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Found 17 results

  1. Summary: Once Astroneer is launched, the game loads until it reaches the main menu and freezes. Description: When launching the game, it loads normally. Once it begins to render 3D, the framerate takes a huge nosedive, going down to 1-2 fps, sometimes freezing completely. If graphics settings are set to lowest settings, game looks okay until starting a game, where the descent down to the planet drops the framerate to a point it just stops completely. Regardless of the settings, I can't get this game to run in any playable capacity. Platform: Steam Version / Build Nu
  2. I used to be able to run the game when it was early access, I was able to run it on high with barely any drops under 60fps and now, all of a sudden, every time I launch Astroneer, my game either crashes or freezes my whole PC. I don't know what to do to fix it.
  3. Hi there, I'm relatively new to this game and would like to note that me, my girlfriend and roommate all love it, but for whatever reason we can't join each other's games to play with each other. One person loads a map while the other waits at the main menu for the invite from the host. Upon accepting the invite, the game appears to be loading, but stays at the loading screen with the icon spinning for about 10 minutes or so, then freezes if we haven't quit trying by then. We have done all of the basic checks, our NAT type is always open, we've reset our Internet and our xboxes and not
  4. Since the new update, the xbox version is freezing and crashing or just incredibly slow. I've lost multiple rovers from falling through the world. After I built a base on Terran, I moved to Radiated and everything got way worse. Not sure why. Will there be a hotfix soon??
  5. Summary: Placing or removing (active) tethers in a large network freezes game-play for approx 10 seconds Description: I have three tether networks, 2 x small ~50 nodes, and 1x large ~1000+ nodes. Connecting / disconnecting a tether to the small networks is fine, quick and delay free, however connecting / disconnecting to the large network incurs a 10 second time penalty when the game freezes to work out whatever back-end stuff it works out. The delay became progressively longer as more tethers were added. The large network is a ring main that goes around the circumf
  6. There is a glitch of some sort when I start up the game on Xbox One that has the pause menu frozen on the screen and doesn't allow me to do anything. I found out that if I don't press start before I load up a game, it will go away, but for people who don't know, it's probably frustrating. I gotta actually shut the game down and restart it in order to get rid of the menu.
  7. I am on Steam, Windows 10 64bit, and using mouse and keyboard. I had a chain of 4 trucks and rovers, lead was a truck, 2 rovers in the middle, and ending with a truck. Lead truck also had a battery attached to the front of it like a nose cone (possible bug?). Time on VOD around 5:45. Appears to be an issue with having multiple trucks attached to a rover. I had earlier had 2 rovers connected to a truck and had no issues. Time on VOD around 6:15. Link to Twitch VOD.
  8. So, been playing xbox version since pc version giving save issues. Nothing ridiculous to report but have noticed two, well three issues so far. 1: lag, mainly while in rover, almost came to a complete finally stopped or I should say went back to normal but it took a bit. 2: rover transported away from me, ran back to where the icon said it was, when got there, the icon disappeared and only thing left was four tires way up in the air. 3: when driving rover sometimes, hit huge freeze, and it boots me back out to the xbox welcome menu. Outside of that, ju
  9. Game constantly freezes and unfreezes or major lag rendering the game unplayable.
  10. When I try to get on a vehicle (usually truck and rover) the game freezing and some time the game crash, some other time the game restart after 5/8 minutes. This bug i on Xbox One played in Italy P.S. Sorry for my English
  11. Playing on the PC with mouse and keyboard. Overall things work decently, but sometimes (seemingly at random, I haven't noticed any pattern leading up to this) when I try to place objects on pads or interact with pads the game will permafreeze. I'm forced to restart the game every time it happens. Luckily I save often, so that's cool. Great game though, keep up the good work!
  12. My game freezes after mining for a long period of time and its a pain mining then running back to my base to save then run back to mine Then back to my base ect ect. Has Anyone had this Problem? Im on Steam, Keyboard and im sorry but i did have the pirated version for like 15 minutes then i bought it cause the game is awesome so im still using that save.
  13. Hello. I have a problem i cant connect to my friend on xbox.when i join on server my game freezes on start.Any solution? maybe it will be cuz i have STRICT connection? Thanks for help guys
  14. Ok, so I don't have the best laptop in the world, but it gets things done. Whenever I am playing the game, I get a few minutes of gameplay, and then the game freezes. I've tried to wait it out but it won't work. I have put the resolution down to the lowest settings and turned down the field of view, but it still occurs. Any ideas?
  15. I play this on Xbox one. Love the game, but constantly got low fps that makes it really hard to play. This is no matter where I am on the planet or a different planet. This happens even after I start a new game. I have put less than ten ethers down and only using a smelter printer and vehicle bay. At way to improve this?
  16. Hi Developers, Scenario: Whenever I start a new or a loaded Astroneers game, the game freezes massively (max. 1 Frame per "Minute") after a few of seconds playing it. Also the sounds are stuttering permanently. The game is then only closable by killing the process manually. My Hardware: - AMD FX-8370E Eight-Core (3,3ghz) - 16gb RAM - GeForce GTX 750 - 4gb My OS: - Windows 8.1 - 64 Bit Further info: The log folder in AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Logs remains empty. I checked the Taskmanager... No memory leaks are detectable and the CPU total is always betw
  17. The game keeps locking up and stopping me from doing anything but windows says its still responding please help