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Found 4 results

  1. BAYL

    Fix robot

    we cant shred big things so why we cant repair them. My idea is fix robot small robot can we produce and use with byte. and Old and crash build make new and works again
  2. I would like a mini tutorial to be added to the game, I got my friend to download the free 1 hour trial on xbox but she gave up after 10 minutes because it was hard to grasp the handles, she looked at the control menu but wasn't enough. If you can add a tip bar too it would help and keep many new players.
  3. Everyones going crazy over that telescope buried under ground. No one can with the winch. Let's make that telescope towable and let's give it a bigger purpose, maybe to communicate with other life forms..Hmmmm. that will come visit , maybe hostile, maybe friendly you never know. Whatever parts found on planets or crashed crafts should be able to used in some way as well. More than a power source. Adding more hidden things to find would be a plus.
  4. All I get on the main menu screen is the option to change astroneers, or launch them. Pressing the ESC key should bring up the Menu screen as it does when in-game; with an Options tab, an Exit to Desktop option, and a menu to view and possibly delete a previous save.