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Found 12 results

  1. Summary: 1.13 - Steam - Shuttle stuck in outerspace, unable to reload game Description: While playing in a multiplayer co-op game, my son and I took off from the mysterious satellite at the same time in two separate shuttles. I landed back on Sylva, but he became stuck in outerspace. He had the options of "C Launch" and "V Launch" but neither would do anything. He was also unable to select any planet or satellite to travel to. In an effort to restart his gameplay, we both logged out of the game. After relogging, I was able to rejoin without issue, but his game would give the error
  2. Please. Because I've just lost one save's game progress when I'm trying to save a game. Why the Astroneer isn't auto saving? It is only auto saving when we a entry to shelter or riding vehicle and rover seat! But why? That's useful but at the same time risky. Saving the game too often to one save file can cause performance degradation. This puts a heavy load on the computer and eventually leads to a game crash. Please, make a manual saving function and change the existing auto saving function.
  3. While transfering in the large shuttle from the satellite to Desolo the game hung up, I was unable to go into the task manager and kill the game. I had to sign out of windows to quit the game. Never had a game (any game) crash before like this. When arriving at desolo the game began to stutter (also a new experience) and while engaging in the landing (while still airborne) the game hung up after stuttering severely. Sidenote: this patch have made things worse rather than better (for me) it seems. Please give the option to revert to an older version, that way I can at least still play the
  4. Summary: - Steam - Purple geometric building crash Description: I found this awesome purple geometric building (3 Triangles with power plugs surrounding something in the center) and powered it up with 5 organics generators and a wind generator. After the center pieces slowly slid into the center a little isometric sphere showed up. I pressed and held F on the isometric sphere and got some energy orb which contained i believe 9 or so smaller components. when i turned my camera and looked up at one of the corners it started making mysterious noises(i believe it was intended to
  5. The game has a few issues. Framerate,and crashing. It appears that when entering a vehicle, the game randomly crashes. This happened in the pre release as well. Kinda frustrating when you have to back track a bunch. Also, while carrying a research sample, on at least two occasions I was randomly launched into the air and fell to my death :( I would be a good feature if you could save from the loading selection menu.
  6. So my friend and i were Playing and i was Out with our large rover in a cave system while he was at the base (he’s the host) he saved the game right before this happened and the game crashed. I came Back to the home base with our rover lost with unknowns and batteries in the cave system. Any advice or know of a way we can get our stuff back. Thanks
  7. Hey! I've been having some glitches, many crashing my whole computer with the last sound being played over and over again. The one that causes me to fall into the ground seems to be achievable by just running everywhere in an impatient loop. Tripping over rocks and suck is probably why, but then I just spawn above ground and all is well. The next one is when I'm in a cave, or in a flat plain, sometimes it crashes my whole computer like it overwhelmed my CPU or something. The last one is when I click: Exit to main menu, then it loads for a bit, drops down to 7fps, then won
  8. 196 Xbox One I have less then 8 hours in total on a new save since the new update. And the performance has dropped severely after a few game crashes. All of these crashes occurred while I was out exploring driving my large rover on the surface of terra. Today when I loaded in the save to start back up from when it crashed, it took forever to get back to my base because while driving my rover it came to a dead stop dozens of times, these have gotten worse along with the lag since the game crash yesterday. It kinda makes it not worth the effort to drive a rover plus the rove
  9. xbox one... first let me say the latest update is great... 1. cannot post title above or tags for some reason... (worked when i tried to submit!) 2. xbox locks up game crashes... usually happens when i have played for quite a while - one hour? and always is when i am trying to save the game... entering any vehicle, entering habitat... seems to happen often if there is a wind storm... 3. when landing shuttle and space ship if i do not wait for the graphics to draw completely before exiting the craft i fall through the map and usually die before i can get bac
  10. My game seems to crash every 45 minutes or so. Randomly while driving my truck, while entering rover or truck before I even get in the truck or rover or just sitting at my base. Lots of lost work due to these crashes. Otherwise love the freaking game. Thanks for any help given.
  11. Hello all, I have just experienced my game freezing, where the screen froze with a continuous buzzing background noise but I was still able to access my Xbox's dashboard and navigate without a problem. After I tested that out the game automatically closed itself out and sent me back to the dashboard. I hit the start button on Astroneer and closed it. I waited a minute or two and tried to open it back up. The title picture of Astroneer would stay and up then it would crash out, automatically bringing me back to the dashboard and gave me an error code (which unfortunately I did not write do
  12. Game crashed after i was driving arround my truck(loaded with research stuff) and just as the battery got empty client crashed