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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I've played with my friend before and done quite alot, but now when we try to join each other it just closes the game... I've tried starting a new game, both restarted computers but no luck. Hope someone can help. Daniel
  2. Hello, My friend and i where starting a game he joined me everything whas fine. When he logged out and tried to join back in with my invite on steam, he gets the error message ''failed to connect to host''.
  3. I'd like to be able, somehow, later in the game, to be able to open a warp gate, wormhole, whatever, to a Steam / Xbox Friend's solar system. Then, I can fly through with a Spaceship or Shuttle. This should be difficult to obtain, maybe a use for Astronium, and it should be temporary, hard to power, etc. That's it. Easy enough to understand, I hope.
  4. Playing on steam and joining a friend wil cause not being able to press the launch button. Instead you have to push 'enter' to launch your capsule. So I' have been playing this game with a friend for a while and noticed a few other bugs. - If 2 friends are too far away from eachother in the map the game will crash. Game crashes a lot of times in general. - If you build up land mass under your feet you will glitch in the ground. - If something is being researched only the host is able to see the message of what exactly is researched. - One player saves the map so if the other player wants to continue playing on that map the host has to be in game too. Maybe you could intergrate shared maps? I really liked the sandstrom aspect. It makes the game just a bit more difficult. I would love to see other aspects doing the same.