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Found 2 results

  1. Kaxzibri le Télépathe

    My buggy just disappeared in the ground

    Hi, I'm a bit upset cause the buggy I used to go into a mountain just disappeared in the ground when I got off it
  2. Starkness

    Research chamber Cancel

    Please please please make it more difficult to cancel research at the research chamber. I've twice already accidentally press E twice when trying to do something else while that window is still up. can you please at least make the second press a different button? to start research is fine. but canceling is too easy. maybe a pop-up window you have to click. no button press. also, I have to press Esc to close a machine window, but I can just click off of my backpack or research catalog. I think the fact that these 2 similar windows have different ways to close them is causing my above issue. I think I'm clicking off of the window to close it because that's the way my backpack and research catalog work and when it doesn't close right away, I'll find myself accidentally pressing E E thinking it should have closed.