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Found 3 results

  1. Summary: - Steam - Unable to progress due to all large platforms used Description: I filled all of the spaces for large platforms, and now cannot make a fuel condensor or hydralazine catalyst. This is less of a bug and more of a suggestion, but still game breaking as you cannot progress any further. (No way to launch when you have no hydralazine ) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: Not Neccesary i5, 970, 16gb of ram -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. I've read many ideas for 'curing' research as it is currently. I've also read the recent post by the devs that this iteration of RNG based discovery is just the beginning and admittedly not a very pleasant beginning at that. As of yet, through my searching and reading on the Suggestion & Ideas forum, I haven't seen a more comprehensive post that ties exploration of the planets in with research/discovery progression, though I've seen elements of some of these ideas in a number of posts. Looks like the community is really hoping for a change in this general direction! Ok, here's my shot (subject to your brilliant elucidation and modification :-) Dive in and modify, hack, critique, add, twist and debase to your heart's content! ------------------------------------ All games start with blueprints for Research platform, Medium Printer platform, Small Solar, Tethers, Beacon. Fundamentals: 1 Blueprint hard-coded per Chest design (colors notwithstanding.) A specific chest design will always contain a specific blueprint in every new game, with the exception of a 'library' of common chests that always contain common resources or may be empty (but will never contain a blueprint). Assign specific blueprints and their assigned chests to specific planets. In this way, each planet should have a few chests & blueprints that are completely unique to that planet. This is the basis for the exploration/discovery progression. The key here is the consistency of hard-coding a blueprint to a specific chest type and that chest to a specific planet. By doing this, players will always know that they need to continuing exploring to find the right chest type to yield a given blueprint, even if it's less common on a given planet, in order to find all the blueprints that are available on that planet. After a given chest gives up its blueprint for the first time, each time that that specific chest design is 'cracked' on the Research Platform, it should RNG for a common resource (Compound, Resin, Organic etc.) PLANET SPECIFIC PROGRESSION Terran Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Small Generator (besides common chests, this chest type appears most often) Small Storage Smelter platform Vehicle Bay ('Medium' frequency of appearance. More common than #8, less common than number #1) Rover 1 Seat Small Windvane Shuttle (this chest design/type should be a rare discovery on Terran), perhaps one of the square 'lego' type chests found near a rare piece of space wreckage? Barren Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Fuel Cell (relatively common chest type on Barren) Medium Windvane Inhibitor Augment Spaceship Habitat (rare on barren) Tundra Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Small Battery (relatively common on Tundra) Oxygen tank Medium Solar Panel Fuel Condenser platform 2 Seat for Spaceship Truck (rare find on Tundra) Arid Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Crane (relatively common on Arid, perhaps rarer than the first items in order on preceding planets?) Drill Head Large Generator Large Storage (Rare on Arid) Exotic Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Terrain Analyzer Augment (uncommon on Exotic) Dynamite Large Battery (rare on exotic) Radiated Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Narrow augment (uncommon on Radiated) Trade Platform Wide augment (Rare on Radiated) Bonus Changes: Make blueprints for manmade things appear only in chests discovered next to chunks of space wreckage or pre-crafted abandoned and wrecked bases. For the more common chests, they would appear next to small chunks of debris For the more rare chests, they would appear next to large chunks of space stations which should naturally be a rare discovery. Once a specific chest design yields it's blueprint, future cracking of this chest type may yield copper or aluminum ingots or may be empty. (Reward is both eye candy + discovery of large wreckages/ruins.) Chests growing on trees or under plants on the surface should yield only natural resources (compound, resin, organic.) Chests found underground should yield Ore resources that need to be melted into ingots in the smelter (aluminum, copper, lithium, titanium, -- perhaps coal into charcoal?-- etc) Extra Bonus Progression Change: Unlock the accessibility of planet through progression. Once unlocked the planet becomes accessible from all others. Barren and Tundra first accessible only from Terran Arid first accessible only from Tundra Exotic first accessible only from Arrid Irradiated first accessible only from Exotic (Note: I recognize this does not follow the natural 'order' of exploration modeled in our own Sol system from Earth... and consideration may need to be given to provide a more logical unlocking of the planets.) Again--- just a straw-man idea to start the conversation rolling.
  3. Imagine that you just placed that dammed 3d printer module in the wrong place and now the snaps is overlapping with the research module. You then go into your Hab and you are able to easily move, extend, and pull back the weird black oxy/pwr cords with ease. Imagine a huge octopus just lashing its arms about. It would do into a top down menu where you would be able to move any branches of the Hab and any branches off the main 4 branches. You can even move the direction of the modules and where is facing. You would also be able to change height so any of those really annoying times where for some reason one node of a empty module just felt like going down on your totally flat surface can go screw itself. Maybe there is a better way But i don't know, just seems really annoying how make and destroy modules right now, it feels so stiff and bulky, and later in the games life we might have the hellish number of like 20 modules and how would you use them in the system we have now. Love the game but i always have a terrible time with the main base building.