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  1. I need not include a picture or video because this issue is extremely easy to recreate. (but I might anyway, I happen to have one recorded) I noticed it by accident the other night when I was trying to pull a large research item off of one of the large buggy's winches. As you probably know, pulling items off the winch can be tricky if you grab the object itself and you end up dragging your buggy or trailer around like a bad dog on a short leash. If you manage to drop the item into an open double attachment slot while it's still attached to the winch, the buggy begins to spin wildly on one ti
  2. So, today when I playing astroneer with my friend we went to cave and started diging ores when I teleport on another floor of the cave and started dying. Please fix this bug, I can't playing in this game!
  3. i was playing astroneer on my xbox. i got to the moon and set up a base with a small rover i went into a deep cave and saw these ropes with a red sphere on the bottom. The sphere got caught on the back of my vehicle and pulled me into the planet. when i tried exiting the vehicle i flew 500ft into the air and when i fell it was an instant death.
  4. Platform PC (haven't tried but I'm 99% sure it works on console too), Controller/Mouse/Keyboard. Description Now, I found this glitch on Steam while playing with a controller but it also works on mouse/keyboard and for that I'm guessing that it works on console too (but not sure). Anyway, the glitch works when you have a car seat and when you are about to hop in to the car seat then if you time it just right and you click on the car seat just before your character is about to hop in the seat you will select the seat but you are inside the seat giving you the ability
  5. Summary: - Steam - Flying seats exploit Description: Now, I found this glitch on Steam while playing with a controller but it also works on mouse/keyboard and for that I'm guessing that it works on console too (but not sure). Anyway, the glitch works when you have a car seat and when you are about to hop in to the car seat then if you time it just right and you click on the car seat just before your character is about to hop in the seat you will select the seat but you are inside the seat giving you the ability to fly around in the car seat. (Also when you are doing t
  6. I'm not exactly sure what happened. I was exploring a cave on Barren, and all of the sudden I jumped way up in to the sky, and after a minute fell to the ground and died. I was exploring a cave at the time. I was streaming at the time, and thus can provide a video as to exactly what happened, at least from my perspective. You can see that at
  7. I'm running this game on a pc, win10 8GB ram with NVIDIA Geforce 940MX. Graphics set to low. My rover just started flying through the air on the arid planet.
  8. First of all kudos to all of the Sytem Era team. Astroneer is basically a LEGO set in outer space, and I love the game to bits. It would be amazing if players had the freedom to fly the shuttles. Not just take off and land, but go through the whole experience of starting the engines and taking off, manuevering, reentering the atmosphere, and landing. It might be a bit far off in the future (and not sure if it is mentioned in the roadmap) but it would just be cool to see the same caliber of exploration that is offered on land to be translated to space. The shuttles are cool, but I can’t he
  9. So I was running back to my base fully packed and I was carrying one compound (?) (sorry I don't play it in english) externally in the air using my mouse. I then suffocate and when I returned to retrieve my items from the dead body the compound is still flying in the air. I was able to take it from there. I use a mouse/keyboard, am on the newest patch as far as I know (Early Access (Alpha) - -> as seen in the screenshots) and I think my computer setup is not important here. If it is I can of course add it. Screenshots attached.
  10. When I try to build a second base on the same planet, the habitat I printed flys away when I try stepping into it.
  11. My rovers have developed a habit of floating into the air. I've had it happen with single rovers but it is far more commen when two or more are strung together.
  12. Bugs that can be seen in the video below: If you click on a chair and hit tab at the same time you can fly. If you click on a chair and hit tab while standing next to a chair on a vehicle then you are able to carry it as you drive You cannot attach any items what so ever to the front or back of a small rover except for power blocks. Research spawning must be changed. I have searched for hours in a cave and found 5-6 measly old research and traveled about 1000 meters in all directions and have found only 2 outside of said cave so it is very, very, very, very, very tedious to
  13. So I started a new save file on the new patch, my inventory is completely full, and decided to try put a canister in the slot you use for inventory item creation and close the inventory. This will launch you into space, untill you reopen your inventory or remove the thing.
  14. In the game, drones would be very useful as of exploration of planets, we want to be able just to fly are self into unlimited place on all planets.
  15. After loading a save game i just saw this
  16. Why is this game still a complete fail after months? The team has had literal months to work on things and it feels like the game has regressed. Rover Handling I still cannot drive a rover without having it fly into the atmosphere and the time that I do get with the rover on the troposphere is spent trying to flip the rover over because its handling was implemented by a four year old. Crafting & Research Why can I no longer craft a tank or small battery on my backpack? Why was there no on screen notification saying that the way small batteries and tanks can be crafted h
  17. Hey there! Been playing this game for a while and I'm absolutely loving it by the way. I currently play on Xbox One and I encountered a bug. I had just loaded the game, and jumped in my rover to visit my favorite cave and I hit a bump and instead of gravity doing its thing, I just kept ascending. The video attached shows the beginning of the bug. The rover is now stuck in the atmosphere and will not come down. I was able to jump out (thinking I would die on impact) and somehow did not suffer any damage from the fall. Not exactly sure how you could replicate it, but it did sta
  18. Since the latest update to 182 I found that playing with other people is very difficult from a driving perspective, namely with the large rover. Issue #1 - once the large rover is researched and multiple are built, if one player exits the vehicle, it stops another player from being able to drive. Exiting and re-entering the vehicle fixes it, but it happens over an over again. Issue #2 - The large rovers flip very easily, requiring you to exit, right them and re-enter; which brings you back to issue #1. Issue #3 - Since the vehicles have been changed to not kick you out upon flip
  19. Hey there I have found a bug on pc where if you pick up a seat and enter it at the same time you can control the seat with your mouse as if you have picked it up but you are also sitting in it so its really easy to travel around very quickly. I have only tested this on pc and with a 1-seater seat and it works in both multi- and singleplayer It is very consistent once you get the hang of it but it might take a few tries at first -Rasmus "HeartBeatx"
  20. I think i found the cause for cars flipping on exit. It's some object or label in the backpack that is "solid" and doesn't obey the x-men-Kite-style phase through exit and hits the car on exit. Fixes... System Era: Quick might work... Just move the astroneer out to the ground some bit farer away. Add more space to come free from any objects attached in front of the car. As of now the astroneer exits to close close to the car if carrying the small generator with a plant-material-pack mounted for sure. or More work... Find the buggy object(s) or label(s) that
  21. a gliding or free flight would be fun to use and be useful to get around in. "Mars Explorer" had a car vehicle that was able to spread wings and glide around.
  22. Hey everyone! I've been playing this game a LOT since I got it yesterday with some friends and have noticed multiple bugs in my first few hours that I wanted to point out to help the game develop as it is one of the most exciting games on steam I have played in a long time. 1.When playing with someone else as the guest, the trading pad will not accurately represent what it is you are trading for and the correct amount you will recieve. Sometimes you cannot even see the pad is there to be used again while the host can see it. It makes using the pads as a guest almost impossible, and
  23. Summary: 119 - Steam - Rovers Flying and Frame Drops Description: Gone around for doing some other things. When I came back, the rovers just processed on my Field of View, flying around. The screenshot attached was the only I could get, because of the intense frame rate drops when this happened. I play steadily on 30FPS, but this reduced it to less than 10FPS. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store OBS: I'm playing on a Notebook. Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: In
  24. I noticed that my vehicles disappeared after i come back from a space travel between bases, and that i have indications of them far in space. I realized thar they went flying (like zero gravity) after i landed my spaceship i saw them taking off.. Its impossible to reach most of them and even from space its impossible to see them now!! Hope it guets fix soon!