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  1. Summary: Once Astroneer is launched, the game loads until it reaches the main menu and freezes. Description: When launching the game, it loads normally. Once it begins to render 3D, the framerate takes a huge nosedive, going down to 1-2 fps, sometimes freezing completely. If graphics settings are set to lowest settings, game looks okay until starting a game, where the descent down to the planet drops the framerate to a point it just stops completely. Regardless of the settings, I can't get this game to run in any playable capacity. Platform: Steam Version / Build Nu
  2. I had a huge base before this update and everything was running fine. A little slow at times but not really noticeable. Until the update , i was emptying out my base hoping it would take away some of the lag. But i got rid of at least half my base thinking it would help but the second i started making large resource canisters it came to a massive halt. Its slow , the sound dosent match with the animations. I try a different planet still the same. I simplified all my bases to nothing , still slow. Also friends can’t join and that’s no fun. I also deleted a lot of friends because i heard that h
  3. I started a new game and after 10 min, my game got 5 FPS with nothing else running on my PC, and it didn't lag this bad before the update. Please update me on the issue ~CreateTeen
  4. Dear Devs, why are there no answers to the problems and technical condition of Astroneer? For many players, the game has become unplayable and many will follow if nothing changes. Your game is awesome and just perfect for calming down. The mechanics and the implementation are terrific. All no question. But the technical condition is worse than in most betas. Why is that all? Why was it released anyway? You know I am not alone and many would like to hear an information or statement and answer our questions. Even if the problem is unknown and it still lasts, this info would be suf
  5. I couldn't find a thread specifically about Xbox One multiplayer issues, so I'm writing here for cleanliness. Date: 09/02/2019 Platform: Xbox One Game: Astroneer v1.0.3 Summary: Frame rate and terrain issues on both host and client ends if multiplayer session. Description: Players 1 and 2 were already in a session, with P1 hosting. Player 3 (myself) joined later as a client. Upon loading I noted that the frame rate was quite jarring, with some control lagging. P1 mentioned that they were having considerable issues with frame rate too, so bad that it was affecting their
  6. I've made it down what I would call two tiers, and on the second underground tier there were more caves which led further below to a third tier underground. Whenever I even attempt to set foot in those caves the frame rate immediately drops to about 5-10fps. Further more you cannot place Tethers in this cave using 'T'. They will be removed from your backpack and just disappear, they are never placed anywhere. So I attempted to explore deeper by spawning the tethers at the opening of the cave and hand carrying them down one by one (might I say tedious). I made it to a ledge where I could see th
  7. When loading textures, they start to flicker and the frame rate drops to 6-8 fps, regardless of the graphics settings. Characteristics of my laptop: CPU: AMD A-series 2.7 Ghz, GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M340 4 Gb, RAM: 8 Gb.
  8. When it storms the frame rate drops really bad
  9. Xbox One (not S or X) V After recently updating to version and running my one and only saved game file, the game graphics are running at what can only be described as a low frame rate. My 'Astroneer' appears to be walking and running at a much slower pace and all other graphics, including vehicle movements are also at a reduced and 'laggy' frame rate. As an experiment I decided to start a new game file and hey presto, that runs at the expected 'regular' game speed. I went back to my original game save and it is still running slow. I also tried uninstalling Astroneer
  10. I can’t seem to play the game for more that 30-60 minutes without the frame rate dropping to unstable levels. The also fails to render properly causing the Astroneer and rover to lag when traversing the world.
  11. I want to play this game again after this new update and was going to ask about the frame rate issue after playing for multiple hours. Sounds like the same problem still exists which is too bad. I took about a 4 month hiatus and decided to play again a month or so ago. I set up bases on all but 1 planet and was unplayable by the last planet I landed on. I want to play again but seeing the frame rate degrade throughout my game is a turn off for me. Has there been any discussion about when this issue will be addressed? I know it's tough to set a timeline for something like this, but the ne
  12. I got this game the night it came out a year ago and put in a good amount of time. I just got back on after a 10-9 month break from the game and I'm not too stoked on the performance of the game on Xbox. I'm glad most of the glitches of clipping through walls and falling through the floor to my death are gone and I do appreciate all of the new changes that add to gameplay, but this frame rate is killing me. It is such a turn off to have the game render 2 feet in front of my character when I run. I still love the game and know the developers are hard at work and I know the game is in pre- alpha
  13. I am having constant issues with the frame rate after I play the game for a while and build my base. Can you pleaseeee fix this?
