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About Me

  1. ...just use it if you want...different ways to say the module names instead of spelling them out... Backpack Printer: XS-PR or B-PR Small Printer: S-PR Medium Printer: M-PR Large Printer: L-PR Oxygen Filters: S-F or S-OF or OF or F Portable Oxygenator: S-O or PO Oxygenator: M-O or O Medium Storage: M-S A Medium Storage Silo: M-S B Tall Storage: M-S C Large Storage: L-S Extra Large Storage: XL-S Medium Platform A: M-PL A Medium Platform B: M-PL B1 or M-PL B Starting Medium Platform: M-PL B2 or M-SPL or SPL Large Platform A: L-PL A Large Platform B: L-PL B Large Platform C: L-PL C Extra Large Platform A: XL-PL A Extra Large Platform B: XL-PL B Extra Large Platform C: XL-PL C Power Cells: S-PC or PC Small Wind Turbine: S-WT Medium Wind Turbine: M-WT Small Solar: S-SP Medium Solar: M-SP Solar Array: L-SP Small Battery: S-B Medium Battery: M-B RTG: inapplicable Shelter: XL-SH or XL-EH or SH or EH Research Chamber: L-RC or RC Smelting Furnace: L-SF or L-SF Soil Centrifuge: L-SC or L-ME or SC or ME Tractor: XS-R A or XS-TC or TC Trailer: XS-R B or XS-TI or TI Buggy: XS-R C or XS-B or B Medium Rover: M-R Large Rover: L-R Like it? I miss anything?
  2. This forum is really inhibiting your ability to tracks bugs and suggestions. The search is next to useless. It appears to be a full-phrase search rather than fuzzy searching, so it's almost impossible to find pre-existing bug entries. For example, I want to raise a bug along the lines of "item disappears if backpack is full" but I can't search for it because that returns 0 results. I could only search for, say, "backpack" or "full", and that returns too many results for anyone to ever be able to search through. It's making it very difficult to help.
  3. This forum feels constricted, it needs some air to breathe and expand. We should all have the ability to edit our own posts at any time, even days after the initial post, like every other forum on the 'Net. Makes no sense to lock posts after just a couple of minutes. There should be a like/upvote/reaction feature, like on every other Invision forum on the 'Net. These things can be enabled on the admin control panel. I don't understand the reasons why they haven't been...
  4. I have yet to see the via-Steam login work. Tonight I tried the e-mail+password drop-down and it kept disappearing. So I did a Steam login, knowning it would fail. And it sent we to a login page. So I got in using 1 bug to workaround another. Win10 & Chrome
  5. Dear developers, dear moderators. @SES_Adam, @SES_Zabir In the login screen of Astroneer you say, that this is a Pre-alpha of the game and that you would appreciate some feedback in the forum. Well, I like the game so here is my feedback for you. Before I tell you how I felt during my 10 hours (11 if you count the demo) in the beautiful world of Astroneer, let me introduce myself. Table of Feedback: Description of the game Publicity Forum The Demo The Game Story & Immersion Exploration Controls Multiplayer Saving game files Conclusion 1: Description of the game. 2: Info’s & Publicity 3: Forum 4: The Demo 5: The Game 5.1: Story & Immersion 5.2: Exploration 5.3: Controls 5.4: Multiplayer 6: Saving game files 7: Conclusion PLEASE NOTE: As I stated above, I only spent a few hours in this game and I love the exploration aspect. So if I got something wrong here or did not realize some mechanics yet, please do NOT teach me better. I want to find out by myself. I will open other threads in this forum. Expect there is a way to save game files on console. If so, please let me know. I might have done a few typos. If you find any, keep it. Feedback after 10 hours (give or take) of playing on my XBOX One. Date: 24th May 2017 Pre-alpha build: 0.3.10158.0
  6. The forum is being overrun with spam. Not currently usable as a result. I hope the mods can be more active in clearing the junk.
  7. This is a long shot that has nothing to do with the game but i feel like an app for this website would be so much easier to use. The mobile website version i hate to say it, its aids Plus an app we could get notifications to our phones it would be pretty cool any thoughts? (If not the pc version is perfect)
  8. I really like the forum software you've chosen but there are many, many features that aren't implemented in the mobile format. I'm not talking about advanced features—actually the text editing features are pretty strong—rather simple functionality things, like being able to follow a thread, or easily being able to unfollow. There are several more but they don't come to mind just now. But I'm not always in front of a desktop/laptop and want to make good use of my time and be able to participate from wherever I'm at without all the frustration. As it is I just end up giving up in frustration and am less likely to participate. Though I suspect some wouldn't mind that but I can't be the only one experiencing these functionality limitations. For the record, I'm on Android using a variety of browsers, the usual. Thanks for listening!
  9. how do i remove this space? because it's kinda annoying... ~Zakey
  10. We should be able to set a tag on our profiles that labels what platform we play on. This should be implemented as a binary on each released platform so that User A would have tag XBOX, User B would have tag STEAM, and user C would have tags STEAM + WINDOWS 10 STORE. These could display as icons for the appropriate platform. This would simplify support questions, as well as being a proxy for user forum engagement/platform.
  11. Upon going to the Ignored Users page, it displays " That page does not exist. " With the growing amount of xbox trolls, I am finding reading through the filth getting more bothersome. An ignore feature turned on would be nice to have. Ignoring someone you may end up getting pulled into a flame war with, is far better than ensuing the flame war. Please turn ignoring back on.
