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Found 22 results

  1. So on this new save I’d gone down to the core of Sylvia to activate it. While down there the gravity shifting made stuff go weird for a second but it had seemed to fix itself, but when I went back up to the surface (btw I was in a large rover the whole time) my character wouldn’t link with nearby tethers or buildings. not only that but eventually it did start to connect, but it started freaking out and started to connect and disconnect about 8 times per second. For some reason the little time in between the connections had started to charge my backpack a bit, but would immediately be
  2. seems this a common issue other ps4 players are facing, the entire save file is becoming corrupted and DELETING itself. no this isn't a "clear your cache" or "initialise you ps4" situation, there is a major issue with saving and possibly vehicle save points. also a noteworthy 15+ hours hecking down the drain.
  3. OK here is a detailed description of the problem The save won't load. when I try the game gets stuck and puts enormous pressure on my GPU (which usually easily runs this game). I have tried to reinstall the game but that does not help at all. I have tried to delete the cloud save What am I supposed to do here? Not to mention the countless other bugs. I mean the usually 20+ times you fall through the ground and have lost my items half of those times That all the rovers that take more time to get unstuck than it would just tethering there tunnels not loading for my f
  4. I am running a three monitor setup on my windows 10 PC. Monitor 1 (Primary is a 4k Monitor 2 is 1920x1200 (the monitor Astroneer launches onto) Monitor 3 1920x1080 (seems to be unaffected) I cannot get the game to move over onto Monitor 1 4k without putting the game into windowed mode and then dragging it over. Then the game thinks it is still on monitor 2 1920x1200 so it does not give me the option to run in 4k at all. This is a game breaking bug that NEEDS to be fixed. For now I cannot play Astroneer because the max resolution I can get it up to is 2560x1600 and i
  5. Description: Backpack printer changed item to a 'yellow dot' and a (possibly incomplete) resin pack. Printer stays stuck in this, making it inoperable and thus breaking the game. Platform: Steam Version: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit), Version 1803, Build 17134.228 CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 760, Dedicated VRAM on board: 4096 GB GDDR5 (on board) Video BIOS 08.04.C4.00.50 Driver version: 398.82 RAM: 32.0 GB (4 banks @ 8GB) Drive: ST3000VX000-1CU166 (3TB HDD)
  6. Updated about 45 minutes ago to current on Xbox when trying to use my right analog stick to move the camera/selection tool/terrain tool/anything that involves the right analog stick will move smoothly vertically and diagonally but as you start to sway the joystick to horizontal movement meaning turning left or right or moving an object it will only move a very slight amount and stop completely while holding the joystick fully to one side or another making any type of smooth movement or transition or even playing any part of this game an absolute and Complete nightmare so awful it's not worth p
  7. Summary: When my astroneer is in some locations my cursor no longer recognises objects or the astroneer and does not change context. Even the compass rose which shows when I mouse over the astroneer stops appearing. Description: In some locations the mouse cursor stops changing on mouse-over objects or the astroneer. Cannot grab objects in the world or in the backpack. Compass rose no longer appears on mouse-over astroneer. Moving back past an invisible line allows interaction. Have tried restart, reload. No change. Video files to follow. Platform: Steam Version /
  8. Idk if this is for all planets and/or everyone but for me when I am on the moon, The tethers do not work what so ever. If I hit "T" they place but are black as if they have no oxygen. If I move them by hand they are blue but supply no oxygen to me. Many time tethers would change between black and blue depending on where and how many tethers were placed off of them. Also the only tethers that did "work" were the first and only ones touching my base. that being said I had to be no more than 1-2 meters from the tether for it to give me oxygen/power. A video showing this bug is below: h
  9. Summary: 197 - Steam - MP Client Crash Description: When joining a host, after about 10 minutes I get a crash, submit the crash report and restart to do it all over again. This happens to everyone except the host. It has been happening since 196. Please patch this ASAP. If inventories were saved on crash it wouldn't ruin the game as much, but this is truly game breaking as it is, I was really hoping 197 would have fixed this. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 197 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ GPU: GTX 1050
