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Found 51 results

  1. Are there plans to improve the frame rate on Xbox One? Or create a more constant FPS throughout? Depending on where I am or what I am doing, the FPS can feel unbearable at times. (I apologize if a thread on this topic has already been created, I couldn't find one)
  2. Summary -Beacons appears on space -Fps drops when I place a tether -Vehicle bay preview bug -Flying dropship -Shows resource symbol which is already collected Descriptions 1 - I traveled to another planet than my home planet and when I looked the sky I saw that my home sign and beacons(which belongs to my home planet) on space.I can see them while I'm on space. I traveled back and same things happened for my second planet. Middle of the first screenshot Top of the second screenshot Middle of the third screenshot(Between the clouds and planet) Bottom of the fourth screenshot -As you can see beacons seem like maintains the shape of the planet. 2 - I played the game many hours, almost traveled %35 of it and placed a lot of tethers around my home planet(maybe more than 400). But I don't know why, now in my home planet when I place a tether(if the tether connects to another tether)(if I place it far from other tethers by preventing it to connect another tether fps does not drops) fps drops very bad and game stucks for a second. It happens too when I break a connection between tethers. In my second planet I placed more than 100 tether, made even more things in this planet, I started traveling and came back where I start by going straight and it's still working correctly without any fps drops. On the right my home planet. On the left my second planet. 3 - There is a bug in the vehicle bay's preview(Only happens when I try to place it in that way) When I place it, vehicle bay show up like preview for a moment and places itself to the middle of the platform(Right placing but wrong preview). 4 - Dropship deployment I deployed the dropship by mistake while its on the shuttle and I can't do anything about it. I have a flying dropship . I can't move or undeploy it because of its nature. I think we shouldn't be able to deploy it while it's on a vehicle or shuttle etc. and I think it's a bug. It should be on the surface of the planet. 5 - Resource symbol bug When I collect a resource its symbol disappears naturally. But if I quit and restart the game, they appear again while there is no resource. Platform Steam Version ALPHA Specifications Lenovo Ideapad700 Laptop OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.1088 CPU: i7 6700HQ 2.60GHZ GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX950M 4GB RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2133Hz Drive: 5400Rpm HDD
  3. So basically I'm gonna explain the issues that I've had playing Astroneer on Xbox One (Not the Xbox One X). Nothing has really come up regarding the game mechanics and how it's supposed to work, but rather performance issues. After progressing a bit on my first world and starting to get some structures going, My frames start to drop, and in general I move around, pan the camera, and mine slower. This normally only occurs though when I'm looking at or standing next to said structures, or during storms. These performance issues also become amplified when playing with another player, some points the game becomes unplayable for a period of time (see video). The other thing that causes performance issues is when I pick up or place tethers that are connected or connecting to the oxygen line. This causes the game to freeze for around 5 seconds per tether, which makes exploring tedious. Everything else about the game is wonderful, I've enjoyed my time playing. Once these performance issues have been fixed, it will be a great game on the Xbox platform. Thanks! e0f2a28d-6b97-4695-a14f-086256bdbf66.mp4
  4. Since the new update, the xbox version is freezing and crashing or just incredibly slow. I've lost multiple rovers from falling through the world. After I built a base on Terran, I moved to Radiated and everything got way worse. Not sure why. Will there be a hotfix soon??
  5. Number of bugs that may or may-not be known Windows 10 PC, Steam download. Game version; (Alpha) Backpack: from time to time if I try to Shift+click an item to put it on my backpack, the game is supposed to just say "Backpack full". However this does not happen and most of the time either throws my items across the map never to be seen again or sometimes my backpack just eats it. Particularly when I try to pick an item off my vehicle, but it happens other times as well... My most recent incident for example; I had 2 free spaces, both on my deform tool. My backpack contained 4 oxygen tanks, 2 in the aux spots and 2 in the top backpack slots, 4 canisters in the next 4 slots down (one partially filled), 1 full set of extenders, 1 piece of copper, and a boost augment active. I attempted to pick up; 2x small batteries and 1 Lithium. My deform tool accepted the 2 batteries, and my backpack showed the animation for picking up the lithium, but just ate it... Rover: from time to time when I want to use my rover to drive around, I cant get in, and I have to fight it to get in the seat. Most of the time my deform tool just equips and unequips itself repeatedly, and I have to jump on top of the vehicle to get in, yet it still sometimes persists even though the "press E" reticle appears. I believe its because of a line of sight conflict between the player and the vehicle itself, since he has to look at the seat to get in and pressing e on the rover doesn't work, you must look at the seat. (also while its not a bug, id like to add the driving mechanic is extremely difficult to use being there is no break, and pressing S just turns you around instead of slowing down and reversing half the time. the A/D keys should also just steer the wheels and not move the vehicle, as it moving the vehicle causes fidgety ultra sensitive strafing. Its also extremely annoying when you plug it in and the items on the front/back eject 20 meters away when you plug it in to charge). Research Chamber: While this only happened once, and I cant really comprehend how this happened or what was abnormal, but once I created a research chamber, placed it underground connected to and above ground power source. At the time I didnt know what the extenders were, being I couldnt research it yet, so I just chained together a line of small wind turbines to above ground and connected it to a solar source. Everything worked fine for a while, then the chamber stopped working altogether. I could start researching an item yet it acted as if it had no power, even though it clearly did. so I threw it away and created a new one that worked. later I used extenders and redid everything. even made a big underground checkpoint. Out of curiosity I pulled the old chamber back to the checkpoint and plugged it in, started researching, and it still acted as if it had no power, even though machines around it were clearly working. at that point I just buried it and forgot about it. Power Cords: Very minor but sometimes when the power input is fluctuating the arrow animation on one way cords will spasm out and flicker on and off. This fixes itself when the input is stable. Avatar: Stop pointing at it and PICK IT UP!!! Oh sorry moderators, not yelling at you. My character keeps pointing at the ground/item and wont pick it up. this is quite annoying when youre attempting to catch an item from falling Excavation: the symbol for resources will remain above the ground even after they have been excavated. Framerate: frequent reloading of the same part of a map when youre walking back and forth between places causes terrible frame stuttering. It would be helpful if there was a mip-mapping option and/or a chunk update distance. (Im using an i5-6200U with integrated 520, 8GB ddr4 ram (laptop). Not the recommended for this game but I can manage) Closing statement: I know this thread is filled with some negativity towards the game, so Id like to finish with positive feedback. This game is absolutely beautiful, extremely graphic even on low settings and unmistakably has an enormous amount of effort and time put into it. Even with these bugs it is greatly approved by me. This project has so much potential and is breath taking so far. Keep up the amazing development!
  6. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has found a temp fix for the frame rate issue on Xbox. Playing on an X with friends on console and pc and the people on Xbox just have shocking frame rate. I know it’s in Alpha but we just love the game we need a temp solution ?.
  7. beepoisend_nr9

