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Found 21 results

  1. Sometimes I enjoy how the game looks so much that I just want to be able to sit down and look at the world.
  2. I was thinking of what to do for small minigames, I thought of Craneball. You basically play soccer with the crane but the problem is that the crane fazes through the ball
  3. Decided to finally unlock and farm a bunch of dynamite as it was pretty chill and it let me talk to chat. Few hours later I ended up with a fully stacked rover, which we then unleashed on a mountain lul
  4. Trying to grab my friend into a rover seat, I was holding a rover seat and my frien tryed to enter the rover seat and as a result he was sicked into a galaxy far far away Me: My Friend:
  5. I... love the update... a little too much. This is my main little hideout. It connects to the mine (not shown in this tour), the Intercommunal Railroad, and the Wind Farm. I'm in the process of building extractors for every resource I deem useful (in other words, screw ammonium, coal, and organic). I didn't get many details of the wind farm, since it's mostly still "indev", but I wanted to show it to prefice just how much of a building nerd I am. I spent way more time than I'd like to admit on my connector between the main base and the Quarry. Thankfully, I had the Quarry up and running, so grinding all the materials wasn't... as bad as one would think. At least I got some pretty mountain views out of it. Also: SYSTEM ERA, PLEASE, FOR SOL'S SAKE, GIVE US LONG-RANGE CONNECTORS. And lastly, we have my humble little Quarry base. Fun Fact, I actually ended up stranding myself here because I took a large platform with me and forgot about tethers. Je ne suis pas tres intelligent. Bonus Picture: To aid in construction time, I built a station near the road. I can confirm that you can actually fabricate items on a ceiling.
  6. Hi. I am new to the game, been loving it, and had a great experience I wanted to share. After learning many of the ins and outs of the game, I started a new fresh game I called the "UnTethered Challenge". I wanted to play without ever fabricating a tether line to increase the survival challenge. The game was all I had hoped, and I made extensive use of items that I barely or never used in regular play, such as filters and O2 tanks. Everything was going great until I built my first Rover. I packed up an O2 tank, a small solar panel, a small generator, and then headed out exploring for research. I visited a handful of wrecks before I realized that I was lost. Really lost. I wandered the Terran surface for over an hour, before a realization hit me. Looking to the sky, I suddenly found my answer. I had noted that there is a narrow band of bright stars in the sky, and that the sun and moon traverse this band. I must have been near one of the planet's poles when I looked up, because the band was running nearly parallel to the surface. Thinking back on my few fresh new game starts, the band had always been running perpendicular to the surface, so I suppose that starting bases are placed on the planet's meridian. Now I knew how to get home: just point my rover either north or south and drive until the band passed directly over head, and then change course to either east or west until I ran into my starting base. I am sure that this is not new to most of you, but it was a great time for a new player figuring it out!
  7. Please make some Air traversal gear like a jetpack or rocket boots. I think it should be an “endgame” item. I’ve flown to all of the planets, and I feel that many of them (especially exotic) will benefit greatly with new and exciting ways to get through the world. I also hope you will consider adding a pet like a mini rover that can follow you around or something. I know you already intend to add some space mechanics which I really look forward to. I LOVE YOUR GAME and I think it has so much potential to be one of the best games of the year.
  8. Hello, so my name is Caleb and I just recently started playing this game but I'm absolutely addicted. I honestly have no complaints just suggestions and personal thoughts. So my basic suggestions are that for one thing, it would be awesome if there was a lot more customization to the rovers, like i can make a spider rover with a drill on top if I wanted to, or something like that. Also color for the rovers like a pain system would be awesome. Also I absolutely love the building system, like how you can use dirt to build bridges, or even build massive house like structures to store your vehicles and such. I even made a launch site for my lander Animals- It would be awesome if there were random animals and monsters unique to every planet, kinda like the fauna but creatures instead. Of course with this comes a weapon system and maybe a system to capture or tame or maybe like a cattle system? idk what type of game you're planning to make but these are just possible additions. Currently theres really no reason to go to other planets from what I've seen, I feel like they're different versions of what you spawn on, but I can't back this up seeing as I have yet to visit another planet (working on that now). My last suggestion is already something you have in progress, servers. I think it would be awesome seeing as the planets are massive if we could have like 15 to 20 player servers (or more) and you can either team with them or try to sabotage (but no killing one another, that usually ruins the fun) Thank you for your time, I absolutely adore the game good work on it <3
  9. Hello Astronauts, After +/- 30 hours of playing, I have come across various bugs in the game - and some of them are fun... I am sure the same happened to you... share with us those funny moments ;-) Let me start with my "wtf-moment": Yesterday I crafted a large shuttle on top of a "roof-base" I created earlier. I loaded the shuttle with all kind of stuff, solar panel, aluminum, habitat, rosin, etc. It was ready to start, but before launching I spent another 2 hours exploring a cave. When I came back, the whole shuttle was missing. I searched all my bases but it was gone. (not funny yet...) Today I have played a lot of Astroneer (5 hours), just as I wanted to go to bed I looked back to my base and guess what I found... Right, the shuttle. Can you find it in the picture?
  10. I propose the creations of a "Games Platform" Ball Games: Put on 1 compound and get a bouncy ball. Create a flat surface and perpendicular surface for a game of Wallball. Make a 'hoop', paint it orange and play a game of Horse, or better yet, "Spike" Build a 'net/low-wall' and play some volleyball. Put on 1 organic and get a bat/club with which to smack the ball to impart more energy. Giant Beach Ball: 2 compound for a huge beach ball Boomerang: Put 2 organic in and get a boomerang. Just for fun! Pogo Stick: Put 1 aluminum in and get a pogo stick and bounce around your base. add hydrazine for a crazy, super-powered pogo-stick! Just be careful lest you become the latest winner of the Darwin Award. Rocket Flag: Put in 2 aluminum and get a small rocket. Insert a hydrazine and it launches high above the surface of the planet and releases 5 colored flags that drop randomly to the planet surface and the game begins. First person to find 3 out of 5 of the flags and inserts them onto the games platform wins a trophy. What are your games ideas?
  11. As these threads rarely have anything but gripes about bugs, I would like to tell you that I really enjoy this great game idea and have pimped it to all my Xbox friends. As a non-programmer, I can't imagine the work that goes into making a game like this. Bravo, everyone. Keep up the good work!
  12. A lot of us are having fun with the sliding glitch. Would be great to have that in a way we can control ^.^ So... hoverboards!
  13. I am a member of Generation X and in my early 40's. I work in an Emergency Room as I have done for over 18 years. I must say that this game is something I actually look forward to when I am at work. I use it to unwind and have had a blast doing it. I am hooked!!! The bugs I am experiencing are: 1) Horrible Lag 2) When I generate terra I get consumed by the material and drop into a sort of nether world between the top and bottom and float to oblivion 3) There are rifts in the topography that if I run into drops me into the nether world (see No. 2). My truck went into one of these rifts and has not be seen since. 4) The game crashes a lot! I mean a whole lot and it seems at the most inopportune times. Very frustrating as I work so hard to accumulate resources. However, despite the bugs and glitches I am still playing and having a blast. I know this is a work in progress and am so excited to see this game get better and better.
  14. Here's an idea for MP: Kart Racing Barren would be the easiest place to set this up. Make a smoothed (or not-so-smoothed) track with jumps and dips for rover kart racing. Jump ditches, chasms, etc. For added danger, do it on Radiated. Go too fast on that turn and you're in the worm!
  15. mangafee