  10. Summary: When initiating Landing sequence if you click a landing zone then on the orbiter launch icon causes a gamebreaking bug after loading save file. Description: As stated above if while in orbit over a planet you click on a Landing Zone then click on the exit orbit button above your ship it causes the game to both simultaneously load the solar system and land on the planet you can still exit your ship by pressing X after it is landed but it leaves the landing Zone markers unclickable around each of the landing zones if you save your game and exit when you come back in the
  11. CoOp client players cannot build on non terran planets! Every time my friends and I have played co op the client players can never see or place deployable items on planets other than terran. They cannot deploy tethers or interact with a deployed habitat. Ships and resources are visible. Tethers disappear when placed and no modules can be seen, extended, or interacted with from the deployed habitat. All of these objects that are invisible to the client players are actually still visible to the host player. This bug makes co-op quite frustrating. An amazing game, nonetheless...jus
  12. I've been having a blast and my save has been worked on for a couple hours now. I decided to craft a new habitat to place it on another planet to start a base, but after placing the habitat on the ground and entering it close to my bace, specifically a shuttle with a seat and a crane, it wouldn't let me exit. Now I'm (seemingly) permanently stuck in a habitat with no chance of getting out, I tried literally every key on the keyboard and I simply can't leave the habitat. The game is incredibly fun even at this stage, but this bug has rendered my save unusable, and it's possible that
  13. Hey guys so i found an exploit on the internet for astroneer which needed some looking allows you to travel far distances in seconds look in the video that i have made and see for yourself this should be fixed fast.
  14. I found this bug while traveling across planets, and I suffocated, (obviously) and lost all of my stuff. Now I had to create a new save and start over. This glitch is game breaking, and now I am scared too travel to other planets. Please patch this glitch ASAP. Youtube Video Link (If this fourm doesn't use preview) -Thanks, Titan
  15. So I left the main planet Terran and flew my space craft to the nearby moon Barren. Once I was there I noticed my space craft had landed near a natural structure and was somewhat glitching inside of it (Image below). I left my spacecraft and found I was completely stuck in the object. I tried to use my terrain tool to set me free, but it just dug around the structure. Send help!
  16. So i found this glitch so could you guys please fix it? You perform this glitch by pressing the left mouse button and pressing TAB simultaneously. Its pretty fun TBH but its really game breaking. 2017-01-11-1907-31.flv
  17. My teathers have gone black and only the first one works. please fix fast, i really want to contue playing! (Yes, i'm addictied)
  18. I reloaded my most recent save, right after the recent update for Xbox One, I returned to my world. However it was a little, Different. There was a new natural structure, a pillar, right next to my base, where there had been none. While I thought it was neat looking, it certainly was not meant to happen, but that’s not the worst of it. I thought “yeah the pillar’s cool, whatever”, but then I noticed the land, where I had dug with the terrain tool, not just places I’ve dug into but places that had natural dips, and canyons, were completely glitched , while I could still walk down in t
  19. This is absurdly broken... and has screwed up the multiplayer game we have lol. Have to start all over to get rid of it.
  20. : Multiplayer (2 players) : Steam version - Win7/Win10 : Severe issue Terrain is not syncing over to the joining player from the host, when the joining player shuttles (launches from first habitat, orbits, changes planet, lands) to a second habitat on another planet. Instead the ground upon entry is like nothing was affected, all base items are sunken, or completely underground and unreachable. Sometimes the shuttle will 'land underground' and there is no way to get out of the shuttle. The syncing is a huge issue here. It seems the client who joins the host, is not getting
  21. So me and my friends found out the hard way via crashing that if you have a habitat anywhere (in a storage slot, on the floor, doesn't matter) then you crash and/or exit and load the game again they auto deploy and start a foundation where they are. Leading to some hilarious situations and some not so much (blocks any area it was at).
  22. I noticed that the giant naturally spawning solar arrays that can produce power are able to be moved. I immediately start to move one to my base to provide easy free energy fast. Once I got the solar array to my base i tried hooking it to the base directly via the little connectors on the side of one of the extensions, that didn't work. After that failing i tried to figure out a work around and came up with a way around it. I got a rover that had a storage unit on top of it I then took a seat and attached it to one of the storage slots so that I could move it around. After getting it position