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Found 7 results

  1. jijboomdakpan

    tether freezes

    Hello system era I have experiencing (others to) a lot of laggs when placing tethers, after i have placed some. This may be an issue with my bad pc. But others also have this issue, I can see why this could be a hard thing to change and make good. But i think if you guys are able to fix this, your game will be waay more enjoyable and new players will like it more to. I can get it if this takes a while to fix, it seems like a really long connection of tethers from your base all the way to your cave for example.This is maybe my only negative experience in this game. Thank you for reading this, amazing game guys!
  2. Installed the game via Steam, all nice and fast, tried to launch it in full screen, splash image pops up and nothing - laptop completely freezes, no mouse movement, no changes on the screen, can't access task manager or anything else. Not a single error message, no pop up windows, no nothing. Hard reset the laptop, tried to launch again but in windowed mode - same happens. Hard reset, tried to launch again in full screen - same happens, this time I'm waiting, after minute or two laptop bluescreens with DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error. Tried to uninstall, reinstall, run as admin, both steam and the game. Tried compatibility troubleshooting, ran the game in windows 7 and windows 8 modes. Tried updating windows, steam, game - nothing changes. Launched a few times with Task manager opened - when launched, laptop starts to struggle a lot, mouse starts lagging heavily and after a few moments freezes completely. Task manager shows slight CPU bump (60% - 70%) at the beginning but than drops back to 30%, interestingly enough, Disk activity (in my case SSD), never starts, it literally becomes inactive right the moment game is being launched (drops to 0%). My laptop specs: CPU: i5-2410M 2.30GHz (4 cores) RAM: 4GB NVIDIA GPU: GT540M 2GB OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  3. So, I'm playing Astroneer on PC, with mouse and keayboard. I was very happy when I had everything to do a truck and two rovers to attach to this truck. I built them, without any problem, but when I connected them, I had very huge freezes, like 3 seconds of freeze every 2 seconds... This is very annoying, and totaly unplayable. But when you detach them, there's no problem anymore. I hope this description will be enough for you PS : I'm a french player, don't speak very well in english
  4. Hello, I LOVE this game, but I continue to get crashes in Astroneer every 5-ish minutes after launching the game. IT'S VERY FRUSTRATING! I've reinstalled this game, run administrator mode, close all applications, gave full control to Astroneer, disabled anti-virus and firewall, restarted my computer and steam, updated all my drivers (even tried downgrading), but it continues to crash, and crash, and crash without warning... Please take a look at my logs and fix this problem. It will not help only me but many others who are having this same problem. Thank you. Logs.rar
  5. I'm here bc all the posts im reading about the freezing talks about AMD processors. Im Intel I3 4130 user with 950 windforce GTX and i'm having the same issue about freezing with sound and autocrashing the game with windows task. I'm not here to press, just calm down, SystemEra will patch it. We don't know when, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, just wait. Don't forget they're 5 person working on a game that's better than NMS. P.S: Sorry about my stupid and bad english.
  6. I understand that this is prealfa that many bugs may be present, okay, do not care for this, but my concern is that the game freezes and sometimes crashes. Of any bug fixes that when booting the subjects are somewhat behind of the backpack. The main claim to crashes and freezes. Correct them quickly. So do not hvatatet graphics settings (I don't like the blur when turning the camera, for example), and my laptop is far not new and not the most powerful. I look forward to corrections and input new content. Liked the game a lot of people, good luck and don't make stupid mistakes!:)
  7. magicdad76

    Complete Lockup

    I am running this on a Windows 10 computer from Steam, using a keyboard and mouse. Game will completely lock up while attempting to collect resources, and the only way I can stop it is ending the process in task manager. I have included my system specs as well DxDiag.txt