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Found 3 results

  1. Admin ✔

    Control Panel / Bugs

    Hi Everyone, this is mainly aimed at the game developers ( @SES Annie @SES Chloë @SES_Adam @SES_Anthony @SES_Brendan @SES_carl @SES_J @SES_joe @SES_Paul @SES_Sam ) I would like to know if their is any plans to implement a system to where the shuttle will land on the nearest planet after 10mins of being in the same orbit or a control panel to make it force land! I’m currently playing on my friends world and my game crashed mid flight, I was forced to redeploy to the default planet. Now all I can see is my shuttle constantly orbiting the plant with no way no send it down. Any Ideas? 💡
  2. AverageKangaroo

    Storage Solutions

    Let the Tier 2 platforms (idk what their actually called) be used for 100% storage instead of having to have the blueprint of a item there when you don't need them anymore. I've been at the point where I have put resources on the ground because i didn't want to have to add a bunch of Tier 1 Platforms and put storage units on those, when for 1 more resin i could possibly have 4 areas for storage units to be placed. I would suggest just putting it in to the list of devices you can make there, costing 2 of whatever resource it needs, I don't remember at the moment. and then being able to add 2 more smaller ones to the sides like normal. 12 slots for the middle seems like a good number, going up to 28 with the 2 smaller expansions.
  3. To the point: -Different factions with similar items, but different traits (perhaps a certain theme). -Eg, one faction has smelter that doubles output, but requires one coal per doubled output. Perhaps they have a collector gun that is slower than standard, but with the use of energy/fuel units and oxygen units performs better than the standard... -different factions have different style of pod, buildings, vheicles... etc. And may all play to a certain theme.