    Annoying frame drops

    Hello, I'm so glad I finally bought ASTRONEER and supported this developers by doing that. Now thing is, I'm having like these constand frame drops while playing, from the beginning while I arrived at the planet with my pod they began dropping. I optimized all settings (even with nvidea inspector) to performance. I've not build much in the world or gone exploring far. They aren't really "frame drops" because the game constantly plays at 60fps even when this lags are occuring. Is this a bug? Cuz my laptop can run bigger games. Is a video needed? Thnx! Seppe
  8. Obligatory "I searched, but couldn't find this in this forum." If I missed it, my apologies, I am sure I am not the first with this issue. When I am walking past structures, and that blue line that provides you with oxygen and power switches, it briefly freezes. I am not sure if it is a latency thing or a frame rate drop or what exactly, but it is a noticeable pause every time that blue line switches where it is connecting me to. The only solution I found on other/Steam forums was to remove all tethers, which I painstakingly did across the four planets I have 'bases' on, which did not resolve the problem. I am not surprised by this as it does not appear to be limited to tethers per se, it's that blue line connection in general. I can run freely over the horizon and back, but the moment I link up to a vehicle or building I get that pause that is slowly making me crazy. It isn't as bad, though still noticeable on new games. It is the worst on my longest running save, which makes me think it is linked to the size either of the empire or the save file. The long running save started on Steam, and then to be able to play multiplayer with Xbox/Win10 friends I had to repurchase on Win10, so I found a way to move my save file from Steam to the Win10 (a story for another time, not challenging, just takes some trial and error). It has colonies on Terran, Tundra, two on Exotic, and Barren is very developed with 3 bases and a network of modules/nodes that loop the planetoid and span out to connect other things. I have made every change I can think of to adjust graphics quality, including some of the modifications to Engine.ini in an attempt to prevent this little pause, without any success. Any ideas to try to keep my gameplay smooth are greatly appreciated, love the game, just need that sweet smoothness Thanks in advance!
  9. Summary: 200- XB1- Framerate, or lack thereof Description: I loaded my game last night that I saved the previous day. Was on the moon (deserted). When I saved and exited, I had no issues with framerate, it was smooth as always. However now, the framerate is like watching streaming video on a 300 baud modem. Its like maybe 5fps. Hard to move, look or do anything. This was a fresh power on of the XB1 after work. Killed the game (options, quit). Rebooted the XB1. Reloaded. Same. Did a full power down of the XB1. Reloaded. Same. Nothing seems to clear it. Unable to clear it, rebooted again but this time I loaded ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) to see if there was an issue on the xbox or with Astroneer. ESO was fluid and realtime as always. Loaded Astroneer again, and "wham" 5fps. So its not the XB1. The framerate is not consistent. At times its better but still low. I had set up for a launch to space (loaded large shuttle) the previous day. So I got to the shutter at the base and launched to space. Issue still present in space (had hoped changing planets would clear it). Took almost a full minute to rotate the camera to point to the planet. Its bad. Virtually unplayable at times, barely playable at others. I managed to get to irradiated (spiky ball planet) and establish a small base. Took hours. Decided enough was enough and went to bed. Its simply not fun playing like that. Platform: XB1 Version / Build Number: 200
  10. My frame rate on the Xbox One has dropped drastically since installing patch 196. I wouldn't classify it as "unplayable", but definitely "unenjoyable". Also much of the terrain is covered in minute graphical artifacts (small white specks). Have any other Xbox players noticed this?
  11. Now this is not necessarily a bug. Each new game you start has Crystal Clear 60FPS I'm pretty sure, but over time, with each new base installment you create, becomes less and less. Now this has improved a lot by the team already, but it only had delayed the moment that you start experiencing an average lower framerate, as low as 30 or worse. Now Multiplayer is the Real issue. When a player joins the host's game on Xbox One, the Host's framerate immediately drops to levels aforementioned. The joined player that's not the host, does not receive any framerate drop.
