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  1. So started the game and joined a friends game. Had a few bugs which ill include below: So this one is the research tab merged within my backpack, no idea how this happened. Sorry devs. The next one included is some tethering problems: That line you see is from the extractor whilst holstered, Dont ask me how this happened but its happening to all astronaut models that i view not including mine. And the last includes a problem with rendering players in shuttles, where the player would drop out of the shuttle during launch but will still be seen in their own c
  2. Me and my friend we're playing and this is what happened XD, we have a few good memes but this is one of the best but also shows that the malachite looked like it was floating even though he was controlling it!
  3. The Title says it all. Sadly they don't merge, and this should be looked into. Scenario: I tried to get to starting platforms to merge into one connecting unit, thinking that maybe instead of two storage ports I'd get four. Sadly that didn't work and I wound up with this mess. Creating a base in a square grid pattern. Current game version "Early Access (Alpha) OS Win 10 CPU AMD Phenom 9850 X4 Ram 8gbs DDR2 800 Graphics GTX 650.
  4. Upon Loading a World, Saw a Moon or Planet pass by witch seemed to be Inverted. Corners of the Moon Where facing the wrong Direction. Quite Funny, Using Steam, Keyboard/mouse if you need any other Details Say so, Happy to help, (What happens if i try to land on it??) iam guessing to could be a World Creation Issue??
  5. Astroneer Bug Report (hilarious) I was playing Astroneer (on Steam, no controller, PC) today and I was making a road for my rover in the cave, when I pressed Q and saw my astroneer's head cut off by the backpack. Of course, this was fixed when I pressed Q again. It was hilarious, but still, it's a bug, so I reported it.
  6. Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I just started an Astroneer series on my YouTube channel and I would love to hear from all of you. The first episode is right here, go check it out:
  7. Is there a Limit to the Rovers-Count? It started with just one, then we had 18
  8. Hey I found a little bug/glitch that's pretty cool and useful to me! I think it would be fun to keep this in the game but I can already see people find this game breaking. It's a fun glitch tough, really useful in my opinion. by the way I didn't know where to put this thread so decided to put it here. 2017-02-20 12-47-10.mp4
  9. Okay so everyone knows... This game is still early acess... Everyone knows that the Xbox One S can run most games pretty well no problem... Me and my friend were playing this game and got really hooked on it.. So much that we played it for a good 6 Hours.... But by the end of it... My one S has crashed about 6 times... The game itsself has run out of memory and it is crashing the system. It almost becomes unplayable to an extent to where the xbox can not even run it any more. We do not have the freedom of PC players to go into the files and delete stuff to free up space We need help This gam
  10. So me and my friends found a funny bug with chairs, take a look.
  11. I died during a sandstorm (multiplayer on Steam, not the host), was teleported back to the main habitat and for some reason the red vignette didn't go away, and when I came out after the sandstorm passed, I could walk around like normal (I was apparently normal on my friend's screen) but for me the character was in the dead position! We got into a shuttle, explored some other planets, came back, and I was still like that. Pressing '3' to wave put my character back to normal, and the red vignette went away.
  12. So, I landed on a planet, created a base starting from a habitat module, then created a vehicle bay, and created another ship which I wanted to do with another configuration. But then I took the original ship to visit another planet, and when I came back to that planet, I did landed on the vehicle bay spot, regardless the fact that another spaceship was already there, so the two ships fought for a few seconds for the second, and the newer one lost, and started to float in mid air, as in the picture below, and after a few hours of play is still there
  13. every thing was green when i started up the game fir the first time
  14. Hello everybody! Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas, this is a little video I made which indicates some glitches within the game. I tried it into a video and thought it was quite funny so I decided to make a funny moments out of it. Not sure what you would do with these glitches but if you want a laugh this is definitely a great video! Anyway, System Era you are doing a great job with the game and keep updating and adding more because this game has so much potential! Enjoy
  15. I was gallivanting along my planet with Derpy the astroneer and decided to go for space flight but then when i land anywhere he gets stuck under it halfway in the ground.... does anyone else have this problem or is it just me??? It was funny at first but not so much as it slingshots me away when he somehow breaks free after alot of twirling and button pushing -.-.
  16. Loaded into the PC version this morning to see my with a seat and connect convoy truck "trailer" spiraling in place. For lack of a better example, it looked like the whole thing was being eaten by "Tremors". The truck was parked very close to a base node in order to share power. This continued for a good few minutes before I quit to the main menu, where a UE4 engine crash occurred. Just a heads up to Devs, but great framework on your game. Very fun so far.
  17. Was playing with a friend on my world, driving a truck with 2 - 1seat attachments Apparently you can pick each others seats up and fly around the map like a pair of speeder bikes Just be careful because its easy to not make it back to the truck and you could end up with a screwed save game. Win10 version - multiplayer
  18. Here, you can post your most memorable and funny glitches in Astroneer! I've posted my funniest glitch in the pinned files. bandicam_2016-12-16_21-48-56-324.mp4