilizing the trade platform, trade costs are reduced by 50%, and in some cases 1:1 ratio. 7.) Chemist: When utilizing the fuel condenser, cost to generate a fuel cell is reduced by 50% 8.) Metallurgist: When utilizing the smelter, cost to generate metals is reduced by 50%. This will encourage more team dynamics and diversify game play with multiple players in a game. There are several assumptions, such as bio and gear upgrade facilities, and a farm, details can be flushed out later if enough popularity of this idea takes hold. Reference for the space colonist program for further details and source of my inspiration of this action.
  8. I'm absolutely loving every aspect of this game, and like most of you I really think it has a lot of potential for future development. Anyway, if there's something I think that would make the game even more amazing it would be making the approach to planets last longer, so that way you'd actually feel that you're about to land on a huge planet. Even if it's Barren, which is quite smaller than Terran, it'd be cool to feel you're approaching a planet, so the trip last longer, and you could realise the dimensions and size of it. Same thing when you leave a planet, it'd be nice to watch as you go into orbit how you leave behind something huge. When you're at orbit, i would love to see planets with smaller polygons, because I think that would make them look more spherical and bigger. Your ship should look tiny related to the planet. Take, for example, this video from Star Citizen. Consider that I'm aware that they're two totally different games. But I think it sort of clarifies my point. If you look from 0:25 to 1:25 you can actually see what I'm talking about. Even if in Astroneer you're watching in 3rd person, the time it takes to approach and land in the planet makes you feel it's HUGE. (Video: ) This is just one of many other ideas I've thought about these days after playing HOURS and HOURS of Astroneer. Hope to read what you guys think about it. One last thing: sorry about my grammar if there's something wrong. I'm chilean, so my native language is Spanish. But I'm trying to do my best to share and give my insights and ideas for the game.
  9. The Moistest Pie

    More dynamic flight system?

    I think It would be interesting if the flight system worked more like it did in kerbal space program, but still a little automated for the flight newbies... Maybe include a flight system of actually taking off and having to accelerate to orbital velocity but have most controls automated/or easy to use. Just an idea.
  10. Having infinite amounts of oxygen on a vehicle feels a bit OP. I wonder if when we get food and water maybe we could also get a way to fill up tanks with oxygen with resources. I'm thinking maybe by using water and/or organic materials. Vehicles would be able to hold huge amounts of oxygen but would eventually run out of it. That would make the game harder and more rewarding.
  11. Having infinite amounts of oxygen on a vehicle feels a bit OP. I wonder if when we get food and water maybe we could also get a way to fill up tanks with oxygen with resources. I'm thinking maybe by using water and/or organic materials. Vehicles would be able to hold huge amounts of oxygen but would eventually run out of it. That would make the game harder and more rewarding.