  12. Hello, I have been playing Co-Op with my friend on this game, where I am playing on Xbox One and he is playing on the Windows 10 version. What I noticed is that before he joins my game (him joining me, so I host on Xbox One), I get very smooth frame rate. Once I invite him (and typically promptly as I send the invite) the frame rate on my game begins to deteriorate excessively and continuously. Once he is in the game, I have probably dropped 10-15 frames at this point, and this continues until we quit the game. I have also noticed that as I play, the frame rate will continue to deteriorate, sometimes to the point where it is almost unplayable without getting totally frustrated about the lag. As far as I know, my friend has not had any issues like this, but may be because his PC is more powerful than my Xbox One, or it may also be because I am hosting (I have not tried him as a host). That is all I have--a fix to this would make my co-op experience much more enjoyable, and I really appreciate your help!
  13. Hey I experience some problems after the newest update. It seems that the framerate keeps dropping after few hours of playing. My base isn't very big, i've got 3 vehicles and i avoid to use tethers... Still fps drops to under 20 and worse. Also my game crashes everytime i played about 15 minutes. Screen freezes and i have to close the game. Thats new...never happened before the update. I would love to play the game because it makes so much fun and i was very excited for the new update since they said it would be a performance update too...but now its even worse than before and it does make it unplayable for me I really hope this will get fixed soon...i think such problems would scare new players. Greets Pestiii
  14. Okay, So I have been playing astroneer lately, and I have been receiving low frame rate casing me to lag and stutter. I have a six core proccessor running at 4.3 ghz, a video card with 8 gb of ram, as well as 8gb of ram in my pc. So I have quite of bit of headroom on the recommend specs. When I look at task manager while I am playing astroneer my processor use is only at 44% and my ram use is only at 47%. So being that I still have ram and processing power to use, why am I getting low frame rate? Is there any fix for this, or it it just not optimized very well yet? Thanks in advance.
  15. As the screenshots show, this odd terrain glitch happened when I loaded my world today. It also caused massive frame drops. I normally get 70+ frames, but today I couldn't even hit 60.
  16. I have concluded that when playing alone in Astroneer, my frames - on Xbox - are significantly higher than in co-op. As soon as a friend joins the game, the frames instantly decline, making gameplay less enjoyable. Even if the friend does not launch from the space station, the frames decline severely. I will gather clips and post them on this thread as a demonstration. Thanks!
  17. Me and my friend play multiplayer. Our home base is obviously at the starting planet and we have 2 other bases; one at the barren planet and another on the exotic. Both those bases are smaller. We use tethers a lot to get around and have 3 spacecraft (2 shuttle, 1 ship) and 3 ground vehicles (2 trucks (towed), and 1 rover). I started playing averaging 70+ FPS but we are now colonizing on the exotic planet and I'm getting average 17 FPS on all planets. My specs: GPU: GTX 1060 6GB VRAM CPU: i5 6500 3.2ghz RAM: 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 (8GB Total) PSU: 750 watt Corsair I run arma 3 at 80FPS and GTA V on ultra 60+ FPS, so I don' t think it's a hardware problem. My friend told me he is having no issues, 50+ FPS. What's going on?
  18. Hi erveybody ! Please, can you remove the inertia of the camera ?? With such a low framerate, aiming is like hell ! Because of the inertia and the lags, 80% of the time, I miss my target because the cursor doesn't stop where I aim, but a little further and, due to the low framerate, I can't anticipate and control nicely the cursor Thanks
  19. Before a few days ago, I had been playing the experimental branch with no problem - 60fps almost constantly. Now, it doesn't get over 30. I don't know whether or not it has any connection to buying Sniper Elite 4, which also runs at a similar framerate (though I can see no reason why they would be connected). Is this simply a byproduct of using the experimental branch?
  20. Beppoz


