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Found 1 result

  1. Being able to move platforms with attachments on them feels... what's the phrase I'm looking for, completely broken?Very straightforward suggestion: make platforms with ANYTHING slotted into them immovable by player characters. Large storage with a single medium storage slotted into it? Nope, can't move it. It's locked in place wherever it might be. Large platform with a crafting station on it? Nope, can't move it, locked in place. Clear the large storage or platform first before you want to move it.There was a time when being able to move platforms with a permanently attached thinger on them made sense, but I would strongly argue that's no longer the case, mainly because you can freely detach said thinger. Sometimes this can be a bit of an annoyance, when you misclick and grab an entire large storage instead of one medium storage rack off of it.As a desirable side effect, you're also nerfing the cheesy strategy of sticking four medium storage onto a large platform B and carrying that into caves. Ugh I'm sorry for this formatting. I pasted this over from Steam and it's putting this obnoxious background on it. If a moderator or somebody knows how to get rid of this, please be my guest. This is awful.