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Found 2 results

  1. I bought astroneer back in early 2016 on xbo, enjoyed the game and it was relatively stable besides a couple small bugs. Returning in 2018, this game is an absolute train wreck. The bugs are game-breaking and ruin the entire experience of the game. Placing things at the base is way more difficult than it should be, often they won’t snap into place until I fool around moving a resource/object around for way too long. Backpack more often than not won’t allow me to move things in and out, craft, or add/remove mods from resource collector and backpack. This makes the game completely unplayable and incredibly frustrating to attempt to do so. Don’t release big updates when you haven’t play-tested them. This ruins the game completely. Just because it’s an “alpha” or “beta” doesn’t make it okay over 2 years into the game to let stuff like this slide. Needs a fix immediately! Again... CANT SELECT ANYTHING IN BACKPACK, REMOVE/ADD MODS, CRAFT, UNLESS IN CERTAIN AREAS... SEEMS TO BE RANDOM. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. PLAYING ON XBO.
  2. So there's a new bug with bases I'm needing help to fix and it revolves around sometimes when you load up your game you can clip through your base and all of the base objects, items, and building become unusable. I've had it happen in 3 different saves and the only building I've never seen it affect is the main base you hide in. It seems to work like a AOE of your base is bugged but you can drag those items in to bug them to be unusable but cant take them out and even if rarely accomplished they are still unusable. haven't been able to find a work around or fix yet.