    I have very low framerate after building the base and rover, when will solve this problem? and really annoying, it makes the game unplayable. until you solve this problem suspend the game.
  21. Basic456

    Fps fix?

    Hey guys, Has there been any news on a fix or a fixing patch on the fps problem everyone has? I just bought the game and enjoy it a lot except for the framerate part. I have literally tried every fix out there (NOSOUND, engine file in appdata) but none of them seem to work. Hardware is not a problem though, I'm running on a i5 4690k and a GTX 1070. I am reading some discussions about it dating back from december last year so this is a problem for some time now apparently. So are they planning on fixing it in the near future or do we have to wait for it after a beta release or...? I love this game a lot but this is kinda bugging me, still an amazing job guys!! (sorry for possible bad english, belgian over here)
  22. Everytime I add even more to my world it drops my frames even more and I don't even have that much added.. I'm getting 5 frames at most can someone please tell me how I can fix this even tho I probably can't do anything to fix it.. Oh and it doesn't happen to my friend when he joins his frame rate is fine
  23. The tether lag that many people have been noticing is nothing new to be reporting on, however I noticed that its different depending on whether one plays as the host (owner of the world file) or as the client. The host definitely gets the full frame drop, or at least far more noticeably than the client. The system its running on is on PC at around 15fps when hosting the world, i5 6400 3.2Ghz GTX 970 8GB DDR4 RAM Something else I noticed was that it seems to occupy the same amount of RAM independently of whether one is running a laggy world or an empty one.
  24. Hi all, First of all thanks for the great game ! I'm having tons of fun I am amazed by the overall stability of the game, I have played 32 hours according to Steam and not a single crash. A few "bugs" here and there, or more precisely : jumpy physics, the occasional falling through the ground when digging under my feets, and sometimes vertices not matching creating a crack in the ground, but except that, nothing major to report. But after hours of fun, trying to connect my home base with one on the top of the closest mountain, the framerate progressively dropped to reach an unplayable level. It can't be because because of tethers, I removed almost all of them. Also I don't think that it is related to the area explored since I visited a few caves and maybe a few landing spots on the planet (didn't even go to another planet) and I didn't explore "that much" while building my link between the two bases since all I needed was walking around my base to find loads of resin... But by looking at the screenshots I am under the impression that all the nodes, their holograms, habitats, ... are rendered whatever the distance. It seems obvious to me that "not rendering distant objects" is on a "to do list" somewhere, but just in case, since I heard of tethers and area explored as source of framerate drops, but didn't read about nodes, I wanted to report it :-) Thanks P.S. : I forgot to mention : I'm playing on PC, a beefy one, experimental version
  25. tsotne betsiashvili

    Framerate Lag on xbox one

    The game is running on like 5 fps on xbox fix it please or the game is litteraly unplayable Please fix it Game is really good me and friends love it also my friends and i cant join eachother loading takes 20 min to join them Please fix this bugs thank you