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Found 5 results

  1. So Astroneer 1.0 released 3 days ago. But i can't update it to 1.0 on pc. (Microsoft Store). My friend can update it on his xbox and he's now playing 1.0 Version. But i on pc can't. I already checked for updates. I can launch it even though it says: ASTRONEER is not available on this device.
  2. so the new wheezly seed disappears when you try and put it on your back pack when its full. I have a link to zelly's stream clip of it... sorry for the link but I cant save it any other way.
  3. If I try to collect a a resource when my backpack is full by picking it up with RT then pressing X to drop it into my backpack, it says the backpack is full, but then the resource is just left on the map, on its side, and uncollectable. It is then stuck in this positing and does not have a selection ring around it. I have seen this happen 3 times from memory I think you can see them in my profile. I've Shared them with the bug name: The screenshot shows exactly what I mean, with the Compound stuck on its side above a platform slot. I can still add other items to that same slot. Actually I just went to try again after saving last night, turning the game off, then starting a game again today and now I CAN collect the Compound. I'm sure I couldn't last night but didn't capture a video unfortunately. You can also see a similar example with a small solar panel in the video on my profile above. Note that I thought to go and check if I can collect it now, but it no longer seems to exist anywhere. If I see it again I'll provide more evidence.
  4. I bought this game on steam, knowing it was in pre-alpha. But when I play the game and alt + tab to do different things, like open sound cloud or check email. At the bottom of my screen it says "Astroneer(Game Preview)" And I am just curious if I will have to re-buy the game or if this is just a way of communicating the game is not done.
  5. When collecting resources with the crane or the mining tool you're not able to use the partially made stack of any resource which then leads to blockage on certain slots on the crane or wasted material on the mining tool. Can we have a way of allowing the use and/or removal of these unfinished stacks of resources. Crane Resource Blockage The crane sometimes dispenses it's collection onto slots and then the resources are stuck there. Mining Tool unfinished Stack When mining we'll run into the issue of not being able to complete the stack, and if you want to mine another resource the previous unfinished stack becomes wasted and disappears.