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Found 4 results

  1. ...just use it if you want...different ways to say the module names instead of spelling them out... Backpack Printer: XS-PR or B-PR Small Printer: S-PR Medium Printer: M-PR Large Printer: L-PR Oxygen Filters: S-F or S-OF or OF or F Portable Oxygenator: S-O or PO Oxygenator: M-O or O Medium Storage: M-S A Medium Storage Silo: M-S B Tall Storage: M-S C Large Storage: L-S Extra Large Storage: XL-S Medium Platform A: M-PL A Medium Platform B: M-PL B1 or M-PL B Starting Medium Platform: M-PL B2 or M-SPL or SPL Large Platform A: L-PL A Large Platform B: L-PL B Large Platform C: L-PL C Extra Large Platform A: XL-PL A Extra Large Platform B: XL-PL B Extra Large Platform C: XL-PL C Power Cells: S-PC or PC Small Wind Turbine: S-WT Medium Wind Turbine: M-WT Small Solar: S-SP Medium Solar: M-SP Solar Array: L-SP Small Battery: S-B Medium Battery: M-B RTG: inapplicable Shelter: XL-SH or XL-EH or SH or EH Research Chamber: L-RC or RC Smelting Furnace: L-SF or L-SF Soil Centrifuge: L-SC or L-ME or SC or ME Tractor: XS-R A or XS-TC or TC Trailer: XS-R B or XS-TI or TI Buggy: XS-R C or XS-B or B Medium Rover: M-R Large Rover: L-R Like it? I miss anything?
  2. This forum is really inhibiting your ability to tracks bugs and suggestions. The search is next to useless. It appears to be a full-phrase search rather than fuzzy searching, so it's almost impossible to find pre-existing bug entries. For example, I want to raise a bug along the lines of "item disappears if backpack is full" but I can't search for it because that returns 0 results. I could only search for, say, "backpack" or "full", and that returns too many results for anyone to ever be able to search through. It's making it very difficult to help.
  3. This forum feels constricted, it needs some air to breathe and expand. We should all have the ability to edit our own posts at any time, even days after the initial post, like every other forum on the 'Net. Makes no sense to lock posts after just a couple of minutes. There should be a like/upvote/reaction feature, like on every other Invision forum on the 'Net. These things can be enabled on the admin control panel. I don't understand the reasons why they haven't been...
  4. I have yet to see the via-Steam login work. Tonight I tried the e-mail+password drop-down and it kept disappearing. So I did a Steam login, knowning it would fail. And it sent we to a login page. So I got in using 1 bug to workaround another. Win10 & Chrome