  14. Hi, first off I only started playing/streaming Astroneer yesterday but already and sadly to report, have a list of issues I have encountered since then. 1) Crashes - After just 1hr of play the game will hard crash to X1 Dashboard. Normally the symptoms just before this happens is the draw distance and world generation becomes slow to being mere ft infront of me, worse if in a vehicle. 2) Tether Lines causing frame rate/game slow down - Starts just fine, instantly placing a tether but nearing 2hr mark or large amount of lines setup and the game will struggle to place new ones, even ta
  15. Hello, I have noticed a slight issue in Co-Op regarding Saving Game by entering vehicles. First off, I was hosting on Xbox One and my friend joined be on Windows 10 version. My issue is that since the game is designed to save the game every time you enter a vehicle, and saving the game usually causes a big lag spike (for me on XBO at least), when you need to jump in and out of a vehicle this seems to cause some issues. For one, it causes a Save when either the host or the guest(s) enter a vehicle, so this causes an excessive amount of lag spikes--especially since the terrain seems to
  16. I'd be nice to be able to change more than just 1 graphic settings that doesn't even really do much. There should be a max frame rate slider, render distance (that applies to terrain as well not just the flowers), ability to toggle clouds and change qualities of things such as shadows, particles, and terrain quality.
  17. Let me start with my feelings towards this game, which is pure enthusiasm. Participating in this pre alpha reminds me of the early days of Minecraft experiencing something new and very fun. I'm sure it's been made clear but to add to the discussions I'm seeing and experiencing on the Xbox there a severe issue with the frame rate on it. It seems to run perfectly fine when you start a new save but the further you advance and populate, the more it drops. I have tried to muscle through it but on my two previous saves it has become unbearable.
  18. Playing on Xbox One When I go too far in the world and explor too much the frame rate decreases very hard and makes the game almost unplayable. I love the game so much but I need the fps problem to be solved bacause I wanna go further, explore more and fly to other planets. But sadly I can't. I'm so looking forward to where this game is heading! Please fix the frame problem then the game would be already perfect for me!
  19. Tried to build a conduit system around the planet and I didn't get very far before the game decided to start lagging and dropping the frame rate, I am assuming due to the amount of conduits I have built. Couple videos to show the performance drop. GameClip-Original.MP4 GameClip-Original2.MP4
  20. I've created and deleted many saves on both Steam and Windows/Xbox platform, but this is a first. Since the most recent update, when I made it to the exotic planet, I saw incredibly slow frame rates, only on that planet. The landing area I selected was surrounded by trees and there were resource items in most of them. The game became close to unplayable unless I kept the camera pointing down, so things in the distance wouldn't be rendered. I tried digging them up and dragging them off with the winch, but I didn't see much progress. Thoughts?!
  21. Just downloaded the release on steam and am getting a terrible frame rate issue. The other problem noticed is a sound problem, similar to a fan inhibiting the audio. I have a G930 7.1 WIreless headset, GTX980 Video card, running Windows 10 with 16GB of RAM. The game installed on a SSD. Is there a file you need me to upload to troubleshoot the issue?
  22. Frame Rate is usually fine when I'm playing the game by myself, but whenever I have a friend join it drops down to around 5-10 frames a second. I don't know if it is just me experiencing this problem but I just thought I'd report the issue.
  23. I have played this game for hours on Xbox One and find it incredibly entertaining. With that said, after about 3 hours of game play on xbox one, the fps drops significantly and it's so unbelievably slow that it's unplayable.
  24. The frame rate satrts getting slower, at first everything runs perfectly but after a while is starts getting slow, it crashes, while saving the game just stops. It´s a good game but it has a lot of prblems with the frame rate.
  25. I play Astroneer on the Xbox One S and I am having a very slight but noticeable FPS drop, now I have dug a hole and filled it with many objects so that could be it but my brother who was in my game and was playing on the original Xbox One was keeping a solid and high frame rate, I don't know if it was because the game isn't properly optimised for the Xbox One S or because my Xbox was beginning to over heat (I was playing for 3 hours straight) but I thought I would bring this to the forums.