    Start Sober

    So I had this game on my wish list for a bit and bought it tonight but realized there is some amount of critical thinking needed, hahahah!!! I'll still give it a shot tonight but I think due to some consumed adult beverages I'll need to restart. Not a bad thing just an observation. Look forward to the development guys and gals! Looks neat! I was hoping for an easy to use right click build left click consume interface but its a little more involved than that, hahahah!
  16. Hi, here why I found this game is fun to play and can't stop playing it: - Research. Everytime I found a new technology I'm excited to see what it is. What is the new thing I can create now. - Easy. Relax. No Stress. This game is easy and relaxing. I can do hours of this. It's not frustrating. Let's me live my life without something or someone that what to kill me. - Constructive, Artistic. I can create things, change the landscape with ease. Some create tunnels, others bridges mountain to mountains. It's very cool to see what others do with this! - Exploration. Yes, that's is one of the most exciting thing we can do. When I find the first time the solar panel and discover what I can do with it...amazing! Please more. - No competition. All games today have statistics, a perfect build to be the best and if you want to continu in the game you need to be in that same build that everybody use because it's the best one. Please, do not do this game a competition game. I see it more like a creative/artistic game. No statistique. No one is better than the other. Just create alone or create with friends and see what more you can create or find. What is it for you? Thanks for reading.
  17. Just look at this beatiful place located at one of the Exotics' pole - sweetest site to have your base at! It's wild and gorgeous and also has a lot of candies in store for you! I decided to make another fresh start (my 14th or 15th) and never ever use a trade platform again, cause, well, if you need some material, you've gotta find it and bring it home. So when I discovered this neat spot and found a candy shop there I thought now I've gotta pick'em all, I've gotta clean this whole place from laggy candies and just chill around on my retirement. Have a look!
  18. So i found this glitch so could you guys please fix it? You perform this glitch by pressing the left mouse button and pressing TAB simultaneously. Its pretty fun TBH but its really game breaking. 2017-01-11-1907-31.flv
  19. i really want a jetpack so please add on to im on xbox one
  20. What if you added it so where 4 people would play on the same console
  21. So the rocket engines don't make much thrust. But say you took a vehicle and filled its bed with rocket engines. Would it be enough down force to drive on a wall or a ceiling? It might be time to end my constantly-restarting ways...