  12. Question about the notifications: What setting for the notifications do i need to use when i want all the notifications here in the forum but not in my email ? Other: First off i want to compliment System era and the developers on this website and forum, i really think its slick and the UI is nice and easy to use. Though as i student software engineering i wonder if System Era made the front end from scratch or used a template ? I also really like the smooth menu/notification and messages. There is nothing wrong with using templates , i also use alot of templates. For projects when we need to build a website or web application we use bootstrap and there 'free' templates a lot, we are graded mainly on backend so making our own frontend from scratch for a project is a waste of time. thanks!
  13. Like Elfusan said, the forum is filled with repeated ideas/topics/bugs and, as discussed here and here, members have suggested a voting system as well as a tighter control from the mods part. My suggestions here are: Differentiate member tags from Dev/Mod tags Obligatory tags before posting an OP/Threads/Topics (Example: Language:Eng, Platform:Xbox) Mod/Dev’s built-in Tags (Similar to the Roadmap: Narrative, Vehicular Gameplay, Customization, etc) Suggest existing Tags when creating a new topic Allow Mods to tag existing post/bugs for managing purposes Tree/Hierarchy diagram with all these tags (please?) This would help members check for existing topics/bugs where they can contribute; Mods can check repeated topics and manage/clean the forum more efficiently, Devs can quickly address specific bugs or content of the game. off topic question: How does the forum deal with .gif and .webm files? what are the restrictions?
  14. Making my first posts, i realized i was longing for some of the features seen in the lol forums. Mainly the abillity to preview ones post before posting, some extras to make it easyer implementing pictures, sections and so on. Perhaps im just a needy baby, greedy baby. Would be nice with the features im used to. One Gould argue that you should not tailor the website of a single users preferences. I would argue more tools allow for greater forum content. Best Regards
  15. The forums do not currently appear to support HTTPS, meaning logins and passwords are being sent across the Internet in plaintext. This is not ideal for what should be obvious reasons. Attempting to access the forums via an HTTPS URL (e.g. redirects (301 Moved Permanently) to a site titled SwiftKey VIP at
  16. The forum has been pretty cool to read through though there should be something added to each. There should be a list of all unique concepts or ideas for the suggestions forum where players can vote on what they think would be the coolest or the most important changes to be made. Moderators could scout for new ideas and add them as they see fit. This way there is less redundant posts of different people having the same "new great idea". Having a center for discussion would also bring the conversation past "yeah that would be great" as it could be the first post everyone sees. A similar concept could be applied the the error and bugs reporting forum, the types of problems could be gathered and listed by a few moderators, within which players can discuss their specific problems and possible causes/fixes, again having the voting mechanism to see the most important bugs at the top.
  17. Not sure if you noticed, but theres a leftover "Reputation:" in the left user box on posts. If its possible to hide that in the theme, you may want too.
  18. Moderation notice: This user is not a member of the staff and has been banned for trying to impersonate a developer. This post will be removed soon. Here are the main rules of the forum. 1. We will not tolerate toxic behavior- Anyone caught being toxic will receive consequences. 2. We will not tolerate rudeness to others on the forum- If you are caught being mean to others, there will be consequences. 3. The forums are English only- Your posts must be in English. You may create groups and you and your other forum friends may speak in those groups, the same rules apply to those groups! 4. Users are permitted to only one forum account- Users caught using multiple forum accounts will receive a ban on all accounts. 5. Staff and Moderators have the final word in what is and what isn't allowed- Failure to listen to the moderators and staff will result in consequences. All moderator/staff decisions are final. 6. Spamming is not allowed- Users caught spamming will be permanently banned from the forum.
  19. Requesting an edit option or actually change to the current forum edit option to unlimited time. The current edit option lets you edit your thread/reply within a short time. Un-limiting the time to use the edit option will benefit everyone, from editing the OP instead of filling a thread with multiple replies, to correcting errors.
  20. I don't even know if I can make a suggestion for the forum... But on the off chance I can... I would love to see a Thumbs up / Thumbs down system. Sometimes I want to support a post or idea but I don't really want to have to make a comment. Likewise the +1 reply's are an ok way to show support, but if I actually want to read each persons response I'd have to scroll through all the plus ones before finding someone's feed back. Anyone else want this? Or am I alone on this one?
  21. Is it possible to have a seperate Xbox One Section on the forums as there are lots of posts getting mixed up, with the wrong help given.
  22. Hi there, System Era. Im not saying thats annoying, Im just saying that you cant make an awesome game with an cute community players and make me like just 10 stuffs a day. I LIKE EVERYONE HERE! Maybe when you have time, give us more likes, aye?
  23. Just make the like button visible, it took me three days to find it. It's this tiny little white square almost invisible with the background. It's on the bottom right, there should be a faint outlining of it. Like it ain't hard, it's a small and effective positive for the forums.
  24. I left one of my posts incomplete and now I cannot edit it. The button only shows up for the first couple of minutes after posting, then it disappears.
  25. Hello! As I browse through the forum I saw people only posting "+1" or "yes please" beneath posts instead of actually giving little impovements or something. So adding a little + or - beneath a post would make this 10000x easier because you can easily see how many people like/dislike this idea or how many people also have this crash. It is usefull so people don't have to post things twice or more. Another useful thing would be having the ability to sort the forum like "newest", "most liked", "most disliked", "most answeres". Yet another way to prevent double posts. Farewell. Quarit over and out.