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Found 3 results

  1. First of all love the game and have been enjoying at normal resolutions. I've just moved to an ultra-wide monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio and while the game scales horizontally it doesn't seem to adjust FOV correctly in the vertical plane. I've tried looking for some quick fixes by editing a config file here and there with no success. Find attached pictures of the issues of running at these aspect ratios as you can see parts of the equipment are cut off from view. I know this sort of thing will be quite low on your priority list right now but with ultra-wide monitors becoming more and more popular especially 21:9 ratio's could we see some sort of support or fix for this? Thanks Jason
  2. - camera spins randomly 360 deg (or 270?), effectively losing my focus and disotienting me .. sometimes precisely when gathering ores, sculpting climbs or puting items in sockets, messing up things - everytime i go out from closed spaces i have to move away the camera manually, i like to have a panoramic view to be aware whats up around me so i have to scroll the wheel everytime.. would be nice if game remembers last setting and restores auto when have enough space (also could turn character transluscent in closed spaces)
  3. Hi, This might sound weird or funny buy when I look to long at the game with the camera going from left to right. I get sick sometimes, I'm really sensitive to motion sickness. In the past I've had this with other games to. The thing that solves it for me me most of the time is a higher field of view. So I was wondering if your could at the option in the game to adjust the field of view. Greeting YpsilonTM